School of Hard Knocks 25 – Medicine Hat – June 15


Date: June 15, 2012
Location: Cypress Centre in Medicine Hat, Alberta
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Pro Fights:
155lbs- Dia Grant (5-6) vs. Roy Bradshaw (9-12)
147lbs- Charmaine Tweet (1-2) vs. Adrienne Seiber (1-2)
135lbs- Chad Anheliger (1-2) vs. Adam Imhoff (2-1)
145lbs- Patrick Besarra (2-4) vs. Reza Kamali (0-1)

Amateur Fights:
135lbs- Jeremy Kennedy (6-2) vs. Patrick Ward (4-1)
***Amateur Bantamweight Title Fight

145lbs- Mitchell Carlson (1-3) vs. Zach Snyder (1-2)
140lbs- John Young (0-0) vs. Joel De Villa (0-0)
170lbs- Curtis Belcourt (2-0) vs. Miguel Tock (0-0)
170lbs- Jeremy Bruins (0-0) vs. TBA
145lbs- Ren Besarra (0-1) vs. Ryan Clarke (0-0)
195lbs- Dylan Cuvilier (0-0) vs. Kerry Cardinal (0-0)
185lbs- Luke Huntas (0-0) vs. Jamie Deveau (0-0)

30 Responses to “ School of Hard Knocks 25 – Medicine Hat – June 15 ”

  1. Cody says:

    Chris lauzon, really? Don’t give up but buddy take some time off fighting and TRAIN, sad to see Internet retirement isn’t official

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  2. Ryan says:

    wow i hate to say it but jeez their are some great examples of bad match making here
    -Jesse Dayrider (5-0) vs. Justin Schmidt (1-2)
    – Dia Grant (5-6) vs. Danny Doig (1-1)
    – Louis Fisette (4-1) vs. Chad Anheliger (1-2)
    just to name a few, come one chad Anheliger’s only win was against chanta bun (0-3)
    chad Anheliger vs jesse veltri would make far more sense. as for Fisette dont blame him for wanting a easy win but jeez do you really need to pad your record more? the only real competition you’ve had was daniel mark and mike oneill and i saw mike in person when he fought at hk 23 no idea how the hell he made 135 to fight louis ‘ he looked big a 145 lol

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  3. Donald Duck says:

    But HK is the self professed best matchers in MMA!

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  4. greg says:

    maybe the poor match making is due to lack of fighters they can get?

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  5. Donald Duck says:

    Then perhaps they should consider not putting on shows where the quality of fighters is not up to standard?

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  6. greg says:

    thats true enough maybe if they didn’t put out as many shows they could probably make more better fights.

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  7. cavemanbully says:

    wow ryan no holding back your thoughts lol well Wether it’s a mis match or not wish Fisette Luck. tho i dont think he’ll need it

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  8. lauzon says:

    ill be back but under better training my job hurts me from training but no excuses i hope to see you guys all in the ring again best of luck to all the fighters

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  9. TOOSWEET598 says:


    Chad Anheliger’s record doesnt reflect the quality of fighter he really is. Both of his losses, he was winning the fight, dominating the one in Medicine Hat and winning the one in Red Deer. I was there for both and I do train with him so Im sure some will say I am bias. Reguardless, he was winning and then got caught in a submission to lose the fight. He is a good fighter, he trains hard and is always ready for a good fight, a great opponent, to always improve and get better. I do not think that it will be the walk in the park for Louis Fisette that some think it will be just because of their records. Good luck to both of them, obviously I am pulling for Chad, but in the end all i care about is a good fight where no one gets injured and they can both learn, gain experience and grow as fighters.

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  10. MMAFAN says:

    Hard Knocks is a joke!! What kind of under-sized tomato can are they feeding Charmaine Tweet for this one!! Lol. Only 3 of the fighters in the pro card have winning records!! Lol.

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  11. just laughable says:

    Chris Lauzon will be KO/TKO in under 2min WHY WHY , no matter how many losses you have hell even if you happened to get a lucky win like caveman bully did you will still not be classified as a real fighter, getting the cage does not make you cool, does not get you chicks, so stick the corner bars and strip clubs! Can you not watch your last fight and realize even after even if you were to get 2 years real training you would then maybe just be able to resemble an amateur REAL fighter???

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  12. Tyler Davis says:

    I got besarra winning that better fighter than his record show. I remember very physically strong

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  13. terry says:

    i hope they found alain a replacment, i have been out for over a month now and they know that

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  14. Oilcity says:

    Lauzon tko in the first oops ment he will get tko in the first. How does this guy get a fight 0 and 4 never showed any skill dosnt train phhft buddy time to retire your a never was bro

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  15. Toosweet598 says:


    This isn’t an updated fight card at all. I know three guys from my gym in Calgary who are on this card now and are not showing on this list. Why are you not fighting? I was looking forward to seeing you fight again

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  16. terry says:

    I was training got put in a kimura, been in the same position a thousand times, and that one time i heard 2 loud pops, and i been healing ever since, hope there not torn or will be a long process im guessing. What gym are you out of? And yes, i was looking forward to fighting alain, i heard he is a very underrated fighter, that has been out of action but is a killer, and i wanted a tough fight, injuries suck but hey…hope they find him a good replacement wanna see a good main

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  17. p m says:

    louis fissete needs better fights. his two most competative fights were against against mike oneil and josh harley. oneil had a few good moves against fissete good clinchwork and strength and lost. harley won on the feet landing some good strikes and defending against 3 submissens and lost to a far bigger figher. my qestion is how can he 4-1 as a fighter yet he was 4-0 when he beat harley and has won 4 fights since

    why did aj skales have fights pulled before they happened. he has the best regina cards. the first 2 had good main events. paul grabinski choked someones head off and in the co main event louis fissete fought josh harley

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  18. chokedup says:

    p m, I’m assuming this is the Fisette / Harley fight you’re talking about?

    Unless they’ve fought again, and the link above isn’t the fight you’re talking about, I wouldn’t exactly say that Harley won on the feet, landed any good strikes, or made it a competitive fight.

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  19. @p m … Fisette is 4-1 in pro fights. When he fought Harley, he may have been 4-0 as an amateur.

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  20. TOOSWEET598 says:


    Thats too bad to hear about your injury. I train out of Canuckles in Calgary, no fights, just love to train and support my teammates, heres hoping you a speedy recovery

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  21. Ryan says:

    @ just laughable – your an ass hole who’s just another Internet warrior who couldn’t put together a proper sentence with out grammar mistakes if the corrected sentence was written in front of you to copy and paste it. The fact is Lauzon gets in the cage and does his best what more can us the fans ask for, obviously he loves fighting but cant train properly. Tho i’ll say this to Lauzon. As for caveman bully dont make your self sound even more retarded caveman bully meant to throw those kicks and they landed end of story.
    @TOOSWEET98 hope your right about Chad i’d really like to see a good fight rather then a one sided win for fisette

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  22. Just Laughable says:

    Dearest Ryan
    Mr Oneill cannot kick he cannot even pivot his planted foot to turn over his hips to kick, he cannot kick above the waste so to say he planned a head kick is well totaallyy a joke.

    He got destroyed by Fisette who in all respect is not close to a talent pool himself and made excuses this and excuses that. He got destroyed by houston again excuses this excuses that. His only wins let me see helll some bums in a tent across the border who never stepped foot in a fight even in school.

    Dont go prewaching this and that as all your gonna do is make someone believe it and well then Mr Caveman may actually have to fight someone trained and tough and well say by to his cockyness and ego and well knock on wood but he will not need major medical help after.

    As for Lauzon dear lord i will not comment, quit pack it up go back to fighting drunk natives in Nipigon bar even then you still needed 3 guys or got beat up. Your a bum dont try and be put in a class with real athlete MMA competitors cause stepping in the cage dont make you one!!!!

    Oh an Ryan you must like boys cause you on a good pole slurping mission

    as for sentence’s mmmeeehhh i been punched to many times to worry about sentences

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  23. terry nichol says:

    ya, thanks man… i hope to be in the next one in the hat or wherever

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  24. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Roy Bradshaw relpaces Danny Doig against Dia Grant, Adam Imhoff replaces Louis Fisette against Chad Anheliger, removed Terry Nichol vs. Alain Hernandez and Travis Cloud vs. Chris Lauzon

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  25. Tyler Davis says:

    Does that say 147 for a wieght class? Why did Louis get replaced to far of a Drive not enough money?

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  26. Cody Rempel says:

    Yeah… 147 is the weight listed on the website, I don’t have any explanations, I just took all the info from their site.

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  27. Tyler Davis says:

    Dammit Cody we need answers!!!!

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  28. John says:

    a lot of ass holes comment on here but i think “Just Laughable” is the biggest ass hole hands down! what have you accomplished in this sport? wait, nothing, weekend Internet fighter huh

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  29. Just Sayin' says:

    Why is Just Laughable an ass for simply speaking the truth? Have you seen Lauzon fight? I don’t think it is safe for him to keep stepping in the ring and just act as someone’s punching bag.

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  30. Marz says:

    Louis vs. Josh Harley was NOT competitive…

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