EFC 12: Vengeance – Recap


Evolution FC put on their 13th event last night from a packed house at The Kooler in Lloydminster, Alberta. “Big Win” Don Wilson hit the nail on the head when he chose main event fighters Tyler Davis and Sean Quinn as the #3 Maple Leaf Matchup of the month as the two fighters put on a show that is sure to be a fight of the year candidate. Check out below for a full recap of the event.

    • Fight of the Night – Tyler Davis vs. Sean Quinn
    • Rear Naked Choke of the Night – Ryan Brigham

Sean Quinn vs. Tyler Davis:
Round 1- Davis lands a leg kick and Quinn responds with a combo that falls just short. Davis looks for a head kick but Quinn blocks it and connects with a shot. Davis lands a shot followed by a leg kick and Davis responds with some leg kicks of his own. Davis paws, looking for his range and Quinn continues with more leg kicks. Quinn lands a body shot and a nice combo and Davis fights his way off the cage. Davis connects and misses a front kick. Quinn lands more shots and Davis throws a head kick that’s again blocked. Quinn goes back to the body again and Davis looks for a takedown but Quinn secures a guillotine. Quinn lands a pair of solid knees with the guillotine still locked in but releases and Davis lands a combo. They both trade shots before Davis gets a takedown to full guard where he rides out the final ten seconds while landing a few body shots. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Quinn

Round 2- Davis opens with leg kicks followed by a high kick that gets blocked by Quinn and another leg kick. Davis connects with a front kick and a leg kick. Quinn lands a quick jab but Davis lands a body kick followed by another to the leg. Quinn connects with a big right but Davis continues to land leg kicks. Davis sticks a jab and another high kick is partially blocked. A right from Davis cuts Quinn on the forehead. Davis lands a left, right combo with a leg kick before they both trade a quick flurry. Davis fires a pair of knees up the middle and another combo. Quinn looks to land a shot but Davis ducks under and gets the double leg to full guard. Davis hammers away on the body but Quinn throws up a triangle attempt. Davis defends and stays busy and chips away with little shots for final seconds of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Davis

Round 3- Davis tags Quinn with a right hand, high kick combo and Quinn responds with a hard uppercut that Davis is able to avoid. Davis sticks a double jab and a leg kick. Davis connects with a solid left and takes Quinn down with a single to guard. Davis peppers the body with little punches and Quinn searches for a kimura but it isn’t there. Davis lands a few more shots and continues to chip away until referee Mitch Clarke stands them up. Davis kicks the body and fires off another combo. Quinn comes back with a combo of his own and jumps on Davis’ back, to the ground. Quinn looks for an armbar but Davis pulls out and lands elbows and a knee to the body. Quinn lands a knee to the body as they stand up and they both trade punches with Quinn emerging bloodied on the top of his head from one of the earlier elbows. Davis throws another head kick and shoots for a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine. Davis is able to pull his head out and finishes the round on top. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Davis
Tyler Davis defeats Sean Quinn by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Tyler O’Brien vs. Paul Grandbois
Grandbois lands a leg kick before looking for a guillotine choke against the cage. Grandbois lands a pair of knees before releasing and connecting with a big combo that drops O’Brien. Grandbois follows him down and connects with a few shots. O’Brien tries to roll away but Grandbois stays with him and drops a pair of hammer fists that prompt referee Mitch Clarke to step in and prevent any further damage.
Paul Grandbois defeats Tyler O’Brien by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:00

Blair Oster vs. Derek Abrahamson
Oster comes out aggressively and drives Abrahamson into the cage. They both battle for position before landing simultaneous knees to the body. Abrahamson connects with a pair of solid body shots before throwing Oster down to the mat and dropping to side control. Abrahamson secures full mount and begins to pound away forcing Oster to give his back. Sure enough Abrahamson locks in the submission du jour and forces Oster to tap out due to the rear naked choke.
Derek Abrahamson submits Blair Oster by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:43

Desmond Johnson vs. Mitch Edmonds
Edmonds immediately rushes in with combo and Johnson responds with a solid kick to the body before they tie up against the cage. Edmonds searches for a guillotine and they drop to the ground. Edmonds lands some shots before looking for a rear naked choke. Edmonds continues to work for it and slips the arm under the chin. Johnson lands the hardest shots of the night tapping out emphatically to the choke.
Mitch Edmonds submits Desmond Johnson by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:56

Mike Glover vs. Ryan Brigham
Brigham lets out a loud roar before the referee signals the beginning of the fight. Glover rushes forward wildly and they jockey for position against the cage with neither able to get the advantage. Finally Glover turns his back and Brigham seizes the opportunity and jumps on Glover’s back, drags him to the ground and sinks the rear naked choke. Glover defends briefly but is ultimately forced to tap out.
Ryan Brigham submits Mike Glover by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:30

AJ Deschambeault vs. Zach Pruden
Deschambeault lands a leg kick and bull rushes Pruden getting the takedown, but Pruden rolls through and lands in half guard. Deschambeault can only hold on as Pruden pounds away on the body. Deschambeault replaces his full guard but Pruden continues his assault on the mid-section. Pruden lands some big shots followed by an illegal 12-6 elbow which referee Mitch Clarke immediately recognizes the foul and calls for time. Pruden apologizes to Deschambeault, his corner and the crowd. Nonetheless Clarke deducts a point from Pruden and the doctor checks on Deschambeault. The doctor allows the bout to continue although Deschambeault still looks a little wobbly. On the restart they trade a flurry and Deschambeault connects on a pair of knees before taking Pruden down against the cage. Pruden looks for a guillotine but lets go and looks to sweep but can’t. They both stand back up and Pruden looks for another guillotine and brings him back to the ground. Pruden loses the choke but instead looks for a vicious neck crank. Deschambeault shows tonnes of heart and survives but Pruden secures the full mount and rains down some big shots that force Deschambeault to give up his back. Pruden sinks his hooks and locks in the fight ending rear naked choke.
Zach Pruden submits AJ Deschambeault by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:32

Harry Glover vs. Hossein Zahiriabianeh
Zahiriabianeh paws some jabs and Glover lands an overhand right. Zahiriabianeh locks up with Glover and takes him to the mat. Glover ends up on top briefly before getting swept. Zahiriabianeh takes his back and lands several hard shots before locking in the rear naked choke and eliciting the quick tap out.
Hossein Zahiriabianeh submits Harry Glover by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:45

42 Responses to “ EFC 12: Vengeance – Recap ”

  1. Tyler Davis says:

    Just glad It was a entertaining fight. Thanks again to Sean Quinn for taking that on ridiculously short notice. It was an honor to do battle with such a warrior.

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  2. Tyler Davis says:

    Entrance song of the night. I think I might have that one in the bag with the eagle’s

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  3. Donald Duck says:

    Nice win Tyler. Would be interesting to see you two tangle later down the road with proper camps for both of you.

    How did you keep Quinn from shooting?


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  4. Tyler Davis says:

    He didn’t seam Intrested in shooting. He was throwing HEAVY leather and bucked me slightly one or twice. But I though keeping my jab out and maintaining distance was a deterrent for him shooting

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  5. Tyler Davis says:

    Also taking him down stoped him from shooting lol. Thanks Donnie

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  6. Donald Duck says:

    I’m impressed. Sean came within a heart beat of stopping Nick Dennis so it is no small task to beat him.

    Any interest in a rematch further down the road?

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good job by Cody with PBP/Recap as always!

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  8. Dean Panas says:

    The Quinn Davis fight was worth the trip. The rest of the card was painful. If it wasn’t for joking with BKB and his brother, and chatting with Sean’s brother the night would of been very long and boring waiting for the main event.

    The fight itself was very entertaining! Sean came to the cage focussed and determined. Tyler looked very nervous as he kept looking up at Quinn from outside the cage as he was getting prepped to fight. Sean looked so poised early on it was crazy!! Although the EFC cage is small, Sean was able to control the middle of the cage and kept Tyler to the outside. It was a treat to watch!

    Tyler seemed to find his confidence in the last minute of the round and really settled into his own. The “deer in the headlights” look was gone and the confidence began to show. Tyler started to relax and when he did he was a lot quicker.

    Thanks to Sean and Tyler for the great entertainment!! It was a pleasure to meet Sean’s wife and brother. I was hoping to have a beer with Sean but it wasn’t a good time. Thanks to BKB and his bro for the laughs and conversation, always a pleasure.

    Big congrats to Tyler! You showed a lot, especially when you settled in and realized you belonged in there with Quinn. Thanks for the beer after and the chat. It was great to talk to Mike as always. He’s so humble and man was he a proud brother last night!

    In the last month and a half I have see both Davis brothers fight in the biggest fights of their careers (IMO). I thought Mike was going to lose to Laudischer and I thought Tyler would lose to Quinn. Man have these kids improved!!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 2

  9. youknowwhoiam says:

    Totally need to see a rematch with 2 proper camps! Davis did do great but from what I saw, davis tapped in the 1st round I t wasn’t seen so not to take any thing away from davis. Wish it wasn’t so hard for quinn to get fights!! The best batam weight in canada.

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  10. mike davis says:

    When did Tyler tap….to what ? Hahaha you think if Tyler tapped the fight would of been over…….or tyler would of be choked out or arm broken. But again apperently i tapped out when I fought Corey..

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  11. Tyler Davis says:

    The first choke he got me in was very deep and I might have raised my hand in preparation to tap I truly do not remeber. I just remeber the thought was there!!!!but canI assure you ia did not!That could have been my easy out. Thanks dean for the chat. It ment alot to have people drive all that way just to watch me and Quinn, BKB was good to chat with too. I would consider a rematch but honestly I’m just going to heal up a little and eat some pizza before I start planning more fights,6 rounds in less than a month takes it outta a guy. Great play by play. And yes Donnie I knew this Sean was in that higher echelon of Canadain Mma and decided to see where I stand. Thanks to EFC for putting this fight on

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  12. Tyler Davis says:

    And as always thanks to my team at Arashi do 2.0 Hahahaha. I have great guys ti train with. Coach Gary is the man and has improved my game alot. All the thanks in the world goes to my brother for teaching me constantly. Thanks to my edson marauder team making the trip to help corner me. And if I have not said it enough thanks to Sean

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  13. Mike Davis says:

    Dean thank you for the kind words means a lot coming from you. A lot of hard work and dedication goes a long long ways. Cannot wait for next one gotta get in shape while brother gets fat.

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  14. Mike Davis says:

    also like to say Mitch Clarke is a fantastic ref!

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  15. Bring the Pain says:

    @ youknowwhoiam

    You think quinn is the best bantam weight in canada…

    I think john fraser or josh hill would have something to say about that…
    I think these are the top 2 bantam weights in canada…my 2 cents

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  16. Idolmaker says:

    Whos the top hw in Canada btp?

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  17. true mma fan says:

    why does the top heavyweight got to be brought up on every forum lol. in my eyes tim hague. Just cause hakert beat him dont make him top heavyweight. Tim has fought some tough opponents in his time. Like pat berry and travis wiuff and made it into the ufc. But the next mfc event will tell the story

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  18. youknowwhoiam says:

    Bring the pain, I would love to see a quinn vs either of those 2 guys. They would be out standing fights. And yes I think quinn is the best canadian bantam weight in canada who is not in the UFC! also think quinn puts on the most exiting fights every time he steps in the cage! I really wish fights would step up and fight him and not always duck him. There is a huge talent pool in canada but everyone wants the easy fight. That’s why quinn has my respect he is willing to take on any one at any time,even when its not in his best interest!

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  19. Idolmaker says:

    It was a loaded question, btp would prob say war dog haha. I’m waiting for him to try to sell war dog and Quinn at 135 kg.

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  20. youknowwhoiam says:

    Ok putz

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  21. Bring the Pain says:

    I agree with True mma fan about top HW….Tim still is unless Hackert beats him again..
    .as for bantam weights niether john or josh are in the UFC…but it is rumored that they will fight this summer or fall…and im sure the winner of that fight fight makes it to the show….im not taking anything away from Quinn…but in my opinion hes not top bantam weigh…my 2 cents

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  22. Jake - JHEG says:

    Congrats to Davis on the win. As for Quinn, I can without a doubt say he’s one of the most entertaining fighters in Canada and is a very talented fighter.

    However, with that being said, he needs to look after his career. Taking short notice fights and being willing to step in anytime w/anyone isn’t the way to go. He needs a proper camp and to train specifically for who he’s fighting for. Most everyone else gets to do it, but because Sean has difficulty finding fights, he takes what he can get. Unfortunately, this isn’t the right way and it’s not fair to him whatsoever.

    Just my .02

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

  23. Idolmaker says:

    Putz!!!! Haha that’s hilarious!!! I agree with jake 100% on Quinn. Dude can’t catch a break, and is forced to take fight that aren’t in his best interests. It’s a shame really, he’s outrageously talented.
    Putz!!!! You effin moron haha!!!

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  24. Tyler Davis says:

    We were both training …..just for different fights. He was training to fight on axe I do belive….and I was training for Marc the bitch beasuolei. So Sean Quinn made me lose some sleep lol I watched his fight with Nick dennis and that was it cause it scared me lol I got my brother to watch all the other ones for me and then compile a strategy from his opinions

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  25. @Jake-JHEG… my $.02 on Sean Quinn are the same as they were when he fought Roland Delorme – he needs an MMA team to train with and I don’t think there are good MMA teams in Regina.

    It would be good if he could head to WAMMA in Winnipeg or Alliance in Saskatoon and train with some solid MMA guys.

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  26. youknowwhoiam says:

    Hey tyler I hope you get your chance punch the bitch right out of marc! But as fore quinn training for some one else at the time, u are incorrect he wasn’t.

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  27. youknowwhoiam says:

    Keith you are exactly right about quinn needing to move out of regina. The ppl around him think he is great but that’s not enough. Quinn has endless talent and that’s the problem, there is no one in saskatchewan that he can do some really training with. He needs to move east to train with talented fighters like himself.

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  28. Donald Duck says:

    Quinn should just go eat until he see this sign…


    …then he should stop.

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  29. Donald Duck says:

    East, he sould go east. Not eat.

    He could eat though. He’d be cuter with some meat on the bone.

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  30. looper says:

    regina has fantastic muay thai, good boxing, amazing wrestling and good bjj… don’t blame it on there not being an MMA gym.

    most MMA gym’s are filled with people D level fighters who are not good at anything and will only be stepping stones for other fighters’ resumes

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  31. Tyler Davis says:

    Ya that interview on the front page of this topmmanews check it out. I heard he was sopposed to get matched up for axe so I assume he was training for it. I imagine that’s the Calgary thing he was talking about at the end. but don’t get me wrong I know he had a surprise wieght cut and like three or four days notice.

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  32. looper…. I agree that Regina has great gyms.

    I think that fighters today need to combine all those skills with MMA training/sparring in gyms that have guys that aren’t stepping stones and can beat you up a bit.

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  33. Bobby Karimi says:

    Guys lets not take anything away from Tyler Davis, the motherfucker fought his ass off and won the fight clean, fair and square.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 12 Thumb down 0

  34. josh machan says:

    Wow I can’t believe what I am reading. They both took the fight on short notice. Tyler had a 2 week training camp to fight a guy with a fluffed up record. I don’t think a full camp would have made much difference.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 6

  35. Jon Cowan says:

    Gratz Tyler on the W. Looks like the nut huggers will keep hugging. lol

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  36. epicfail says:

    Ya thanks Jon. Lol until next time bro it ill have to che k out that gym sometime

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  37. Tyler Davis says:

    Ooooppsss troll identity compromised……SMOKE BOMB

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  38. Bobby Karimi says:

    wow brilliant LOL!

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  39. Bdc says:

    Haha awesome

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  40. Donald Duck says:

    Troll Identities are soooooo last week.

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  41. Troll Account says:

    “Ooooppsss troll identity compromised……SMOKE BOMB”


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  42. Tyler Davis says:

    Lol how else can I hack on bad reffing?

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