Hackert Hoping to Thrash Hague Again!


Heavyweight rematch set for MFC 34: Total Recall

Mike Hackert shocked the MMA world with his latest victory.

If he can repeat the feat, it won’t be a shock the second time. It will be a clear-cut message that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Hackert (6-1), the newest fighter signed to the Maximum Fighting Championship’s ever-growing roster, will do the rematch against recent foe Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague (14-6) on the MFC 34: Total Recall card set for Friday, August 10 at the Mayfield Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

The bout will not only be a featured matchup on the HDNet Fights event airing live in the United States and on tape-delay on TSN2 in Canada, but it will also officially mark the re-launch of the heavyweight division in the Maximum Fighting Championship.

Hackert scored a rousing unanimous decision over Hague two weeks ago – a result that stunned most insiders as Hague boasted a significantly better resume heading into the fight. But it was Hackert who dominated throughout, and left Hague calling out for a chance at redemption.

The rematch was a temptation too great to pass up for Hackert, who signed a multi-fight deal with the MFC.

“I’m probably more excited than the first time we fought because I know he’s going to bring it more than he did the first time. I know I would if I had a chance to redeem myself, but I’m going to hit it hard too,” said Hackert, who hails from Comox, British Columbia.

Hackert first got a taste of the MFC as a fan, trekking to Edmonton to see his friend John Alessio in action on a card headlined by a light-heavyweight title fight between Emanuel Newton and Trevor Prangley. He knew instantly that he had found the place he wanted to fight. It was just a matter of getting himself together and being ready for the big step up.

“It’s about me being focused on everything I need to do,” said the 24-year-old commercial diving student.

“I always knew that I had the tools to succeed. It just came down to using them and having my head clear.”

After his initial victory over Hague, Hackert doesn’t see much need to change his game plan. It will be more of the same approach that earned him the decisive win first time out.

“I rely a lot on the fight-or-flight instinct, and I love that feeling,” explained Hackert. “As a heavyweight, because I’m fighting guys who are bigger than me, my only chance is to come out swinging. I have no choice but it’s such a rewarding feeling.”

Tickets for MFC 34: Total Recall are on sale now and are exclusively available through the MFC Ticket Hotline at (780) 504-2024.

45 Responses to “ Hackert Hoping to Thrash Hague Again! ”

  1. MMAPolice says:

    great fight MFC is off the hook

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  2. Bring the Pain says:

    NICE…he wins this time…ill give him no 1 ranking props..

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  3. Wow. Edmonton fans are in for a treat.

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  4. Bdc says:

    Edmonton gave 90 day suspension? Didnt they?

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  5. Mighty Mouse says:

    Although some fans may want to see this rematch, I think Hackert unfortunately got sucked into the “Pavelich Machine” of rhetoric.

    If you were Hackert’s manager, why would you have your guy sign up for this fight? You JUST beat him, why offer the rematch for your next fight? It’s ridiculous and does nothing for his career. It “solidifies” him as being a HW contender? He’s already solidified himself when he beat Hague pillar to post. By Pavelich pumping up the rematch as some shot of “redemption” is bullshit and everyone knows it. He’s doing this so that if Tim does win, he can not look like an idiot for signing him and being embarrassed that he was beat right before his debut. This is sideshow promoter class 101.

    Tim lost a lot of credibility when he lost that fight and he was humble enough to admit that Hackert was the better man. By pumping up the rematch (and he did make comments like “I can think of a fight I’d like to see on the card), he loses credibility by thinking he’s deserving of a rematch without climbing ranks again.

    The Maromo rematch? Lynn deserves the rematch 100%. He beat Mukai convincingly and got screwed.

    Hague rematch? Nobody got screwed.

    Hackert stands to lose a lot more on this fight. Tim knows he will stand and bang, so I’m sure Tim will wrestle him and hump for three rounds using his weight. Tim’s not dumb enough to think he will have better hands in three months. If Hackert wins, nothing happens, HE’S ALREADY BEAT HIM. If he loses, fans will say that’s the outcome when Tim shows up and is on his game.

    And re-launching the Heavyweight Division in my mind is not signing two HW fighters. His HW roster is non-existent.

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  6. true mma fan says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. Donald Duck says:

    @BDC – It’s 84 days by my books but maybe Pat is calculating it differently. Then again Mark did say he was happy with the current commission setup…

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  8. Nathan Swayze says:

    Mighty Mouse, while you have proven that you have a strong grasp of the obvious when pointing out that Mike has potentially more to lose I’m afraid you aren’t seeing the forest for the trees. In fighting your next fight after a big win is always a potential momentum stopper. Im sure it occurred to Tim to take Mike down in the first fight too, If Mike is better than Tim he will win again. This time he has an opportunity to do it on live tv as opposed to only getting exposure from the hard core MMA crowd. (not that he doesn’t love the MMA crowd)the MFC is a bigger stage, and we as a camp are excited for the next stage in his career as I said before the first fight, why not wait watch the fight then decide.

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  9. Nathan Swayze says:

    By the way, I agree 2 fighters does not make a division but you have to sign 2 before you sign 3 etc. and I think #1 & #2 is a good place to start.

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  10. K. RASMUS says:

    This fight is gonna be AWSOME .It makes sense . Fans want to watch this fight . Theirs just not alot of competition in Canada for Heavyweights . Go to a nightclub on friday and its full of big tough guys picking on small drunk guys . But very few big men have the courage to square off in front of large crowd against someone their equal .This is a money fight . I am going for the THRASHING MACHINE

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  11. Bdc says:

    So this event most not be for 3 months or so?

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  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    I have heard Calgary is doing the 90 day thing, haven’t heard nothing about Edmonton.

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  13. Mighty Mouse says:

    @swayze – I can understand and respect your view on it. Best of luck!

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Good fight nice job MFC!

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  15. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Roadhouse,

    I couldn’t agree more, you always have a respectable response for the masses! You guys have any secret weapons coming up to Comox for his training camp or sending Hackert anywhere?

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  16. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Robin,

    You think the Ring will have a bigger impact on the outcome instead of the Cage?

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Interesting point.

    Better opportunities for takedowns in a cage.

    It’ll be even tougher for Tim to get the takedowns in a ring.

    With Tim’s size and weight advantage and good ground game, the top position would be a great place for him.

    But the ring may make that tougher to get.

    So this may play out on the feet like last time.

    If so, it really depends on Tim’s ability to make adjustments and Hackert’s ability to change his looks. Which is tough to do when a guy got to feel your game for 15 minutes.

    Good fight. Very cool.

    Hackert’s biggest advantage is confidence from that win. He also obviously had the edge in striking last time. He’s in shape. He’s mobile.

    Tim has a huge size advantage and needs to make that a factor. He needs to come in better shape. And he needs to make his experience count. He’s pretty good everywhere for a heavyweight, he just needs to perform at a better level than last time (which he is very capable of).

    I’m excited to see this one.

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  18. Bdc says:

    I pat from ecsc is fairly close to the promotors so thats prpb the only reason they havent. Its BS should be everyone doing it or no body. To bad some commisions dont opperate as they should.

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  19. Dean Panas says:

    I asked Pat Reid about any suspensions from Fort Mac. I wanted clarification in case we had opportunities for fighters to fight in Fort Mac and because fighters on the show were looking to fight on a local show in July.
    Pat told me “No Dean. If they followed all proper medicals we recognize their post fight medical suspensions that’s all.”
    It’s good to hear because Sandy runs an awesome show and it’s another top promotion for fighters to fight on and not worried about being suspended, in Edmonton anyways.

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  20. Nathan Swayze says:

    @mighty mouse thx always good to have dialogue and we considered some of the same points @ don’t call me Leon, I think he’s just going to continue to use the partners that have been available on the island-I know he will try to use an opportunity to train with the Zuma team as often as possible, those guys are in my opinion one of the top few camps in Canada and I’ll tag along if I can haha. I have a lot of faith in our community here in the island and I think per capita we have a tonne of talented fighters as well as specialist wrestlers etc. That said he is not typically one to turn down good opportunities so we will see.

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  21. Nighty night says:

    I agree with Mighty Mouse – I am not sure why he would take a rematch with tim. Yes, MFC has the hype from being on TV. But a rematch?

    I still strongly feel that he is an idiot for not dropping to Light heavyweight. There are far more opportunities to fight top notch opponents in that division.

    And to mention, if he is good enough to fight in the UFC. The guys there who are hagues size, are twice as strong, twice as fast, and have twice the stamina. Not to put down hague, Im a big hague fan. Hackerts size will allow him to fight in local circuits with the big boys, when he is in the big show….I think that is a much different story. Take a look at all first time UFC fighters and how many of them make a cut after a fight or two…the statistics speak for itself.

    Go down to lightheavyweight, run through the top ten in Canada, there is no shortage of talent here. It will be much more affordable then having organizations fly in heavyweights from out of country, unless you want to fight heavyweight bums in Canada.

    Thats my two cents. Good luck to both guys, big fans of both

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  22. Bdc says:

    If pat gets the boot i bet ecsc will do the same as calgary. Reid runs stuff to personaly if he likes you or are in business we will not allways do what a commission would do

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  23. Nathan Swayze says:

    To tell the god’s honest truth I think way too much is made of dropping weight as an easier fight. I actually think fighters who have had a couple losses use it to reignite hope for their potential in MMA. Look at some of the guy’s who float among different weight classes and are succesful at all of them. And besides, he has had one fight at HW and he took the #1 spot pretty convincingly, I can’t see how that is supposed to motivate him to hurry up and drop. The option will be there for him to go to light heavy if and when he has trouble at heavyweight if the biggest problem he runs in to is that the guys he is facing in the UFC are proving too large then I think he ought to be relatively happy with the direction his career is taking. Moreover, regarding the rematch, the only way for a fighter to be succesful is to win his next fight no matter who its with. The fact that people don’t know if he should take this fight implies that there are still question marks as to whether he caught Tim off guard or got lucky, he can now help to ease the minds of the doubters than move on to another great opponent whom Im sure will present an entirely new set of challenges.

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  24. Bring the Pain says:

    I agree in part with Nathan its like winning a championship….you might have beat the champ…but to truly know if your the champ…you need to defend that belt…so like i said before if Mike is no1 in canada …prove fight at heavyweight again….good luck to both Tim and Mike…my 2 cents!

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  25. Robin Black says:

    Roadhouse is right- nomatter who you are fighting, it’s really about winning your next fight.

    Great great attitude and philosophy Mr. Roadhouse.

    Having said that, there is not one single natural Light Heavyweight (ie a guy who, with his natural frame, could and should quite easily drop to LHW) but fights heavyweight who thrives anywhere at the top levels. None or essentially none.

    That should suggest that the top people in the world (fighters, their trainers, etc) believe you can thrive under that scenario.

    I get fighting Tim again, and I love the philosophy and confidence.

    Maybe sometime after that LHW will be a natural move.

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  26. Robin Black says:


    “That should suggest that the top people in the world (fighters, their trainers, etc) DON’T believe you can thrive under that scenario.”


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  27. Nathan Swayze says:

    Thanks Robin, although I could mention Daniel Cormier who I believe won his national title at 197 lbs. Fedor Emilianenko who is only around 235 and Randy Couture who did in fact compete at 205. Cormier and Fedor both carry more “soft weight” than Mike and clearly based on frame could make 205 but Cormier, like Mike, had a bad cutting experience and has indicated his reticence to cut again. I could also mention Dan Henderson who many hoped would fill Overeem’s spot vs. Dos Santos and in my opinion would have had a better chance. Interesting discussion though, an extreme example of this is Kenny Florian who competed in 3 weight classes and didn’t necessarily improve in scale with how low he went.

    I think all things being equal size is clearly an advantage, and I think when you encounter bigger, faster heavyweights it would be foolish not to consider the drop but it’s very rare that all things are equal. Typically giving up size gives you a speed advantage etc.

    I would also point out that JDS I believe weighs in around 239 which is only about 9lbs heavier than Mike’s last fight. I actually think there should be a 225 cutoff for a new division just in the interest of fighter’s health. The cuts were getting way out of hand for a few years and not everyone cuts equally. I know I myself would cut from 220-225 down to 185 in around 2 months and would feel like death come fight night, I jumped to 205 and feel waaay better and still hear people say I’m a big 205er so sometimes I think just because you can drop more doesn’t mean you should.

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  28. Robin Black says:

    Those are very very very very unique and special people you mentioned.

    Very very very very special individuals.

    Can you name me any upper middle of the pact human athletes?

    If so I’ll agree that you’re on to something.

    If you’re just gonna cite some of the elite greats that would only make sense if Mike was on of those which is, of course, at most not so and at best too-early-to-tell.

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  29. Nathan Swayze says:

    By the way I hate to argue with the man who gave me my nickname so I will concede at least that we are both right haha.

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  30. Robin Black says:

    You sir are the coolest.


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  31. Nathan Swayze says:

    Valid point Robin, although greatness is the goal of course. The problem with trying to name people who are upper middle is the nature of our sport it’s hard to use them as an example of success because by definition if they are not the elite they are not succesful. I’m not going to say that it’s (dropping) not something we all aren’t aware of, I guess it comes down to where Mike feels the most comfortable. If and when he encounters adversity due to his size he would be foolish not to try to remedy it-we’re just not there yet.

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  32. Robin Black says:

    Dude you speak (type) with some real good sense.

    “the nature of our sport it’s hard to use them as an example of success because by definition if they are not the elite they are not succesful”

    That’s the kinda shit I try to whip out to support my points. Doesn’t always work quite as well for me. (You spelled “successful wrong but that’s irrelevant.)

    Well done sir. I think you just got your blue belt in Internet Fight Nerd Jitsu.

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  33. Nathan Swayze says:

    Haha thanks Robin-I think.

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  34. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Robin

    Are you kidding me? Roadhouse is at least a Purple Belt!

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  35. Donald Duck says:

    Hi Dean, Duck here. Just wanted to comment on something you said:

    Dean – Pat told me “No Dean. If they followed all proper medicals we recognize their post fight medical suspensions that’s all.”

    Does this mean Pat is recognizing promoter run commissions now or is he saying that they have first hand knowledge of how the show was run (tacit approval if you like). This seems to be a very slippery slope for a regulator to get out onto.


    PS – Did Pat know you were going to quote him on that tidbit?

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  36. Robin Black says:

    Maybe Roadhouse has a couple stripes on his blue.

    He seems fairly new to the sport of Internet Fight Nerd Jitsu but he takes to it like a prodigy.

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  37. Robin Black says:

    Also I would suggest after every odd post Swayze makes simply posting-


    as the post immediately after.

    I find it fun and I think he likes it.

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  38. Dean Panas says:


    I asked because I wanted to know what the situation is with Ft Mac. I was talking to Sandy before the show and wanted to try and line up some fights but some people were concerned about a 90 day suspension. There are a few shows coming up and fighters, as well as promoters, need to know if guys are suspended.
    As far as me quoting Pat, I feel it is only fair to share the info I received. He is the Executive Director of the ECSC and I asked a general question that relates to a professional show that involves fighters we look after.
    In hind sight, I should of asked the question before the event happened.

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  39. Ryan W. says:

    I dont think that this is the mfc trying to get hague to avenge that loss. It’s reallya win/win for the MFC and hackert in my opinion.Is hague wins, the MFC has both guys signed, if Hackert wins, MFC has both guys lol.

    If Hackert wins, he just beat tim hague on a huge stage, If he loses, then he still has a dominant win and can drop to LHW with some hype still behind him.

    It’s worse for Hague in my opinion. He has a lot of pressure on him and if he loses, well its back to KOTC for him I think.

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  40. BONGJITSU says:


    its a must read, Robin Black read right to the bottom please…lol


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  41. Bdc says:

    @donnie @dean @robin dont you guys find it odd that a big commision like calgary suspends 90 day and ecsc(pat) who has all types of allegations against him dosent do anything? I just dont really understand how some penalise and some dont?

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  42. Bdc says:

    All i know forsure is the production they put on is a geat one.

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  43. Donald Duck says:

    I dunno Dean (and this doesn’t reflect on you) but the comment can be easily read as the ECSC offering approval for the show. The only other thing it could be is gross negligence.

    For Pat to say they’re will consider recognizing their post fight medicals then either they have first hand knowledge of how the event complied with regulations or they are opting to be blissfully unaware and turn a blind eye.

    I just strikes me as odd that they wouldn’t have a concrete position from day one like Calgary and other commissions where if you fight on an unsanctioned show you get the maximum suspension.


    @BDC – Does this answer your question as well?

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  44. Bdc says:

    You bet ya

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  45. MMAPolice says:

    Go Hackert

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