Kaufman Challenges Rousey for Strikeforce Title August 18


Sarah Kaufman - Former Strikeforce Champion

The match up that should have been will finally come to fruition when Strikeforce Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey puts her title and undefeated record on the line against Canadian standout and former Champion Sarah Kaufman in San Diego on August 18.

Sarah Kaufman is coming off three straight victories since losing her title to Marloes Coenen at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Noons 2 in late 2010. Kaufman most recently narrowly defeated fellow Canadian Alexis Davis in what some are calling, one of the most entertaining women’s MMA fights of all time. Prior to that Kaufman also defeated Liz Carmouche and Megumi Yabushita.

Rousey recently took the Bantamweight title from Meisha Tate in March with yet another first round armbar victory. Prior to that bout the Olympic Judo medalist finished all four of her pro bouts as well as three amateur fights by way of armbar in the first round, all in under a minute.

34 Responses to “ Kaufman Challenges Rousey for Strikeforce Title August 18 ”

  1. BDC says:

    Love it!

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  2. Donald Duck says:

    Kaufman will not be as easy a fight as Rounda has had so far. Can’t wait to see how her Judo holds up to someone smashing her face.

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  3. Joe Doerksen says:

    Go Sarah Go!!!!

    Punch hard, punch often!

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  4. oilcity says:

    Wonder why strikeforce never comes north of the border put kaufman and mein on card would be a big hit especially in edmonton i think it would sell good at rexal in etown

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  5. steve hill says:

    your right duck…if she can keep her at arms length she has a great chance….But can she keep her there….doubt it…and when it hits the ground…sore arm for sarah

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  6. Boston Crab says:

    I dont know if kaufmann has the stopping power to keep her off with punches… she should do it with footwork… punch and run!!!

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  7. steve hill says:

    she did that with alexis davis…but it ended up on the ground…gonna be a good fight..but gotta pick rousey

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  8. Robin Black says:

    Watch for Sarah to fight a smart patient fight.

    And win.

    +400 odds for Sarah, probably the best bet of the year.

    Put $200 on Sarah imo.

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  9. Boston Crab says:

    Unfortunately Mr. Steve Hill i must agree!

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  10. steve hill says:

    only time will tell…would love to see a canadian reclaim the title….just dont think its gonna happen

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  11. BDC says:

    @ robin black i think ronda has her number. Where you place ur bets.

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  12. Robin Black says:

    You guys are crazy.

    Rhonda Rousey is not gonna beat Sarah with good looks. She’s not gonna beat her with hype.

    And those are her 2 biggest weapons.

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  13. Cameron McQueen says:

    This can’t be the REAL Robin Black

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Its me.

    I’m just not buying the Rhonda Rousey hype yet.

    She looked great in her last fight, which was by far her biggest test.

    But Sarah is top of the 135 heap.

    If she beats Sarah I will be a believer.

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  15. Donald Duck says:

    Some thoughts on Ronda:

    1. Miesha was her first real test. Before that she was blowing through fighters who didn’t stand a chance.

    2. Sarah is (in my opinion) a much better fighter than Miesha. She has better movement and has the patiences that Miesha lacked.

    3. If Miesha hadn’t rushed Ronda near the end of round 1 that fight would have gone to a second round. Miesha’s error gave Ronda the opening and once on the ground she corrected the error she made in the first armbar attempt.

    4. We haven’t really seen much out of Ronda however we learned she isn’t a huge fan of getting punched in the face. Sarah is going to have reach, height and mobility that Miesha didn’t have plus Sarah hits way harder (opinion) than Miesaha.

    5. Ronda’s opponents have been picked very carefully to get her where she is. I’m wondering if Kyle isn’t also managing her career (I KEED I KEED)… Sarah is not a ‘hand picked’ opponent, far from it.

    Ronda could be as good as the hype (and lord knows WMMA needs a new face) but she may just be fluff. Sarah will be able to show this in a quickness.


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  16. Let’s be honest. Rousey has another weapon: The Arm Bar.

    If Sarah Kaufman did not learn any lesson from Marloes Coenen, then she will not be getting her belt back.

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  17. Bubba says:

    The biggest mistake you can make against a judoka with a big submission is getting overly angry and aggressive.
    Miesha did that.

    Part of the reason Miesha did that is because Riusey knocked her off her gameplan with her 3rd big weapon- shittalk.

    That won’t work against Sarah. Sarah is too smart for that. She’ll stay patient and beat up Rousey on the feet.

    Bodog has a straight bet on Sarah at +400 so I’d recommend that.

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  18. Robin Black says:

    Agree with Duck and Bubba.

    Hey, “the Duck and Bubba show” has a great ring to it.

    You guys should get together and run with that.

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  19. Donald Duck says:

    Bubba and The Duck

    I can dig it. We’d have to broadcast from Parts Unknown to really make it work though.

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  20. steve hill says:

    robin , duck and bubba all good points….but can sarah keep a world class judo fighter from getting a hold of her ? getting her to the ground ?and escaping once she gets to the ground…??

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  21. Robin Black says:

    I love how interested we all are in this fight.

    Rousey has legitimately got people talking with her judo-armbar combo, her good looks, her hype and, as Bubba pointed out, her trash talking.

    Sarah and Adam will be focusing on fighting smart. I believe they know how to win this one.

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  22. Boston Crab says:

    Huge Kaufman fan. I think she works really hard and it shows, however there is a differance between her and an Olympic level athlete.

    I would love to see Kaufman win, trust me, but what Rousy lacks in well roundedness she makes up in athleticism. Rousy made some serious whitebelt jiu jitsu mistakes vs Tate… but she smashed her in the end because you cant beat her level of athlete with technique alone.

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  23. Boston Crab says:

    ps i met Rousy once and she has wicked Lats… i put my arm around her for a photo and she was such a thick, strong girl. It was kind of scary hot.

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  24. steve hill says:

    Finally I agree with crab on something…rousey is hot…

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  25. harry balls says:

    Rousey will win again. Robinho, I’ll take that action if you’re offering. You know my word is bond.

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  26. Boston Crab says:

    The guy with the camera kept messing up so we had to stand there for an awkward long time… She was joking the entire time about how i was totally getting off on hugging her for such a long time and running her fingers up and down my back. She was totally not interested in me of course, but she was still a flirty tease and it made the mma nerd in me giddy.

    that is all

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  27. Robin Black says:

    Yeah she’s sexy, no argument here.

    But this is about fighting. Sarah’s gonna bring everyone back to Earth with a nice win.

    Balls-y, you gonna give me Vegas odds?

    My 2 tequilas vs your 8?

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  28. Bubba says:

    Actually my friend let’s make it a tequila and heineken combo vs 4 of those bad girls.

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  29. Robin Black says:

    Who are you?

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  30. Robin Black says:

    Are you imitating me after my posts?

    I know imitation is the highest form of flattery but I don’t get it.

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  31. Bubba says:

    You wish you knew who Fake Donnie (Bubba) is.

    Fake Donnie (Bubba) been around a long long time.

    Screw you Davis.

    Fake Donnie

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  32. Bubba says:

    Oh, and btw, nice nice, polite polite, very Canadsn, positive nice…..

    Fake Keith Greinke (Bubba)

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  33. steve hill says:

    robin I,ll bet my heineken against your tequila rousey wins…and you know who I am!!!!lol

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  34. harry balls says:

    is that the Vegas line? fair enough, let’s do tequila then(Jameson’s?), as my losses at the holdem tables have been puke-inducing of late. I got Rousey.

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