Hard Knocks 24 – Weigh In Results


Hard Knocks Fighting will hold their 24th event tonight in Estevan, Sasakatchewan, The all amateur event features a Heavyweight Title fight between Derek Daku and Devon Smith. Also on the card is a Junior MMA fight between 14 year old Roarke Frank and 12 year old Christian Crowthers, See below for the weigh in results from Hard Knocks website.

Weigh In Results:
265lbs- Derek Daku (227) vs. Devon Smith (224)
***Heavyweight Title Fight

160lbs- Chris Wilson (162.8)* vs. Ron Gonzales (159.2)
170lbs- Ryan Starkell (167) vs. Travis Triskle (171.8)*
265lbs- Wade Baldwin (233) vs. Amon Steadman (263)
155lbs- Bob Macumber (155.2) vs. Harold Brun (158)*
205lbs- Mike Geib (202.4) vs. Craig Gaudry (205.2)
145lbs- Mike Papequash (147.2)* vs. Rodney Dela Rosa (144.6)
145lbs- Adam Zarrillo (143.8) vs. Derek Lapierre (142.4)
145lbs- Curtis Richard (144.6) vs. Madison Mejia (144.8)
265lbs- Felix Jiminez (228.2) vs. Steven Arens (256.4)
175lbs- Tyson Haines (173.6) vs. Cody Puls (174.6)
130lbs- Roark Franke (131) vs. Christian Crowthers (117.2)
***Modified Junior MMA Rules


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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    130lbs- Roark Franke (131) vs. Christian Crowthers (117.2)
    ***Modified Junior MMA Rules

    So Crowthers is 12.8 lbs underweight and the fight is still happening?

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  2. don't get it says:

    And what is Modifies Junior MMA Rules. Never heard of it. Its not even real rules recognized anywhere. These guys just write their own rules and don’t care about regulation or safety. Ins’t mma illegal in Saskatchewan. Most of these guys don’t even train at real mma gyms.

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  3. Da Chin says:

    I always wondered what stops an amateur from coming in over weight?

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  4. Gunner says:

    Curtis Richard , keep your eyes on him young kid with unbelievable heart and work ethic with some amazing skills

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  5. Donald Duck says:

    Some thoughts:

    1. Amateurs should not be allowed to miss weight. There should be no last minute changes in contracts to amend weight either. There could be a larger margin given to ammy fighters (maybe 2.5 lbs instead of 1) but if an ammy fighter misses weight they should be taken off the card.

    2. A 13.8 lbs weight difference on the scale (who knows how big it will be in the ring) should constitute an automatic cancellation of the fight. This tells me that one team knew what they were doing and the other team has no idea.

    Oh and to preempt the coming BS about ‘letting fighters fight’ lets keep in mind that safety of the athletes should be the prime concern. When a fighter misses weight they are failing to do one of the three things expected of them (Up to date medicals, on weight and ready to fight). Not to belabour the point but this is a solid example of where a commission would be of huge help.

    I think it is seriously irresponsible to let a Junior MMA fight, or any fight for that matter, go forward with this significant of a weight difference.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Agree with all of the above. Good points and post!

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  7. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    This literally turns my stomach. Wow.

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  8. Donald Duck says:

    Considering that HK was on this site a few days back commenting on how they’re the “best matchmakers in Canada”…

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  9. Marc-Andre Drolet says:


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  10. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Apparently these are the Modified Junior MMA Rules;

    three 2 minute rounds with a one minute rest in between. No strikes to the head – either standing or from the ground.

    Strange huh? I say the length of rounds is good but they should have to wear 8-10 oz MMA gloves (if made that big!), modified head gear (so chokes can still be applied!) and shin guards?

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  11. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Oh and then with that protective gear on, strikes to the head would be allowed!

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  12. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    What do the regulations state the rules should be?

    Oh right, there are no regulations.

    This is Circa 1996 bushleague promoting.

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  13. don't get it says:

    This is a joke. This proves that these guys are just giving the middle finger to the sport. They are using the fact that there is no goverment regulation to literally do whatever they want. They don’t care about rules they dont care about safety they don’t care what any one thinkks. It doesn’t matter what the rules is no headshots or whatever this dumb.

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  14. Donald Duck says:

    Uuuummmm, is Christian any relation to Cord?


    Conflict of interest? Man I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I could see if the undersized kid was one pulled off the street to fight or even some fighter from a camp far removed from the promotion so his size was never really known but now?!?

    Seriously, the promoter put his son in the ring 10+ lbs under the contracted weight? At such a junior level 10lbs is a belt rank and a significant obsticle to overcome.

    Wow, just frickn’ wow.

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  15. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Way to put the sport first guys.

    This is so crazy, it’s hard to comprehend in this day in age.

    How anybody could support this promotion baffles me.

    This is worse than the crap XCW pulls off. who knew there could be worse in the province?

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  16. Dean Panas says:

    Has any commission in North America allowed kids this young to compete in an MMA event under any rules?

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  17. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Not legally if it’s ever happened.

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  18. Donald Duck says:

    They don’t care about rules they dont care about safety they don’t care what any one thinkks.

    – Not sure if you’re intentionally trying to inflame discussion or rhetoric here but HK does utilize the unified rules so this statement is not factual. As for safety, while I have concerns I’m sure they aren’t sitting around thinking of ways to hurt fighters I think this is just an example of short sightenedness (or conflict of interest as mentioned in my earlier post).

    It doesn’t matter what the rules is no headshots or whatever this dumb.

    – Not sure what you’re getting at here. Are you saying you have knowledge that the rules will be ignored? Are you implying that the rules will not be enforced? I’m just curious what you’re thinking about.


    PS – You can complain but you have to be factual in your complaints.

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  19. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    I dont have an issue with junior or youth mma if a proper rule set and guidlines are in place. I’m just wondering why there’s a large weight discrepancy and why the fight is allowed to go on due to this.

    You commission/law guys can all battle it out in a sea can with the winner having final say for all legal and commish stuff.

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  20. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    There are no rules or guidelines here other than what the promotion has set out.

    With no regulatory body overseeing this event, there are no guidelines for anything they do. (In Saskatchewan).

    It’s one big grey area. (For now)


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  21. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    There is one legal body who can regulate Amateur MMA in Saskatchewan and the promotion chooses to not use them.

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  22. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    I’m curious to hear how the so called Section 83 expert lawyer says about this :)

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  23. Robin Black says:

    I spoke to Cord on the phone. He seemed like a nice guy.

    He said he really wants a provincial commission or city commissions to happen in Saskatchewan.

    What I don’t get is, if he wants commissions so badly, how he could be a part of such risky promoting. Promoting without a commission. Creating scenarios that no commission would approve. Booking fights between fighters with, as he put it to me, “maybe a couple months” training. Putting these This fight for his son which is, I’m sure, exciting for his family but terrible for the sport.

    And their flaunting of the fact that they are making their own rules in an unsanctioned province looks very very bad on them.

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  24. sean quinn says:

    He is clueless.

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  25. Ammy MMA will be held in Toronto this weekend as well. They will allow children to fight.

    Interview with CASK president:

    Ammy rules include: 8 counts, 10 oz gloves, no leg attacks (except ankle locks)

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  26. Bdc says:

    Quinn good luck tomorrow. What type of ban did you get from fighting on the unsactioned card prestige fc? I know calgary did the 90 days anything else? Thanks dude and again kick sum ass!

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  27. Robin Black says:

    In Ontario, the rules and structures were developed by CASK with pros and the best people.

    Doctors. Brain specialists.

    Thousands of hours of research. Writing. Rewriting. Researching. Rewriting again.

    CASK has worked in amateur combat sports, including amateur with teens, for years and years. They have worked with the Ontario Commission, widely considered one of the most stringent commissions in Canada, for years.

    They’ve learned. They’ve tested. They’ve researched and studied with elite medical professionals.

    They have worked with the OAC, sometimes in a friendly sense, and sometimes in an adversarial sense developing Amateur MMA.

    After ALL THAT, there is finally amateur mma.

    That is HOW ITS DONE.

    Its slow and its challenging. Its frustrating.

    But if you are going to say “we put safety first” then that is what it takes.

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  28. Robin Black says:

    BTW, I personally don’t like the Amateur MMA rules in Ontario. Don’t really like them at all.

    They are not very representative of MMA and I don’t think they lead towards pro at all.

    I think standing 8 counts are stupid in MMA. Ditto no striking the head of a downed opponent.

    But you know what? This is what doctors, legislators and the process has resulted in. This is what the doctors and the legislators has been willing to allow. This is what the experts’ process has resulted in.

    Because this is as far as they are willing to go now safety-wise.

    Its a long process.


    They work within the rules that have been put forth.

    They do not find unsanctioned territories and just do whatever they want.

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  29. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    They also have the backing of the government and started their own PSO for the sport.

    Not relying on grey areas to do whatever they want.

    It was about the development of process and regulation. Sure it might not be perfect, but it’s way closer to reality than anything happening in the 306.

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  30. Robin Black says:

    And yes, much like the primaries at these different organizations that operate in unsanctioned areas, I DO think I could do better.

    But, unlike them, I believe you have to put the sport first and operate within the guidelines of commissions. Even if I don’t agree with them.

    Legislation and safety is their job.

    Media is my job. Selling tickets is a promoters job.

    We need to leave safety and structure to the people who are pros.

    Ya I know we think we’re smarter. But it’s their job.

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  31. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    I’m not a fan of standing 8 counts in MMA at all. No matter what level.

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  32. Donald Duck says:

    Standing 8 counts are a great way to insure that the fighter really does have a concussion. When you think about it this helps some of the doctors at events because after getting knocked down after a standing 8 there can be no doubt.


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  33. Robin Black says:

    I hate standing 8 counts too.

    But we are not rule makers. I’m a media guy. Marc-Andre is a versatile expert. Duck is a…..

    What the hell are you anyway?

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  34. Bring the Pain says:

    Ammy mma in ontario…is sport jiujitsu..or very similar to pankration…its not mma…but you are right robin its a start…i dont like the rules either…but for kids and teens wanting to get into the sport…its a good first step into competiton…my 2 cents

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  35. Robin Black says:


    Its far from perfect but its a start.

    And at least it was developed by the right people the right way through the right channels.

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  36. HK is totally hindering the MMA in Saskatchewan.

    1. Kids fighting, not making weight, very dangerous!

    2. Self sanctioning! all in the best interest of the promotion. Fighter have no medicals! let make them fight anyways. Fighters 10lbs over weight, let them fight anyway. WOW

    3. Cord is not the promoter, Arie traub is and its the Blind leading the blind.

    From what I heard the Saskatchewan Martial Arts over sees amatuer MMA in SK. And have been doing a good job at it.

    I heard they pulled two fights on AJ Scales fight card last month minutes before the walk outs. I also heard fighter didn’t make weight and they were given up to 2 hours to go and make the weight so the fight can go on.

    This is turning into a money grab!

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  37. Donald Duck says:

    I have a brother?

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  38. Mike Lowell says:

    MMA has come so far, finally being accepted into mainstream sports. This junior mma junk is only discredit the sport and give all the haters more ammunition and negative exposure. No matter the rules, you cannot justify junior mma and there isn’t practicing medical doctor wouldn’t agree with me

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  39. ASSASSIN says:

    Duck and his bro are awesome. Attention needs to be paid to these illegal cash grabs in SK. The second someone gets hurt, Fighter or fan, drunk driving, stabbing, ring death, it doesn’t matter, its a huge step back for those in the sanctioned Mma business, as well as fans of the sport.

    The public and fan base must police SK for now. It’s sad these events are even being attended. Pathetic that they think ‘fighters’ with no experience won’t get hurt, and disgusting that these events haven’t been stopped.

    The failure of this system is inevitable, let’s just hope nothing serious happens to mar the hard work of everyone who has helped our sport get to the level it has here in Canada.

    I urge anyone in disagreement with these illegal shows to voice their opinion.

    In fact: info@assassin-x.com

    You email me, I’ll get it in front of the right people.


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  40. Robin Black says:

    Good work Fader.

    This untrained fighters fighting in an area with no commission stuff (this Saskatchewan nonsense) is a huge danger to the sport in this country.

    Great to see people coming together to protect the sport.

    Well done Mr. Fader.

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  41. Mr. Black

    It’s unfortunate that these few MMA Shows in SK are making a bad name for MMA and not helping the sport mover forward.

    I have been to a few shows in Regina that the Sask Martial Arts regulate. From what I could see they really held that promoters to all the rules helping the sport.

    In past shows from what I could see fights are not started until DR are rings side. I notice they have EMT’s ring side ready to do their job.

    I also heard that fights were cancelled due to fighters forgetting to produce all medicals. As fan it was unfortunate but understand that fighter safety is the number one priority.

    I also notice the professionalism of the fighters and their teams! It doesn’t look like any backyard trained fighters on these cards.

    I’m a fan and would like to go to all these events in SK but as mentioned that the fans and public must do their part to help the sport grow.

    Assassin! Thanks, just a fan!!

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  42. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    thats horrible that they have kids who are so far apart in weight. It seems now a days that some promoters care about their show but not mma overall. hk making money off bad made fights might be good for u now,but when mma takes a step back cause of these badly made fights especially young kids then what will u do. MMA is still in the blowing up stages,dont ruin it before it can reach its full world wide potential.

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  43. Bring the Pain says:

    so this whole junior mma fights on this card has been bugging me for a week now because I knew i had read or saw this some where before…and i was right!…i did a little digging and back in 2010 at the soboba casino promoter Ted Williams had put on his show Gladiator Challenge with Herb Dean and Cecil Peoples as Referee’s…on that show they had 11 yr olds Brando Esparza and Josh Heydorn and 14 yr olds Cruz Duke and the Promoters Son Mathew Williams fight in junior MMA…dont know the outcomes or the rules but i do know they wore headgear…shin and instep pads…but wore 4oz mma gloves…in attendance also was Dan Henderson…so this has happened before it was in california…just thought since some were wondering if anyone had done this before….now you know…any thoughts?

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  44. Bdc says:

    Just check youtube if ya wana see if anyone has done it before

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  45. Donald Duck says:

    People should listen to Marcus he has a wealth of knowledge on bad matchmaking, fighters talking themselves in over their head and fighters not showing and taking fights seriously. The man has been kicking around MMA longer than people realize.


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