Canadian Rumour Mill – May 28


Well that was a wild UFC weekend. I guess my girl Arianny got into some trouble on the weekend, maybe that’s why she was MIA for the first 2/3 of the show. Also, it seems like Dana really doesn’t like adolescent antics of Mayhem, he got cut again. I’m guessing you’ll see him fight Kendall Grove at ProElite next. Finally, it was a great moment seeing that little boy being brought to the UFC and into the ring by Junior Dos Santos, he seems like a genuine good guy with a big heart.

  • So last week I let you know about the letter sent to the Mayor of Edmonton by a senior group of Edmonton officials. Well this week I received a letter that the “Black Prince” Mark Pavelich sent to the Mayor of Edmonton in response to the initial complaints. Here are some excerpts from that letter:
    • “the business leaders in combative sports who should be communicating with City management if there is a problem with the Commission, not a handful of disgruntled officials.  Currently MFC is satisfied with the Commission and its operations contrary to what the City is hearing from a very small group in the sport in Edmonton.”
    • “These current complainers know the city has to follow up with their complaints, so their strategy is to complain over and over and try to destabilize the relationship between the city and the Commission.  City managers should not be fooled and should not waste much time dealing with them.  If there are serious complaints to be heard, they will be brought to the city’s attention by the business leaders, not the lunatic fringe.”
    • “at times of course there will be differences but very easily resolve. I think the current commission has finally showed great organization skills and leadership which has been massively lacking in the past. I believe that’s the factor behind the idiotic complaints and grievances.”

So to summarize;

    • Mark Pavelich feels that the current commission is an improvement over previous commissions, and is satisfied with the ECSC.
    • Complaints are coming from a handful of disgruntled officials, who will use bureaucracy to destabilize the Edmonton-ECSC relationship.
    • If there are valid complaints, they will be brought forward by the promoters/business leaders.
    • He does not like the officials that are complaining.

Basically, ignore the fringe, we are satisfied, keep on truckin!

  •  Don’t look for Josh Powell to be fighting anytime soon, Josh has a regular steady job and will be focusing on that.
  •  JUNIOR MMA, yup it’s coming. Christian Crowthers, the 12-year-old son of Hard Knocks fighter Charmaine Tweet will fight 14 year-old Roark Franke out of Estevan, with modified junior MMA rules at Hard Knocks 24 in Estevan, Saskatchewan on June 1.
  • Former #3 ranked Lightweight Guillaume DeLorenzi is looking for a fight after recovering from injuries. Il Toro seemed to be headed to the UFC prior to his medical and injury issue.
  •  Elite 1 MMA next MMA event “Redemption” will be at the Redball Internet Centre on July 28th in Moncton. Ricky Goodall will challenge Richard Arsenault for the promotions WW title.
  •  Also, look for Elite 1 MMA to setup Matt MacGrath vs. Nabil Khatib at 170lbs.
  • Lyndon Whitlock is wanting a big fight and has been even willing to take a big pay cut to make that happen. It seems like Whitlock’s team has approached promotions wanting to take on the challenge of Adam Lorenz. Will a promotion make this big fight happen please?
  • Tim Smith vs Shane Campbell will be for the vacant Unified MMA Welterweight belt.
  • Score is bringing some great fights… Josh Hill vs John Fraser, Adrian Wooley vs Bo Harris and Robert Thomas, the kickboxer mentioned last week, is facing Jeff Sharkey. When will the show be held? Don’t ask me, lol.
  • UPDATE: Aggression FC is awaiting a response from Brad Cardinal’s camp on a possible fight against Jason Saggo for their June 15th card

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24 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – May 28 ”

  1. Gossip Queen says:

    Update: Just received an email from a reader about a Brad Cardinal vs Jason Saggo rumour. I threw it in today’s column rather than wait until next Monday.

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  2. MAS says:

    Syd Barnier tentatively match on the score as well:)

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  3. M.F.M. says:

    Whitlock vs. Lorenz would be a sweet matchup, love to see it!

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  4. Underling says:

    The makeup wearing, former male stripper is calling others the “Lunatic Fringe”??
    Maybe he’s got a “sweet deal” going with Patty Cakes… And, God knows, so long as Mucky Mark is satisfied, then all is well in the world. Please! This “commission” is the laughing stock of the combat sport regulatory world.

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  5. Sean McManus says:

    This doesn’t deserve any recognition? One of our own locals fighting for an ‘international title fight’ somewhere across the pond.!/photo.php?fbid=223892607728695&set=o.119669774828451&type=1&theater

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  6. smash says:

    @Sean, you are being sarcastic right?

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  7. Sean McManus says:

    hay man, that guy paid his dues he’s 0-1-0 he certainly deserves an international title shot…don’t you think? The type of mentality to get mopped all over the floor by local white belts, tuck tail and never show face and then try and dupe another club into letting him ‘trane ufc’ for free because he knows peeps and get called on it publicly and then for the better part have to ‘trane ufc’ in a bro’s basement and then still be silly enough to fight for a promotion who would throw a title shot at him deserves some type of recognition, no? WAR Joff.

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  8. Sean McManus says:

    so indeed yes – the sarcasm was thick.

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  9. Donald Duck says:

    who said what now?

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  10. harry balls says:

    Sean , let’s go enjoy that fight . Then we will go hug some snakes. WE WILL HUG AND KISS SOME POISONOUS SNAKES!

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  11. booboo says:


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  12. Mike Davis says:

    Jordan Mein vs Tyler Stinson for Rockhold Vs Kennedy

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  13. Mike Lowell says:

    Is there ‘junior mma’ anywhere else in Canada? Do any U.S states have such a thing? Something just isn’t right about have minors fight, even with protective gear and rules. Developing brains should not have contact to their heads in any competitive combat sports. But if irresponsible parents want to put their children in harms way, go ahead, just expect a call from child services for child endangerment, which it is

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  14. MKB says:

    Ummmmmm…….ever hear of amateur boxing?

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  15. josh machan says:

    Mike, minors are allowed to box and never get protective services called on their parents. I don’t see why they would for mma

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  16. MMA Scoop says:

    Cote vs. Cung Le next UFC!!!

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  17. josh machan says:

    Jordan mein and Rory MacDonald are the only 2 minors I can remember watching. I think they both turn out okay.

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  18. Cody Rempel says:

    Mein and MacDonald were 16 not 12 and 14… I personally think that’s a little too young, there’s lots of other martial arts competitions they can compete in to get their feet wet before jumping into MMA.

    Does anyone know what these modified junior rules are?

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  19. josh machan says:

    12 is pretty young. What are the modified rules?

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  20. rick pfeifer says:

    it says in the artical no striking to the head at all so really its a pancration match just under the lights of the big stage

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  21. josh machan says:

    They would probably be doing pancration anyway at competions. Probably will be a huge benefit getting that kind of experience in front of a crowd

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  22. Mike Lowell says:

    Having your children participate in sports is great, but wanting your 12 year old learn how to hurt someone at such a young age, just to be the toughest on the playground, is starting your child down the wrong road. I stress the importance of education to my kids, while you will be setting your kid up for a long life of being in and out of prison. Be proud of having your kids walk in the footsteps of a guy like showtime. Good luck with your amateur boxing and sparring. You prove some people should not be parents

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  23. Donald Duck says:

    Mike Lowell – but wanting your 12 year old learn how to hurt someone at such a young age

    If this is what you think MMA is than I’d suggest you don’t truly understand the sport.

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  24. MMA Fan says:

    Amateur boxing, partial contact karate, tae kwon do, amateur wrestling, kickboxing…. these kids start young! But MMA… there’s so many other variables, there really needs to be some modifications needed for safety in the early years.

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