Canadian Rumour Mill – June 12


I’m hearing all these Justice League DC Comics movie rumours. Well when and if filming starts, Batman and Superman may have a new teammate. Nick Ring threw his name in the mix by capturing a bunch of wannabe gangsters who were roughing up a young woman outside of a Starbucks in Calgary. Although on second thought, having met “The Promise Ring”, maybe he’s better suited for a character in a rumoured Watchmen sequel. (Check out Nick’s story HERE.)

  •  Well I guess most fans aren’t the only people unhappy with losing Aldo and getting Faber. Urijah Faber ‏@UrijahFaber  “Not real pumped on the change either. Was really looking forward to July 4th weekend in Vegas. Oh well”
  • I wonder what The Black Prince of MMA thinks about the Edmonton Commission now that it’s supposedly suspended Ft. Mac/Prestige combatants for 90 days. This very much puts his Tim Hague vs Mike Hackert HW fight in jeopardy as MFC 34 is within the 90 suspension window.
  •  Wishing Kajan Johnson good health and quick healing. Kajan had further facial surgery on Monday.
  • MFC fighter Jamie Toney and his team is really pushing to be the next challenger to take on WW champ Nathan Coy.
  • With Ricky Goodall fighting for a title on July 28, it does not look good for an August ECFP show. Hopefully he manages to do both!
  • Bibiano is stating that he never signed with the UFC on his Facebook page.  Apparently, ONE FC offered him a more lucrative deal.
  • Yves Jabouin will take on Brad Pickett on September 29th in Nottingham, England.
  • Remember when Ryan Jimmo did not want to fight Glover Texeira for the MFC Light-Heavyweight title?   Sounds like Jimmo is not the only one avoiding Glover.  Shogun wanted no part of him for UFC Calgary according to Dana White, using the same reasoning as Jimmo. Wanting to fight a top contender.
  • Jason “The Prototype” Tatlow (12-3) is looking to get back in the Lightweight mix after a five year break to sharpen up his skills. Maybe a tune up fight, then throw out a challenge to recently crowned AFC LW champ, Stephen “Big Bad” Beaumont, who’s defeated two of Tatlow’s training partners (Andre & Phillips)
  • A couple of ex-UFC fighters are having their name thrown around for separate fights on the Score Winnipeg show rumoured to be held in September. I’m hearing Jesse Bongfeldt and Joe Doerksen are in the mix for bouts for that event. Maybe Eric Perez will unretired for one fight and give the hometown Winnipeg fans one last hurrah, a girl can dream :)
  • Update:  It looks like Advin Omic will get a shot at Derek Medler for the AFC Welterweight title if he gets past William Sriyapai this weekend at AFC 10.

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  1. Dean Panas says:

    Thanks Mighty Mouse. But my looking into the issue had nothing to do with the Hackert Hague fight. It was about trying to avoid potential problems for Old School fighters in future events.

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  2. Mighty Mouse says:

    @Dean – as what a good manager should be doing!!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

  3. Tim Chemelli says:

    Dean is a stand up guy!!! He’s honest and trust worthy. Since I’ve been working with him he’s done nothing but help me get sponsor’s and hooked me up with a bunch of great guys to train with.
    Every manager’s goal is to build there fighters and make money along way. What’s wrong with that?
    The way I look at it is for you guys taking the time to talk crap he’s making a impact on the sport some may think its natgtive as for myself I know it’s a positive!!!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 14 Thumb down 4

  4. Idolmaker says:

    Good for you chimelli. Everyone has their own opinions about people, I’m just giving mine. Nobody will ever be liked by everybody, it’s a fact of life.

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  5. Tim bellows says:

    Two big thumbs down for Pan Ass

    FYI Tim.C u must Have takin the short bus to school.

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  6. Derek Abel says:

    Not a Dean fan but who is regardless his announcing sounds like a monster truck jam event.

    So yes Tim he’s good for the sport lol bringing monster truck red neck announcing to MMA.


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  7. Robin Black says:

    Big respect for Deano and his respect and commitment to the sport.

    Deano, can you email me?


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  8. oldschool says:

    It would be great to see Fraser get a shot in the UFC and get Submission of the Night in Canada.

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  9. HaggisBasher says:

    @oldschool Thanks, hopefully I will get the call for one of the Canadian shows happening this year.

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  10. harry balls says:

    I wish you woulda come back and defended your belt here, Mr. Basher. Please think about coming out this way again. It was a great fight last time.

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  11. Can Tex says:

    Just got an email from Mark Pav and MFC still has Hauge on the poster. Can someone confirm if he’s fighting.

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  12. BDC says:

    What happened to the article you were writting about the bans from prestige keith g

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  13. Can Tex says:

    Tim Hauge can you respond possible to let us know if the fights on?


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  14. @BDC… life is getting in the way of me writing much these days.

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