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This week on Top MMA Radio, Steve Fader from Assassin Fight Wear and Aggression FC comes on the show to talk about AFC 10. Fader talks about the June 15th main event between Joe Doerksen and Joel Powell and a newly signed fight between Advin Omic and Nick Hinchliffe. Fader goes on to discuss the rest of the card as well as a potential Ryan Machan fight.

Also on this week’s show, Keith talks about his experience in Fort McMurray at Prestige FC IV and the boys make their predictions on the upcoming UFC 146 card.

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21 Responses to “ Steve Fader Talks Aggression 10 on Top MMA Radio ”

  1. David letourneau says:

    Great interview and general chats. After my fight with rod two things went through my mind immediately was I need to call my wife and tell her i am ok and secondly before my arm was even raised was a feeling of sadness as I knew I had a broken rib and would not be able to compete against brad Cardianl which is sad because brad and I have been training to fight each other since october of last year. I know I am I huge underdog but I also know I possess all the tools to not only compete with brad but to beat him.

    I feel Rod was a tougher fight then the Cardinal fight because rods wrestling is very good and he has that one punch knockout power, Its too bad at this time were not fighting but its a long road and at some point were going to cross paths. Montoya and the miletage boys thought I was an easy win lets hope for the rest of the 55 division they now know if your gonna fight Dave Letourneau you better be ready to go everywhere as I sure as hell will! Good luck Steve Fader all your hard work is paying off huge.

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  2. Bring the Pain says:

    Just because Hackert had a great fight against Tim doesnt make him No 1 Heavyweight…beat a cpl more Heavyweights and ill definitly agree….1 fight doesnt give you top ranking…Hackert did a fantastic job at beating Tim…but No1 not in my books beat 2 to 3 more heavies…and ill give him props on that…until then hes 1-0 as a heavy…thats it …thats all…

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  3. Bdc says:

    With rankings if you beat someone you take their spot. Usually that match up wouldnt have happened where an o-o hw is put up against the #1 hw tho.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Hackert had a good mma record of 4-1 going into his fight with Tim Hague, 2 good wins (Ryan Janes & Dan MacIver) and an ammy win over Derek Medler. Now a win over Hague, his previous MMA creds + that = #1 HW

    1) Hackert
    2) Hague
    3) Fortin

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  5. TimHague says:

    He beat me, i dont want the #1 spot anymore. I would feel like a phony. Mike deserves it till someone beats him.

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  6. Bring the Pain says:

    Tim i appreciate what your saying…but hes only 1-0 as a heavyweight…again until he beats a few more…or even 1 or 2 more in top 5 than imo i would consider him No 1….if Craig had beat you i wouldnt have called him No1…top 5 maybe…so its just my opinion…but i know im not the only one who thinks this way….im sure there five other heavyweights out there that agree with me…

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    Tim was by far and away the Top HW in Canada, by Hackert winning convincingly Hackert is now #1.
    Also don’t disregard Hackert’s previous wins/record. Its the same as when FW, BW, LW move up or down. They’re record at their previous weight means something (ie. Jabouin, Denis, Alessio,etc)

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  8. Bring the Pain says:

    Thats like sayn werdum became No1 heavyweight in world when he beat fedor…or lesnar when he beat mir….no chance….sry bobby on this one a disagree…no if hackert fought fortin and won then i could agree…hes beat 1 and 2 in canada your arguement would have mote weight…but realistically…his pro record is 5-1…his heavyweight record is 1-0 regardless of who he beat….

    It is my opinion…

    So lets agree to disagree….;)

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  9. Mike Davis says:

    Crazy I LOVED THE IFL man had some amazing events! have tons of events on dvd i burned couple years ago.

    Big Win your high thinking Mir has made improvements on stand up, he looked great the first fight against Nog standing with his hands. His last Nog fight he looked terrible standing I think he went backwards on his stand up and give him no more than a round.

    Struve is one of the worse IQ fighters in the game and cannot make a good game plan and follow it he will try stand with Lavar and eat big shots and get knockedout quick in the first round just cause he cannot fight safe in any of his fights.

    Cain will smash Bigfoot quick by TKO

    Nelson will win a dec.

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  10. Mike Davis says:

    I actually got Horodecki to sign my WEC edmonton Promo with a ANACONDAS sig lol

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Beating no 1 makes you number 1.

    Also, beating number 1 when you went UP in weight makes you double number 1 in my books.

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  12. Oilcity says:

    Ummm when fedor list to werdum fedor definitely was not 1 sorry bud. That’s funny

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  13. Demitri (trev) says:

    BTP – if Hague was neck to neck with another heavyweight then I would agree. It wasn’t like Hague was arguably number 1. He was number 1 by a very long shot. It was him, then halfway down the mountain was fortin.

    Hackert is the new number 1. Like robin said, moving up weight classes at only 3-1 to fight hague. That’s incredible

    I would love to see fortin vs Hackert. Hague is a big boy, but it’s something else dealing with a guy who is 6’8. Ideally I would like to see Hackert down to 205 and fight bosse or hollet.

    If Hackert wants UFC, stepping to light heavy is the smartest. Many great opponents to fight. Even valimacki for the lhw aggression title. Bosse and hollet as mentioned, chemelli, Lewis, drysdale, and a few other good names on the Canadian circuit.

    Good luck Hackert

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  14. Bring the Pain says:

    I agree in part…but imo 1 heavyweight fight doesnt make you no1 no matter who you beat…to many variables..

    Even 1 more fight at heavyweight and a win….i could agree Hackert can hang with the big boys…im not taking anything from Mike he had a game plan against Tim and stuck to it….

    But you are right…@ 205 i could see Hackert doing great things in mma…

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  15. Bring the Pain says:

    @ 205 i would like to see Hackert vs Nolan….Hackert vs Cirkunov…

    Those would be good 205 tests for him…

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  16. Demitri (trev) says:

    The more I think about it the more I want to see aggression put Hackert vs valimacki for the title.

    And BTP – if Hackert went in there and threw one punch and ko’d Hague I would agree with you. But he beat Hague for 15 straight minutes. No luck, no fluke, just a pure win

    You have a heavy weight your real proud of. I think the rest of us could agree that your judgement and opinion has something to do with it after your guy put on a good showing vs Hague but ultimately lost. Be careful you dont comment from emotions, this bored will eat you up on that. War dog will get another chance I’m sure

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  17. Bring the Pain says:

    Again i agree…but but im lookin at this from a different angle…if Craig had of beat Tim…i wouldnt consider him no1…top 5 yes….not sayin Hackert didnt pick apart Tim…its was a magnificent showing for him….i would be more along the lines to agree hes no 1 …a) if hed faught at heavyweight all along…b) if he beats anothe top heavyweight….thats all im saying…im not taking anything away from mikes performance at all

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  18. Adam Lorenz says:

    BTP – you might be saying that because your guy didn’t beat Tim…if he did it could be a different story.

    If Eric Koch beats Aldo he is #1, if Condit beats GSP he is #1, if Henderson beats Jones he is #1. That is how it works in my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own though of course.

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  19. booboo says:


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  20. Demitri (trev) says:

    If GSP went to middle weight and dominated silva for five
    Rounds. You can’t say that GSP is not the best middle weight in the world. Because he just beat the guy who was the clear cut man for years in the division. Even though he was welter, he definitely just became number 1 in middle weight

    Same as Hague. He’s been the man there for what, 4 or 5 years?

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  21. Demitri (trev) says:

    Might I point out, he is still the man, I guess just not number 1. Hope to see him get back to winning form though. He gets some undeserved heat

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