Luke Harris gets TUF Vet Joseph Henle at MFC 34


Luke Harris will look to take the next step towards the UFC when he takes on former Ultimate Fighter competitor Joseph “Leonidas” Henle in a Middleweight contest. The bout is expected to take place on the main card of MFC 34: Recall at the Mayfield Trade Centre in Edmonton, Alberta and televised on HDNet in the US and on tape delay on TSN2 in Canada.

Harris is coming off a dominant victory over UFC veteran Edwin Dewees in a 195lbs Catchweight bout at MFC 33, a bout in which Dewees came in 13 lbs overweight. Harris has been far busier this year after numerous injuries sidelined him over the first few years of his career. After a loss in his MMA debut, also for the MFC, Harris has racked up nine straight first round submission victories in as many fights, including three wins already in 2012.

Henle enters this bout undefeated in his professional career with a record of 6-0-1. Henle does however have an exhibition loss during his time on The Ultimate Fighter. After defeating Constantinos Philippou by armbar to win his way into the house, Henle suffered a three round unanimous decision loss to Seth Baczynski in the opening round. Henle has won his last three bouts with his most recent coming by split decision over Mike Moreno in January.

24 Responses to “ Luke Harris gets TUF Vet Joseph Henle at MFC 34 ”

  1. MMAPolice says:

    awesome fight go Luke

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  2. booboo says:

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  3. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Thanks for your opinion booboo. After this fight we will see what happens. People wanted Luke to be more active this will be his 4th fight in 2012. Then people wanted him to step up to bigger competition and now he’s fighting an undefeated TUF vet with a win over Costas Phillipou who is running through guys in the UFC. Should be a great fight as I have said before each fight will be a progression for Luke vs. tougher and tougher guys. I’m extremely pleased with how 2012 has gone so far for Luke when it comes to his fighting career. Excited for the future that’s for sure.

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  4. Jerobe says:

    Agreed Kyle. This aint no can Harris is fighting. This will be a very tough fight for Luke.

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  5. Donald Duck says:

    Awesome fight for Luke. An active and winning fighter who is not custom made for Luke’s game. Will be a very interesting match to see and I kind of disagree with Booboo, a solid no nonsense win by Harris could get him a shot on a UFC card. Not a full roster spot but he could be on the ‘short call’ list.

    Kyle if you signed this congrats.

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  6. Cameron McQueen says:

    Good job Kyle. Much better fight than Dewees. You should get in touch with some guy named “WarDog”?? I think he needs some new management. I don’t think I have seen you beg once for a fight on this forum.

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  7. K. RASMUS says:

    The MFC is putting on good fights

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  8. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Nice we made Mr. Duck happy.

    @Cameron thanks I really try my best. I think alot of credit should go to Luke, haha as much as I want to take the credit. He’s a great fighter, sells lots of tickets cause he has a large fan base and the positives can go on and on with the guy. So I think he’s just an easy guy to push to promotions to get on there cards. No joke we could get him a fight every month if we wanted to right now as that is how many opportunities present themself, but now focusing on the right fights. But promoters contact me for Luke weekly. But one lesson I learned after making tons of mistakes is try to be a step or two ahead of what is going on with the fighter’s career. Case in point we already have worked out what is next for Luke after this fight, so we have a plan A, plan B and plan C. I always try to stay quite a bit ahead of what’s going on so there is never a time when a fighter can ask what’s next…and my response is silence. I think some manager’s get a guy a fight and relax but for me what work’s best is stay ahead of that next fight. I also put something in my contracts that says if the fighter is healthy and he goes 3 months with out me landing him a fight the contract can become null and void. To me if he goes 3 inactive months cause I didn’t do my job a fighter should be able to walk no questions asked.

    About Wardog, I think he’s the guy that just fought Hague, please correct me if that is not the guy. But anyone that wants to get a hold of me not on a public forum my email is I hope no one takes offense to this but I should say I’m extremely picky on who I add as a client. I have made lots of mistakes managing and have learned a nice small core group of guys works best for me and that is usually when I’m at my best as a manager. I like having 2 or so guys per weight class. But please email me over information about Wardog and I will take a look if he does not have a manager. I personally think any manager that does not have a partner that is of equal talent as a manager should not have over 20 clients. From my experience once you get over 20 if your for the most flying solo the quality of focus starts to go down. I had 50 clients a couple years back and had no partners and for the most part barely slept and my performance as a manager suffered cause of having too many clients.

    But just beyond myself guys like Jake Hirsch and Robin Black are amazing manager’s who post on here often. Both guys I have worked with before and can’t say enough good things about them. If I was a fighter myself those are guys I would be proud to have as my manager’s that is how good I beliver both guys are as manager’s. So those guys are great options for Wardog as well and any other fighter’s looking for management.

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good fight, Luke’s got this!

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  10. As Joe Leonidas Henle’s manager I’d just like to wish Kyle and Luke the best of luck. Luke is a very talented martial artist and this matchup has the makings for a very exciting fight.

    We are really looking foward to competing in Canada in front of some of the sports most avid fans.


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  11. Jake - JHEG says:

    Thanks for the words Kyle! That endorsement means a lot, especially in this game.

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  12. Gunner says:

    I heard JHEG sneaks in and curls up next to his clients the night before a fight just to stay close and personal with all there needs

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  13. Bring the Pain says:

    Thanx for the vote of confidence guys…as for managing Craig “the WarDog” Hudson…i dont beg for fights…there are just not that many guys available for him to fight…and alot of guys wont fight him…for what ever reason they have…im trying to keep him active…because he wants to fight alot…we are planning a cpl pro boxing fights this fall…also…i will admit im new to managing and am learning along the way…bewn coaching for years…so im still trying to figure outthe best approaches to getting my guys fights….simply stated though alot guys turn down fights with Craig…i have recently had promotions call and ask will Craig fight this guy…will he fight that guy…and Craig has agreed to all…then i get return calls that the opponents or his management wont except the fight…so all we can do is wait in line until something real comes along …hence going back to boxing…Craig will be making his Pro Boxing debut this fall…cheers

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Great fight. Interesting thread. Good times.

    Kyle thanks for saying nice things. Big love.

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  15. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    BTP whats with all the … After every few words? Seems to me like your pausing and searching for words.

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  16. Bring the Pain says:

    Lol sry just a habit from texting so much…using my phone dont realize i do it sometimes…lmao

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  17. Robin Black says:

    It’s just when you have a thought…. Then a different one…. Then you can think about cake…. Mmmm delicious mohito cheesecake…. I had mohitos in mexico…. Mexico is beautiful this time of year…. I wish I could go to this fight…. I hate it when people say ‘its gonna be a war’…. But I think War Dog is a great handle…. I have a dog he’s just little tho…. Rink is little…. Lookin forward to him and Davis’ fight…. Luke vs Henle should be great…..

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  18. Bring the Pain says:

    Haha Robin ;)

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  19. Bring the Pain says:

    In a reality guys …in the upcoming fight cards in canada there just arent heavyweights fighting…1 heavyweight match in AFC 9…thats it. So it seem like begging when asking ti get Craig on an upcoming fight card to some but really its just that …askin if they have a spot available…if it comes down to it which we dont want it to…Craig will start calling guys out…he just wants to fight…hed fight every week if he could…thats the short and the skinny off it!

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  20. mike kent says:

    this is a great fight ! If luke wins this fight he makes it to the UFC

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  21. MMAPolice says:

    MFC just signed Mike Hackert WOW

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  22. Mighty Mouse says:

    MMAPolice = Mark Pavelich

    yes Mark you did just sign Hackert, thanks for posting under yet ANOTHER name. Genius.

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  23. Nighty night says:

    As far as managers.

    A word to the wise. If you are a “manager”, recruiting athletes. Ensure you have the appropriate grammer and learn how to write out a proper sentence. It may seem old fashion, but looking professional is important. The amount of “managers” in the fight game is incredible. No school, no past business relations, just a few guys with a passion for the fight game calling themselves managers. Does this add up? 90% of these guys have no background in any type of business relations.

    The “who you know” aspect of managing locally is incredibly important. For that reason only, some of these managers get away with it. But come on, conduct yourselves like professionals then. You are already doing a job you are probably not capable of so at least play the part and act professionally.

    I am astounded by the sheer lack of business sense and professionalism by some local managers. Fighters truely put their hopes and dreams into a guy who previously changed tires, worked on an assembly line, or maybe spent a few years in an office doing virtually nothing that would qualify him as a legit manager. Do not twist my words, I never disrespected any of those jobs. But there is a reason a person is there, 95% of the time its because of lazyness.

    Be careful who you choose as a manager. Look into their background, what they do for a living and then ask what credentials they have, or why they feel as though they should represent you and be in charge of your goals and dreams

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  24. I’d agree with many of nighty night’s sentiments. Many managers are under qualified or have entered into the business with the wrong motivations. The problem exists for a variety of reasons but at the end of the day it’s an individual decision. A fighter has to feel secure with whom he/she gives the reigns to. Sometimes that person is just a family member, friend, or someone at the gym. Since most fighters come into MMA lacking the credentials to attract representation, these individuals may be the only options a fighter has when they are still making peanuts. Although, I have seen fighters with ample options make horrible decisions as well.

    Outside of their training camp I think selecting management is one of the most important decisions a fighter will make. It’s imperative to make sure the person at the helm has the education and practical aptitude to take on such a big responsibility.

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