Aggression FC 9 Weigh-In Results


Rob Trudeau attended the Aggression FC 9 weigh-ins today at West Edmonton Mall.  Main event fighters Stephen Beaumont and Evan Sanguin both came in on weight so their Lightweight title fight is a go.  All other fighters made weight for their June 8th fights except Joe Keesick who just missed the 156 lb limit.

Tickets for the event are available by calling (780) 426-SOLD or at the door.

Here are the complete weigh-in results:

155lbs- Stephen Beaumont (154.8) vs. Evan Sanguin (155)
***Lightweight Title Fight

205lbs- Tim Chemelli (205.2) vs. Simon Marini (204.4)
195lbs- Zach Blaber (194.6) vs. Andrew Buckland (189)
145lbs- Deven Jones (145.6) vs. Tito Jones (145)
155lbs- Robbie Merrill (155.6) vs. Joe Keesick (156.8)*
170lbs- Mike Newton (170.2) vs. Adrian Cardinal (168.6)
265lbs- Nick Dragich (263.6) vs. Matthew Swimmer (234.4)
185lbs- KB Bhullar (185.8) vs. Ben Snyder (183.6)
160lbs- TJ Penner (159.6) vs Nick Heynen (158.6)

* Missed weight

37 Responses to “ Aggression FC 9 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Joe Keesick says:

    The commision didn’t allow me to cut that .8 of a pound they said it was a one time weigh in and I was more then willing to cut that weight and very capable…. but thats the way she goes sometimes i guess…

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  2. cody krahn says:

    Marini has clearly been hitting the horse meat pretty hard…………

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  3. LBoutin says:

    Crazy to see Marini fighting at 205 considering only a few years ago he was a 155er.

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    The commission said you couldn’t cut more?!? Did you look like death on the scale? I mean that’s about the only time a commission might step in and say, “No mas.” If not let a professional do what they do and make the weight.


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  5. Joe Keesick says:

    Naw man I think it’s just the way the Edmonton commision does it, they said once you weigh in that’s it, I felt really good could of cut it easily.

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  6. the Truth says:

    To say your more then capable would mean you’ve done it?

    Looking at your fight history feb 12, 2011- you missed weght, may 13, 2011- you missed weight, sep. 9th- you made weight at 170, nov 26th, 2011- you misses weight, mar 30th, 2012- you made weight at 170. So are you really capable? Not if history is correct.

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  7. josh machan says:

    Edmonton commission only lets you weigh in once. Its been like that for a long time

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  8. Tyler Davis says:

    Arashi do 2.0 ….just saying. Have fun boys

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  9. Tyler Davis says:

    Mmmmmm horse meat

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  10. Guns Loaded says:

    Tim is finished

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  11. Joe Doerksen says:

    Montreal commission only gives you one shot as well. But they give you access to official scale up to two hours before weigh ins. Never fought in Edmonton, no idea if thay have the same policy there.

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  12. Aaron Robinson says:

    @Guns Loaded. Nice fuckin beak.

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  13. Cam Yallits says:

    @Joe usually the promoters are responsible for the scale, and since they obviously dont want guys missing weight, they let people at it throughout the day of weigh-ins.

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  14. mike davis says:

    Sanguin & Penner FTW

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    I’m looking for a Showtime kick from Robbie Merrill after all that training in Milwaukee! haha

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  16. BDC says:

    Does ecsc ban fighters after a certain amount of losses?

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  17. MMAPolice says:

    This show is straight ghetto

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  18. Donald Duck says:

    It’s interesting that I can’t find the ‘one and done’ weigh in rule in the ECSC rules (source: This means if Donnie was prepping a fighter for a fight under ECSC Juristiction I wouldn’t know about this nuance until my fighter was standing on the scale.

    If, for example, Donnie was travelling from out of province and his fighter was a half pound off (a potentially 30 more minutes in the sauna depending on fighter’s health) they would be penalized.



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  19. david letourneau says:

    Its the fighters responsibility to ensure he is on weight. The commissionnot allowing a second chance is the way it should be. Once you get koed or tap you don’t get a second chance so why should you for weighing in? The scales are available all day for a fighter to calibrate. Man the fuck up. Mission. Weight shows weakness and early signs of a guy who will quit. Fighters fight but first they make weight!

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  20. BDC says:

    Yes i agree but if you hotel is on the north side and the promotor is doing the weigh ins on the south youve been cutting and traffic is backed up to shit, hours of waiting to check a scale or finding someone to go and come back for you, can be the issue.

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  21. BDC says:

    Little things like that can throw a wrench into plans if you are from out of town.

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  22. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    When travelling we just bring our own digital to make sure the guys are below or on weight the day of weighins for that exact reason…being out of town leaves you usually with no vehicle especially when your flown in and your left at the mercy of the promotion liason to get you where you need to be….its easy enough to bring your own digital scale…my 2 cents

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  23. MMAPolice says:


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  24. Donald Duck says:

    Hi David,

    It must be nice living in the world you live in. I can remember a year and a half ago helping a fighter make weight. We were offered to use the facility where his opponent and team mates were cutting but since my fighter was a younger fighter he didn’t want the additional pressure and prefered to cut on his own. This meant we spent the time at a facility on the other side of downtown from weigh ins. On top of that the promoter/commission didn’t make the scale available until an hour before weigh ins and guess what, we were 1/2 lbs over. No sweat, we hoped up to the hotel fitness room and ripped the additional weight off in 30 minutes.

    Our scale said he was on but the commission scale said he was heavy. He’s a pro so he made weight and then went on to win. Maybe some day you’ll deal with adversity during a weight cut and hopefully someone will be willing to give you the professional benefit of the doubt and allow you the additional minutes to finish your cut.


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  25. K. RASMUS says:

    Donald duck your the imformation super station , you should get a mma promotion company going

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  26. david letourneau says:

    @ donnie I live in a world where I don’t make excuses I make weight!

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  27. Donald Duck says:

    So do I.

    So do the athletes I work with.

    So has 99% of the guys I’ve helped.

    My point is 90% of the commissions out ther give you an additional time to make up a ‘reasonable’ amount of weight. If you come in more than 1-2 lbs over then you aren’t going to make it no matter what. If on the other hand you’re a quick pee or 30 min bike ride away then you should be given the chance to make weight.

    I have always asked for opponents/other fighters to try to make weight when they have failed to do so. If anything it shows a committment to being there.

    You’re arguing that fighters make weight and I agree. My point is that within 1-2 give the guy a chance to make it. Beyond that you’re right, he/she failed to do what was expected of them.


    @Rasmus – Mrs Duck prefers Donnie at home yelling at the TV then out at all hours at fight cards. I have something else in mind for my pointless wealth of MMA knowledge…..

    Trivial Pursuit MMA EDITION!!!

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  28. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Guess i do have some haters…or grudge holders….getting thumbs down for sayin we bring our own scale when we travel….lol…sheesh!

    Well hate on children!

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  29. David Letourneau says:

    Its not what is expected of a fighter it is what he is contractually obligated to do. I make it my business to know the commission rules well in advance and that I am 100% sure before I step on the official scale in front of people that I am on weight.

    185 170 160 and 155 always made it never needed any second attempt. Our entire gym has made it our business on always showing up on time and on weight ready to fight. This is for a reason, not making weight makes the fighter look stupid as well as his team. trying to justify it for a team mate or who ever he is to an individual is a way of trying to convince yourself its ok and not your fault its the commission its the scale its because we were in mcdonalds late last night whatever, I assure you its not ok.

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  30. BDC says:

    Shane i Think most teams bring their own scale the problem is if the scale is off compaired to the commisions.

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  31. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Yeah usually but not by much …thats why i always try to get my guy under by a lb or 2…

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  32. BDC says:

    Ya you bet

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  33. Joe Doerksen says:

    I think it’s not that hard to make weight, but the promoter and commission need to make sure fighters have access to official scale well in advance, to avoid problems. Not all scales are the same. I like to check on official scale a day before, to compare to mine. Then get on official scale again at least an hour before, just to make sure

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  34. BDC says:

    Joes view= awesome points. Davids=bla bla i make weight and i never miss and if you miss weight by half a pound u musta ate a burger the night before…

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  35. Fjone says:

    Really? Dont fool yourself, the record says it all. JOE KEESICK is just lazy as fuck, doesnt respect the sport or his fellow fighters and yes probably was at Mcdonalds the night before.
    This kid is a JOKE, missing weight once & awhile is something but it’s more often than not with this guy.
    Joe, you had weeks, or atleast days to cut, and you put it on the commisioner for not giving you an hour or 2? Get you shit together!
    Make all the excuses you want but keep pulling this over & over again, why would anyone want to see you fight, except to see you get choked out!
    It’s pretty clear you dont deserve to call yourself a fighter!

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  36. BDC says:

    Well there ya go if its true about not makin weight multiple times maybe he needs sum advice from hardin vets like show…right joe lol

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  37. Robin Black says:

    Holy moly bananas.

    You make fucking weight.

    You just go and make the sacrifices and you learn what you gotta do and face the pain and you fucking make weight.

    Dieting and cutting weight sucks. But you have to do it.

    You just do it.


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