Top 10 Maple Leaf Match Ups In June


It’s the sunny summer month of June here in the great fight north and it’s not only beers, beaches and bikinis we have to be excited for but also a superb month of fights. With only five professional cards this month, there is still plenty to be excited for as many of the matches this month will have serious ranking implications. As always, this list is reserved for bouts that take place outside the Zuffa fold as those match ups will have their own breakdown as well as being discussed to nauseum on radio. Now without further ado let’s get on to this month’s edition of Top MMA News’ Top Maple Match Ups.

10. Todd Stoute (4-0) vs. Anselmo Gutierrez (2-0)
Instinct MMA 4 –Montreal– June 29
Two burgeoning undefeated Light Heavyweights will face off against each other in the Instinct cage come June 29. Stoute, a member of Shah Franco Martial Arts, has earned three of his wins via TKO stoppage and with a win over Gutierrez could finally crack the nation’s top 10. Gutierrez has yet to reach a full year in pro MMA but has already notched two impressive stoppage TKO wins and is already starting to make a name for himself north of his home country’s border. With Canada’s Light-Heavyweight division fairly stagnant as of late, it’s nice to see two top quality athletes meeting each other in the cage with ranking implications on the line for Stoute. Not only will this fight help sort out the national ranking but it will help Stephane Patry sort out the Light-Heavyweight division in Instinct. Both men may not have tons of career experience but they are experienced enough in the art of the TKO – come June 29 fans in the Pierre Charbonneau Centre will be treated to a beat down.

9. Zach Blaber (6-2) vs. Andrew Buckland (15-9-1)
Aggression FC 9 –Edmonton– June 8
Usually we here at Top MMA News are not big fans of catchweight fights but here we can make an exception as a near top 10 Middleweight meets a near top 10 Light-Heavyweight and, luckily for us, they are meeting in the middle at 195 lbs. Buckland, BFL’s current Middleweight champion, will look to bounce back after a humiliating loss to Jamie Toney, where he not only lost via unanimous decision but also came in 1.4 lbs overweight. “The Burden” Blaber, fighting out of Hayabusa Training Center, has not competed since September 2011 but is currently riding a five fight win streak. This is an intriguing fight for many reasons; can Buckland come back and show he is still a relevant Middleweight? Was the drop back to 170 lbs too much for Buckland and is he now a full fledged Middleweight? Has Blaber been training hard since his last outing? Is Blaber considering a drop to Middleweight? All these questions and more will be answered when these two warriors meet at center cage. If you haven’t picked up a pair of tickets to this great event, count yourself lucky you read this article and get down to the ticket booth at the Shaw Convention Centre and pick ‘em up.

Peter Nolan (photo by Mike Fischl)

8. Peter Nolan (4-0) vs. Cody Donovan (6-2)
Instinct MMA 4 –Montreal– June 29
One of the Light-Heavyweight division’s top up and comers will lock horns with another prospect from south of the border. With Light-Heavyweight matches very hard to come by, Nolan has spent the early part of his career competing as an undersized Heavyweight yet still earning victories in each contest.  Nolan finally made his 205 lbs debut this past April defeating Caleb Grummet via RNC in the first round. Donovan, a Grudge Training Center protégé, hasn’t fought in over twelve months but has earned 5 of his 6 wins via TKO or submission within the first 10 minutes. This fight will be huge test for Nolan but he has plenty of momentum on his side and a win here could propel him into Canada’s top 10 Light-Heavyweight rankings.

7. Denis Kang (34-15-4) vs. Hae Suk Son (3-3)
Road FC 8 –South   Korea– June 16
Canada’s fifth ranked Middleweight Denis Kang will look to get his career back on track when he enters the cage June 16th against Hae Suk Son. Kang will be looking to bounce back from a three fight losing skid losing to Jesse Taylor via submission and Seung Bae Whi and Shungo Oyama via TKO. A former world-ranked Middleweight and perennial top 10 Canadian, Kang needs a big win to rejuvenate his career and prove he is still among the world’s best. Suk Son, a Team Max fighter, is also looking to bounce back from his most recent defeat at the hands of Shungo Oyama. Suk Son has traded wins and losses throughout his young MMA career – with only 6 fights under his belt, he has already tested his mettle against solid international competition including Soa Palelei and Canada’s 10th ranked Middleweight Vaughn Anderson. Road FC is definitely trying to get Kang a win as this match is fairly one-sided, so let’s hope Kang takes the bull by the horns and polishes off Suk Son quickly so he can manage to be in peak condition for the Korean version of Dancing with the Stars.

6. Joe Doerksen (47-16) vs. Joel Powell (4-2)
Aggression FC 10 –Calgary– June 15
You don’t have to like this fight, with Doerksen having 10 times the experience of Powell and being 15 lbs heavier, but you

El Dirte's last victim was Luigi Fioravanti.

can’t dismiss the fact that two top quality Canadian fighters are locking horns in combat. “El Dirte” will be looking to bounce back after a disappointing TKO loss to Brett Cooper late last year and start his 2012 campaign off on the right foot. Powell, a Hamilton, Ontario native, took a break from professional MMA in 2008 but since his return in 2011 has rattled off three wins in a row including a submission over Brandt Dewsberry and a TKO over Advin Omic. This will definitely be a clash of skills as Doerksen enjoys the ground and has no qualms fighting off his back while Powell’s strong suit is his top notch wrestling and will not hesitate to put Doerksen on the mat. Hopefully for the fans’ sake their ground games will nullify each other and we’ll be treated to a stand up bang-a-thon.  If not, we get treated to a world class ground affair, so either way it’s a win, win for ticket buyers.

5. Luke Caudillo (17-16) vs. Thierry Quenneville (15-9)
Instinct MMA 4 –Montreal– June 29
When Quenneville enters the cage on June 29 it’ll have been over two years since the last time he entered a MMA cage for competition. “The Surgeon”, once considered one of the nation’s top Featherweights, has faced some of the world’s best over his 10 year career including Yves Jabouin, Kajan Johnson, Damicio Page, Hatsu Hioki and John Fraser. Caudillo, a member of Grudge Training Center, is a two time UFC and one time Strikeforce veteran. “Lil Hulk” has been on the down swing of late going just 3-7 in his last 10 outings. Given that Quenneville has been absent from the sport for so long and considering Caudillo’s most recent success, or lack thereof, this bout is lining up to be an exciting one. Either Quenneville regains his former form or Caudillo finds his.  When these two long time vets finally square off, a lot will be learned as to how much career each fighter has left in them. With all of Quebec behind Quenneville come June 29, “The Surgeon” will be fuelled by the fans as he looks to reignite his career.

4. Stephen Beaumont (5-0) vs. Evan Sanguin (7-3)
Aggression FC 9 –Edmonton– June 8
The newly formed Aggression Fighting Championship will put their newly minted Lightweight title on the line as Beaumont and Sanguin will lock horns to see who will be the inaugural belt holder.  “Big Bad”Beaumont, fighting out of Legends Training Center, will put his undefeated record on the line when he meets Sanguin. Beaumont already has some big wins over Warren Philips and James Haddad and in five outings he has only been to the judges’ scorecards once. Sanguin, another member of Arashi-Do “2.0”, is another sleeper on the national scene, sure he has three losses but two of them came at the hands of Gavin Neil and Kurt Southern in 2008 and 2007 while his most recent loss (2009) came via injury and he avenged that loss when he returned to the sport two years later. With Sanguin having twice the bouts as Beaumont, this will be a big test for one of AFC’s biggest ticket sellers. With 12 wins between the two combatants and only one decision, there is a very good chance the judges will not be needed in this title fight which means the big winners will be the fans in attendance at the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton.

3. Sean Quinn (7-4) vs. Tyler Davis (7-2)
Evolution FC 12 –Lloydminster– June 2
Two of Top MMA News’ most avid commentators will finally square off in a Featherweight match that has been bouncing around the forums for quite a while. Both men are fresh off impressive victories in May and will be making a very quick turnaround in a bout that could determine a new number ten in the nation’s Bantamweight division. Davis, a member of Arashi-Do “2.0”, has been on an impressive run off late as he is currently riding a five fight win streak and has not lost since March 2010 and that loss was via split decision. Quinn, a member of Siam Kickboxing, recently returned to the sport after a hiatus approaching two years by quickly dispatched newcomer Kyle Oliveira via KO just :22 into their May 18th bout. Quinn rose to forum fandom with his gritty performances against Canadian top contenders Eric Perez, Roland Delorme, Remi Morvan and Nick Denis. With Davis’ win last month over Mitch MacPhee, he proved he was the top Bantamweight prospect from western Canada.  With Quinn’s quick finish last month, he proved he has not missed a beat in two years. Even though they are fighting at 145 lbs, these sharpshooters will meet in Lloydminster to determine who is the top cowboy at 135 west of Winnipeg.

2. Jens Pulver (25-16-1) vs. Stéphane Pelletier (6-1)
Instinct MMA 4 –Montreal– June 29
Canada’s tenth ranked Bantamweight, Stephane Pelletier, will have his chance at a career defining victory when he challenges former UFC Lightweight champion Jens Pulver. Pelletier, Ringside’s former Bantamweight champion, has been on roll as of late defeating the likes of Dimitri Waardenburg and Melvin Blumer. Not only did Pelletier crack the nation’s top ten and win the Ringside title, he also started making trips down to Tristar for training in conjunction with his home base of Juvaldo MMA. “Little Evil” has traded wins and losses since leaving the WEC in 2010 and has gone 4-3 since exiting the big show. However, Pulver will enter the Instinct cage on the heels of a win over Jesse Thorton this past April. Even though Pulver’s best days are obviously behind him, he still poses a stern test for the upstart Pelletier. Pelletier has shown great well-roundedness with fast hands, solid takedown defence and a penchant for submission; that’s an exact description of Pulver’s overall game as well. It’s the young blood versus the old guard and, in the end, fans and media alike will know just how good Pelletier really is.

Martin Grandmont (photo by Mike Fischl)

1. Martin Grandmont (12-6) vs. Brandon Thatch (7-1)
Instinct MMA 4 –Montreal– June 29
Instinct MMA has delivered a main event worthy of the word BARNBUNER, meaning this is the type of match that gets fight fans all riled up and they start torching 19th century livestock housing. Thatch, who fights out of Grudge Training Center, has had an amazing showing in Instinct MMA – dispatching both Jory Erickson and Patrick Vallee in a combined paltry 32 seconds. Grandmont will be looking to return to the win column as he suffered a second round TKO to Pete Spratt last December at an Instinct event. Prior to the loss “The Hammer” was on a three fight win streak including wins over Markhaile Wedderburn and William Sriyapai. Prior records aren’t the reason to invade the countryside with pitch forks and torches, their styles and abilities will be the reason for that. Thatch is a deadly pin point counter striker who has earned all 7 of wins in the first round, 6 of which by TKO/KO in the first minute of action. Grandmont also a counter striker with an incredible ability to exchange in the pocket has earned 9 of his 12 wins via TKO/KO – seven of which came in the first round. When these two potent strikers meet at center cage, fans will witness a quick, decisive and highlight reel finish.  Can Grandmont stop the surging Thatch or will Thatch add another impressive scalp to his mantle?

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  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Quinn vs. Davis is my #1… I had no plans to go to Lloydminster until earlier today! Can’t wait for this fight!

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  2. mike davis says:

    See ya there Cody i am pumped for this fight also its my #1 obviously and completly biased. These are prominate top mma news site users and top teir fighters shows what this community can do and bring in for fight hype also landing and finding fights.

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  3. Frank D says:

    Any other of the those 9 matches should be ahead of any grandmont fight

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Wow some great great fights this month.

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  5. youknowwhoiam says:

    I don’t know why quinn vs davis is so exciting to u ppl quinn is going to walk through davis

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  6. Kylesbrotherisafathobbit says:

    Top maple leaf….. Mmmmmm bacon- Kyle Vivian brother

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    Davis vs. Quinn definitely lived up to it’s billing… helluva fight between those two guys! That fight alone was worth the 5 hour round trip including the blinding monsoon on the way home!

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  8. alex says:

    good to say quinn up there. i didnt think fights outside of weight class effected rankings?

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  9. Tyler Davis says:

    Wow thank you so much Cody. Its comment’s like that. Which make me feel blessed to be able to compete in this sport and do not to shabby in it as well. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you too buy you a beer :( great play by play as well

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  10. Tyler Davis says:

    Also two personal thank you’s to the pretty much the only two guys on this site who thought I had even a chance of winning. Big win don Wilson and Robin “midlife crisis” Black. Thanks for the props boys

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