Elite Championship Fighting 2: Rez Warz – The Pas – July 28


Date: July 28, 2012
Location: Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre in The Pas, Manitoba
Tickets: Call 204-627-7077 or at the door

180lbs – BJ Constant (4-4) vs Aaron Shymr (3-2)
145lbs – Jon Henderson (1-1) vs Jesse Veltri (1-4)
170lbs – Vyron Phillips (0-0) vs Daniel Constant (0-0)
155lbs – Jordan Constant (0-1) vs Richard Spence (0-0)
155lbs – Eliah Richard (0-0) vs Ethan Cornect (0-0)
265lbs – Rick Genaille (0-0) vs Jordy Linklator (0-0)
190lbs – Shane McPherson (0-0) vs David Quangvan (0-1)

73 Responses to “ Elite Championship Fighting 2: Rez Warz – The Pas – July 28 ”

  1. Quinber says:

    Well Curtis your entitled to your opinion about the fight card in OCN/The Pas..The reality about the whole event is your big time fighters from WAMMA won’t fight..You seem to pick and choose your fights for your fighters and if there is a chance that the opponent is a ligit fighter then you won’t take the fight.A true fighter would fight anyone and it shouldn’t matter where.You would rather have your fighters fight guys that won’t danger their records.Give credit to the CFC fighters as they will take any fight against any opponent ..Keep your negativity to yourself.The show will be a success .

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  2. CM says:

    What’s the final card? Weigh in’s are tomorrow & there are still a few TBD’s on there.

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  3. Lee says:

    Congratulations Quinber, you just made the stupidest comment i’ve seen in a while.

    jesse ronson, nick denis, remi morvan, curtis demarce, matt veal, sean quinn, eric wilson,denis puric, nathan gunn, john makdessi,
    these guys aren’t legit fighters?

    those fights are dangerous to anyones record.

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  4. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    I find the comments very off base.

    I’ve worked with WAMMA on all sides of the fence over the years, and they are willing to put it on the line.

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  5. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Not sure how you see Curtis’s comments as negative anyways.

    He only talked about seeing how many of these fights happen (The card has changed a few times and he was right)

    And there are no Wamma fighters on the card. (Also fact)

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  6. updated the card.

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  7. CM says:

    I like the updated main event… I hope Auggie has been working on his sub defense!

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  8. Well I have been out of the loop since my son was born a few days ago… Then after reading the comments here about WAMMA I was shocked. I find it stupid and totally off base for someone to say that about WAMMA. I have worked with Curtis plenty of times and they take most fights I have ever proposed.. They never back down from any fights or fighters. It is a business and the right fight for the right price makes more sense to me.

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  9. Congrats Gabe and well said

    Only a troll could shit talk Curtis

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  10. gabes grandma says:

    my gabe knows what he talks about because he put on the biggest shows in the peg. I just wish he bring over that tony condello feller more often. He is dreamy!

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  11. Thanks Marc, Also I can assure you all that’s not my Grandma as both of mine have passed away. Must be Tony Condello’s AKA as Tony(Con-Dumb-lo’s) friends lol

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  12. Oh and for the record.. I never once claimed to run or operate the biggest MMA shows anywhere. So Take your head out of your ASSHOLE when you speak next time! “Gabes Grandma”

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  13. Sorry for the offence Mr. Quinber, it was unintentional.

    as of a couple weeks ago we had two wamma guys on the card

    Corey Houston was to fight Durant but Durant pulled out due to injury.

    Mars K. was supposed to fight, i was told it was on, only to find the commission denied his matchup. Denied his matchup weeks before i was told about it.

    other than that, If i turn down hard fights for guys in my stable that haven’t been training hard, and given less than a weeks notice to fight, sorry, but if i don’t look out for my team who will?

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Curtis doesn’t have to defend himself.

    Curtis Brigham and his team WAMMA have proven all they’d ever need to prove time and time again for many years.

    Mr. Quimber, please check yourself when you are going to speak ill of pioneers in Manitoba.

    I know you are new, but in the Martial Arts we respect our elders and our founders.

    Curtis is one of the key builders of MMA in Manitoba.

    And you are new.

    Its important to be respectful sir.

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  15. Donald Duck says:

    Jeebus tapdancing Krystos on a Cracker… Quinber, Donnie has been kicking around this whole darn MMA scene long enough to have a beer with Little Boy and watch fights that would make you wet yourself. The accusation that someone from Curtis’ camp ‘hand picks’ their opponents is just about the dumbest thing I’ve read on this site since Ken Doll was trying to argue that Shannon B*tch didn’t go down faster than a porn actress at an audition.

    Can we please get a “you must be this smart to post here” sign or something?


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  16. Sweet Dreams says:

    Quinber………..enough has been said by enough respected people in the MMA community. It seems the general feeling is that some people require further education about legit clubs and legit people. WAMMA is legit, later.

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  17. EPerez says:

    Holy smokes! Hendo can make 145lbs? Crazy!

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  18. EPerez says:

    Is this show happening or not?

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  19. Update: Imperato never agreed to the fight. Removed it from the list of fights.

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  20. That’s too bad, that would be a solid fight and excellent main event!

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  21. Bobby Karimi says:

    I was seriously considering driving out for this, just for fun and to hang out. But now that’s not gonna happen.

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  22. Donald Duck says:

    Bobby shouldn’t you be staying at home and training your new pool boy? I don’t think he’s house broken.


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  23. Bobby Karimi says:

    I need a pool for that.

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