Canadian Welterweight Rankings – May 2012


It has been a while since we ranked our Welterweights and a lot has changed.  John Alessio and TJ Grant have both dropped out of the division to focus on Lightweight, so two Canadians get to join the top 10 in their absence.

Here is the Top 10:

Top Canadian Welterweight Rankings
1. Georges St-Pierre (22-2) – Previous Rank (1) – Canada’s top fighter has not fought in a while as he has been nursing injuries.  Look for GSP to return later in 2013 at either the UFC Toronto or Montreal cards.  Next fight: TBD

2. Rory MacDonald (13-1) – Previous Rank (3) – After recovering from injuries that prevented him from facing Brian Ebersole at UFC 140, Rory MacDonald smashed the promising Che Mills.  After that incredible display of vicious ground and pound, Rory leapfrogs Claude Patrick in these rankings.  How about facing Ebersole next?  Next Fight: vs TBD.

3. Claude Patrick (14-2) – Previous Rank (2)– Incredibly, The Prince’s unbeaten streak was approaching ten years until he lost to Brian Ebersole at UFC 140 and he lost that fight by the slimmest of margins – a split decision. Patrick was to face Rich Attonito on the card before stepping up in competition once MacDonald was injured.  Patrick drops one spot with the loss.   Let’s hope Patrick goes on another nine year win streak!  Next fight: vs James Head at UFC 149 on July 21.

Mein goes for a ride

4. Jordan Mein (24-8) – Previous Rank (4) – Mein stays at #4 despite losing to Tyron Woodley this past January at Strikeforce.  Woodley is a stud wrestler who would give must on this list from #4 down problems and he will most likely become Strikeforce’s next Welterweight champ.  No shame losing to him.  Now 9-1 in his last ten fights, Mein must get back on the winning road.  It sounds like that road will be on a Strikeforce card this summer.  Next fight: TBD.

5. Ryan Ford (18-4) – Previous Rank (8) – Ford starts 2012 on a two fight win streak by beating Luis Santos and Ricky Goodall.  His most recent fight against Santos show Ford’s resiliency.  After being rocked in the first round, Ford rebounds in the second to finish Santos, a veteran of almost 60 fights.  It was comeback of the year material and left Top MMA News eager to see him back in the Bellator cage. Next fight: vs TBD.

6. Chris Clements (11-4) – Previous Rank (9) – A big win over Rich Clementi finally got The Menace to the show.  At UFC 145, Clements Rockin’ Robined his way to a split decision win over Keith Wisniewski for his debut win in the UFC.  Like Ford, Clements is the biggest mover this rankings period and moves up three spots up this list.  Next fight: vs TBD

7. Sean Pierson (11-5) – Previous Rank (7) – After beating Matt Riddle in his UFC debut, Pierson has had some extremely tough opposition. First he faced Jake Ellenberger and then Dong Hyun Kim.  Now he is up against Jake Hecht in June.  Let’s hope Pierson gets back on the right track with a W! Next fight: vs Jake Hecht at UFC on FX 3 on June 8.

Alex Garcia with the choke

8. Nordine Taleb (8-1) Previous Rank (NR) – The French-born Taleb moved to Canada with his girlfriend many years ago and started training at Tristar.  Under our Fabio Holando rule, Taleb is in the process of becoming a citizen and that makes him eligible for this list and what a great addition Nordine is!  A dominant win over Pete Sell, followed by two Bellator victories sealed his debut at number 8.  One has to wonder if Ford and Taleb are both being considered for Bellator’s next Welterweight tourney – they are teammates at Tristar now.  Next fight: vs TBD.

9. Alex Garcia (7-1) – Previous Rank (10) – Like Taleb, Garcia’s last win was over Matt MacGrath.  While it took Taleb two rounds to get the win, Garcia was able to KO the same opponent in 34 seconds.  The put Alex back in the win column as he lost his first fight ever to Seth Baczynski in his previous fight.  Next fight: TBD.

10. Derek Medler (7-0) – Previous Rank (NR) – Medler has reeled off seven consecutive wins against progressively tougher and tougher opposition.  Surprisingly, the former football standout did not fight on Armageddon Fighting Championships latest card after appearing on AFC 1 through 7 before that.  Next fight: TBD

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – TJ Grant was 6th (dropped to Lightweight), John Alessio was 5th (dropped to Lightweight)

Just out of Top 10 (in no order):
Brandt Dewsbery (9-1-1)
Sheldon Westcott (6-1-1)
Joel Powell (4-2)
Ryan McGillivray (12-6-1)
Andrew Buckland (14-8-1)
Advin Omic (11-3)

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24 Responses to “ Canadian Welterweight Rankings – May 2012 ”

  1. Oilcity says:

    Pretty sure ford is in bellator tourney starting September and neon should be a head of Patrick fo show

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  2. @oilcity… Who is Neon?

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  3. Adam Lorenz says:

    Probably a Mein autocorrect Keith.

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  4. Oilcity says:

    Oops stupid spell correct lol ment mein although Patrick’s loss to ebersole could have went either way!! Wish we could see mein in UFC!!! Would have been great for card in calgary

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  5. j says:

    Clements should be ahead of Ford but otherwise dead on. Clementi and Wisniewski are much bigger wins than what Ford had. Plus Menace would smash Ford!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  6. Ed Hardy says:

    Pierson should be higher despite those losses to very tough opposition. I would have him beating Clements, ford and in a fight. He’s the second best and accomplished wrestler on that list

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  7. Ryan T says:

    Clements should be a head of Ford. Bigger wins and more dominating wins. Ford should be ahead of Pierson though for the same reason. His wins are over bigger names.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  8. @j … I agree that Ford and Clements are neck and neck.
    @oilcity… Patrick was undefeated for over 9 years and then lost a very close split decision after winning his first three UFC fights. I am a fan of Mein, but I don’t see any argument where he should be higher ranked than Patrick.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  9. Bdc says:

    Great rankings some great canadians in this weight class

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    Clements > Ford, great rankings otherwise!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  11. somemmafan says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

    Poorly-rated... Thumb up 1 Thumb down 12

  12. Tip Top says:

    Clements has never been KOed for 1. And better opponents WHAT??? Goulet, Briere, Clementi and Wisniewski are much bigger wins than what Ford has in his last four fights. Ya the beat Santos thats awesome Ford is a beast I agree with that but Clements as of late has done more. Especially considering Ford just lost in the first round to Davids Huellet. Then he beat Ricky Goodall. No offence but goodall not near same level. Nobody is being a “hater” on Ford they stew just stating the facts.
    I don’t see how this site can have Ford ahead of 9lements and Jordan Mein should be ahead of Claude Patrick

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  13. Guns Loaded says:

    Ford has had a lot more fights.

    I think beating Caro,Spratt,Speer,Santos, are all tough guys to take out. I just don’t see Chris having the experience to be ahead of guys with more fights.

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  14. JGEE says:

    Clements is the man Fords got nothing on him!

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  15. Guns Loaded says:

    Glad u feel that way :) after chris has 8 more fights we will see who’s standing.

    The top 10 are all talented

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  16. woodrow says:

    i also think clements is ahead of ford

    clements has bigger wins than ford and is in the big show while ford is not. The times of comparing these two are the past as long as ford stays in bellator and mency is in the ufc!!!!

    i have clements, pierson then ford in order

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  17. Ryan T says:

    Guns loaded… What does # of fights have to do with rankings. Look at Claude Patricks record and Rorys record they both have 8 less fights then Ford. Does that mean ford should be above them?

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  18. Ryan T says:

    Jordan has 8 more fights than GSP. Maybe he should be #1

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  19. Mike Davis says:

    Jordan Mein vs Tyler Stinson for Rockhold Vs Kennedy

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  20. JVD says:

    Great to see Medler in the top 10 ! Dude is a beast !

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  21. This is wrong says:

    This is just an aweful review of the top 10 fighters. The fact that Mency is below Ryan Ford in these rankings shows a true lack of knowledge. The only debate is why Mency not higher. One inept argument that I saw was Ford had more wins. So from the argument of records lets expand this and push the numbers which must be done in any situation like this.
    Clements opponents are better than those that Ford has faced. Clements has fought more UFC vets, beat more UFC vets and has more wins on bigger stages. Clements opponents have a higher winning percentage by 7% then do Fords opponents. Since Clements has fought tougher guys and beaten them your argument is flawed and in Clements favour.
    The second argument about finishing fights, is flawed. Clements has finished better caliber fighters including Brier – Mency was the first to beat or KO him, Clementi only been KO twice before Clements finished him and for the first time ever in the biggerst stage in the world was the only time he didn’t knock out his opponent.
    Your only as good as your last fight – I know some believe this so while Ford was losing his fight on all 3 judges scorecards Clements was in the UFC earning another win to his record.
    I work out at the same place where Clements trains and I am confident that he would be number 3 or 4 on this list. His only flaw that you could argue is his wrestling. He is too big and strong to submit, as ju jit su wiz Rich Clementi learned before he got knocked out. When his last opponent thought he has Clements back he almost got knocked out by this prenominal athlete with lethal hands.
    I appreciate all your work on this site but Clements deserves what he has earned.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 3

  22. oilcity says:

    Clements better opponents? Brier better caliber opponent are you serious thats laughable his wrestling is his week point you say well thats ford strong point. spratt,paryisan and santos are top caliber fighters. All the respect to chris hes the man but Ryan Ford is better than most of the people on this site give him credit. Whether he was down on judges scoree cards dont mean SHIT cause all that matters is whos hand gets raised at the end. Poor santos one the first round but in the second he got KTFO period. Paryisan was winning maybe could have been a tie but Ford busted him wide open. Just dont understand why Ryan dosnt get more credit he is with tristar now aask some of them what they think of Ryans skills and potential. Good luck to Chris Siyar is one tough dude gonna be a great fight. All this a side and the fight wont happen obviously but wouldnt Chris vs Ryan make for one hell of an exciting fight

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  23. Lucy says:

    Hello Olicity. I feel like you raise some credible arguments. This site should help reinforce your point.

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  24. Oilcity says:

    Lmfao that’s funny

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