AFC 10 Weigh-In Results


Aggression Fighting Championship will hold its 10th show on June 15th in Calgary. Fans can pick up tickets for the fights HERE. If you are out of town, you can watch the event on Internet PPV.

Today, they held their weigh-ins and here are the official results.

Pro Fights:
185lbs- Joe Doerksen (184.5) vs. Joel Powell (183)
170lbs- Advin Omic (168.5) vs. William Sriyapai (175.5)*
265lbs- Craig Hudson (258) vs. Smealinho Rama (263)
135lbs- Matt Knysh (134) vs. Noah Ali (136)
170lbs- Jason Gorny (169.5) vs. Mark Dobie (170.5)

Amateur Fights:
155lbs- Hayden Harrison (155.5) vs. Nathan Wilkins (155.5)
155lbs- Adam Wills (153.5) vs. Trent House (154.5)
190lbs- Darcy McKenna (189) vs. Mike Downey (196)*
155lbs- Chris Campbell (155.5) vs. Chris Darula (155)

* came in over the weigh limit

67 Responses to “ AFC 10 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Nighty night says:

    I do agree a bit with Mike Kent. I think Robin is a bit too arrogant sometimes. Althogh he is a great guy for Canadian MMA, he is often a bit to much with his opinions and it gets incredibly annoying. However, this forum wouldnt be the same without him. Its just to bad its typically the same guys posting over and over, many of them are robin supporters

    Mike Kent…. I respected you a lot more as well before you signed with MFC. You too, are incredibly opinionated. I used to be a real big fan, but ever since you signed with Pavelich, maybe a bit before actually…its been tough listening to your rants. Your a good fighter, just focus on that dude. Don’t slam other promotions…why burn a bridge? What happens if Pavelich bends you over like he has many others? All the other biggest promotions around may not give you a chance if you continue to disrespect them like that.

    This whole forum is created by opinions. Its got its positives, and negatives. It can make good people look like assholes. Many guys I cant stand on here, I hear they are good guys. Darren Owen is one of them.

    We all need to relax and remember this is just a forum. Some of us guys just train for fun, maybe take one or two fights but mostly enjoy cheering for our teammates in the ring. But the guys in the ring, running promotions and managing fighters should be the ones acting as professionals. Often I find thats not the case

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  2. mike kent says:

    Ok marc I fought everyone on the east coast that was avaiable while asking for much tougher fights . I’m the first to say I’ve fought nobody. When I was 1 or 2 or 4 and 0 I was fighting guys with 1-1 records or 3-3 and I think that’s pretty standard. The chester post was a last minute thing when we couldn’t find anyone else but I don’t know why I’m defending that to you when I’ve openly asked for tough fights. Darren wants to call me a deucsh and somehow link that to me signing with mark then yeah I will say that agression uses there shows to give there stars huge mismatches . Its another opinion. I’m aloud to have one. I haven’t fought anyone or proven myself but that doesn’t mean that I have to kiss all you little whiney womens asses like all the other followers. I can fight and I think I can hang with canadas best I will prove that. God forbid someone goes against the grain and hurts one of your ‘clicks’ feelings. Its funny you talk about my record but I never brag or build myself up to be anything. Who am I to talk about a promotion ? Who are you to tell me how to talk or who to respect . Robins a grown man and can take critism. Thanks for the lesson on how to post ! From now on ill just fall in line with you and robin and the rest of canadas MMA royalty that you guys think u are.

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  3. mike kent says:

    There clear loyalties and associating on this site and in canadian mma and if someone post negative against someone no matter if its true or not they’ll get attacked like they killed someone . The difference is a couldn’t care less what marc andre or robin thinks about me. I don’t need your approval or praise and ill say something and take your pathetic hissing when one of you girls gets butthurt. Ill show up and fight to compete win or lose not to be part of yourboy band.

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  4. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Robin is like a brother to me, but he also annoys me with some of his comments too.

    I only had a problem with your opinion of him being condescending, and doing things solely to benefit himself.

    I dont’ even care that he’s gay.

    I’m the furthest thing from MMA Royalty. I’m unemployed and divorced, and I don’t think anything special of myself. I’m just a fight nerd, nothing more, nothing less.

    Robin is a grown man, with a lot of opinions and he has to be accountable for all of them on his own. i’ve never had a problem with people differing with him or his approach.

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  5. Shar 1 says:

    Whoa! Why did this become a Robin/ Mike Kent bitch-slap fest? Reel it in boys. This is getting all too “Dallas”.

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Ah c’mon. Drama is fun for a minute.

    When I do read mikes responses tho I’m totally confused now.

    I’m often too opinionated (guilty as charged).
    So mike says that makes me a douche.
    So he gets double as opinionated (and mean spirited and rude).
    So others say that makes him a douche.
    Then he says ‘I’m not a douche, I have every right to be opinionated’.

    I’m way confused now. Mike thinks he has every right but robin- nope, too gay.


    Anyhoo, it’s Monday morning. It’s a new week. I’m a douche but mike kent is golden. Good enough.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    And btw thanks Darren and Jake and Marc-Andre and oilcity and Bdc for making me feel a lot better about myself.

    I did get a bit of the Sunday blahs after realizing that I often make myself look like a Rick in a fair amount of people’s eyes.

    I’m honestly kind of a good guy and I really mean well I don’t mean to let my passion get away from me and morph into douchebaggery.

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  8. Robin Black says:


    Goin to work now hope y’all have a good day and stuff

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  9. mike kent says:

    I think it was wind bag not dueche robin . I never called u a deuche. And you can have your opinion as well as everyone. I actually think that your right on with most of your assesments but LATELY found you’re posts to be preachy and like you a the final word. I should have said it kinder. I apologize for being a dick while expressing my opinion. I could have been nicer. whenever someone goes against the 5 or 6 people on this site that think they hold the most weight everyone gets there panties in a bunch. Without people like me its just a bunch of guys stroking each others egos and telling each other how much they’ve done for the sport lol

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  10. Sean Quinn says:

    For what it’s worth, in my opinion, you are all douches…

    *smoke bomb* *poof* *ninja vanish*

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  11. BDC says:

    Dueche is this the way the east spells douche lol

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  12. Jamie Locke says:

    I think you guys all care way too much about what opinions are posted here.

    It’s an internet forum for F’s sakes… Although it’s a forum filled with the core of Canadian mma people, it’s still an open forum. There will be trolls, people you disagree with and douchebags, who cares…

    Fun that AFC 10 weigh in post is still getting so much attention though….

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  13. Jake - JHEG says:

    Thanks Quinn! My Dad bought Ric Flair a steak once so you all can go fuck yourselves.

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  14. Dean Panas says:

    When it comes to forums and people’s opinions I think back to a saying I heard years ago “You wouldn’t worry what people thought about you if you knew how little they did”. It may not be exact, but it’s close.

    It’s to bad this thread took the direction it did with Mike’s comments. I haven’t met Mike (yet) but I find him to be a straight shooter. I have met Robin and we chat every so often by pm’s. Birdie has always been someone I look up to and respect when it comes to all aspects of MMA.

    I am not taking sides in this and will continue to respect both guys. I would prefer that issues like this be handled privately by pm’s or over a beer. But then again I might be viewed as an “ass kisser” or “spineless nut hugger”. I find it takes more of a spine not to feed trolls and respond to personal attacks. But I could be wrong.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    Cheers to AFC 10 weigh in results.

    Holy shit Jake I thought you were cool before but if you are the offspring of someone who bought Ric Flair a steak that takes it to a whole new level.

    Let’s all be friends now.

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  16. tdot says:

    @ robin,

    Hey man i was just pissed at your comments to the implying joel powell may be damaged by this fight and a host of other comments building certain fighters to be mountains of men and mythical warriorrs.

    I made the joke having been to intergalatic shows years agon in ontario and grande prairie. I do not imply robin uses drugs now and am sure he takes mma seriously
    especially after always having to read his dramatized opinions. but i guess thats what you get from a showbiz guy. The joke was robin must still be a fog leftover or continued from the rockstar daze!

    Anyway I dont apologize for my opinion or care what people think or need to defend.

    I love mma as a sport and cant stand the showbiz peeps like Robin dramatizing it and giving themselves something to talk about n justify their jobs with this dramatic vignettes.

    Robin needs morgan freeman to narrate all his posts that would be hilarious.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 7

  17. @Robin Black has helped the site a lot which is much appreciated – Top MMA News can use all the help we can get! From writing the odd editorial to helping us get Nick Denis blogging to being a regular, insightful MMA commenter who uses his real name on the site. I do disagree with some of his posts and have had stated my opinions. I do agree with a many of them though.

    @BDC … Mike Kent has not broken any rules and does not deserve any form of moderation.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 0

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