Hard Knocks 25 – Weigh In Results


School of Hard Knocks returns to Medicine Hat, Alberta tomorrow night with the promotions 25th event. Here are the weigh in results from the pro/am show.

Pro Fights:
155lbs- Roy Bradshaw (156.2) vs. Dia Grant (155.9)
145lbs- Adrienne Seiber (145.3) vs. Charmaine Tweet (146)
135lbs- Chad Anheliger (134.2) vs. Adam Imhoff (136)
145lbs- Reza Kamali (145.5) vs. Patrick Besarra (145.6)

Amateur Fights:
145lbs- Jeremy Kennedy (144) vs. Patrick Ward (145.9)
***Featherweight Title Fight

145lbs- Zach Snyder (145.2) vs. Mitchell Carlson (146)
140lbs- John Young (141) vs. Joel De Villa (139.7)
155lbs- Miguel Tock (154.3) vs. Curtis Belcourt (155.8)
145lbs- Ryan Clark (146) vs. Ren Besarra (145.5)
197lbs- Dylan Cuvilier (191) vs. Kerry Cardinal (197)

12 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 25 – Weigh In Results ”

  1. Ginger says:

    I thought kieth mcduff was the 145 champ does this mean he’s going pro?

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  2. Da Chin says:

    197 lbs eh? Nice way of saying Kerry Cardinal came in overweight.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    @Da Chin

    Big respect man- you’ve saved many a fight stepping in last minute and every fight of yours I’ve ever called you’ve showed crazy heart.

    Big big respect.

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  4. Robin Black says:

    @Dia Grant

    Dude, you have faced the top young studs and kept your head held high.

    Its your night. And the start of a winning streak. Go do your thing man.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Seriously, the Tim Tamakis and the Dia Grants, the hard working guys who have skills and commit to every fight, these are the key professional athletes that fight the tough fights and make this sport work.


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  6. Da Chin says:

    Thanks Robin, but this is my Debut… Must be more than one Da Chin roaming about that I didn’t know of.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Well good luck to you then my man…. you share a name with a fearless guy who has always stepped in on short notice…

    All that aside- enjoy every minute of your day tomorrow.

    Tomorrow is a very special day, a day you will remember for the rest of your life.

    Embrace it. Enjoy it.

    Win or lose tomorrow will be special.

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    Robin, please stop throwing around all the love. It doesn’t mean much anymore when you tell everyone how much you love and repect them. Let’s hear some more hate please.

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  9. "The Real" Robin Black says:

    Jamie I will punch you in the overies and smakc you in the teeth! How dare you imply that I’m throwing too much love around?!? Do you know what I did to the last person that said that?

    Is Robin F’n Black gonna have to choke a b*tch out here?

    Come at me Bro!


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  10. Tyler Davis says:

    ^ choke a bitch all while spilling some level headed commentary and perfect hair. Dylan (Da chin) ya man enjoy tonight man, just have fun. There in spirit dude!!!

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  11. Dylan Da Chin says:

    I shall now add in the first name to avoid confusion. Thanks Tyler and Robin. Fun shall be had!

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  12. Hard Knocks says:

    @Ginger You’re right, Keith MacDuff still holds the HK Amateur 145lbs belt.

    The title fight at HK25 was for the 135lbs belt. There was a mistake on the weigh-in results when we sent them out.

    It has been fixed and all results are available here: http://www.hardknocksfighting.com/hard-knocks-25-weigh-in-results/

    A big congrats to Jeremy Kennedy! It was a great fight.
    Jeremy Kennedy is now the HK Amateur 135lbs title belt holder.

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