Instinct MMA Conference Call – News and Updates on Instinct MMA 4 & 5


Stephane Patry from Instinct MMA called a press conference today to discuss a number of things:

  • Instinct MMA 4 will be held on Friday, June 29 at the Pierre Charbonneau Centre.
  • Renato “Babalu” Sobral will fight Steve Bossé in the fall.  Contract stipulates that the fight could occur between Sept 1 and Oct 15.
  • Reason for moving venue to Pierre Charbonneau Centre is because fewer tickets will be sold due to Bossé’s injury.
  • Instinct MMA 4 will be on tape delay the next day in Canada do to contractual issues and live in the US.
  • Babalu vs Bossé will be the main event of their fall show.
  • In the coming weeks, Babalu will address media at a press conference.
  • At the same press conference, the new Instinct MMA team will be introduced.
  • Will be at Ring of Fire in Colorado and could finalize a deal that will make Instinct MMA a larger player in North America.
  • Stephane Patry asked for his own license and received it from the Quebec Athletic Commission.  Previously, Instinct MMA’s license was under a company called Leodari Entertainment Group he co-owned with George Papamikidis.
  • Instinct will come back and hold six shows between the fall of 2012 and 2013.  Some big and some smaller.  Shows in Aruba and Denver are being considered.
  • Tickets for Instinct MMA 4 will go on sale next week.
  • DirectTV and inDemand will broadcast the Babalu vs Bossé card.  This will help advertising and sponsorship for Instinct MMA fighters.
  • Martin Grandmont will fight Brandon Thatch in the main event of Instinct MMA 4 on June 29.
  • Jens Pulver will face Stephane Pelletier in the semi-main event of Instinct MMA 4.
  • Luke Caudillo will face Thierry Quenneville.
  • Todd Stoute, Peter Nolan, Mandell Nallo, Derek Gauthier,
  • Grandmont stated that unlike Thatch, he did not have a father train him since he was 5. In fact, he does not have a father at all.
  • Thatch states he is does not talk trash and is very respectful.  He does have a father who has trained him since he was 5 and it is a big advantage.
  • Grandmont had a double cracked larynx sustained in the Pete Spratt fight.  He is fully recovered and is training harder than ever.
  • Todd Stoute has made mistakes.  I am 1000% behind him. He is dedicated to martial arts and to Instinct MMA.  Todd will address this in future interviews.
  • Instinct MMA 4 card:  Brandon Thatch vs Martin Grandmont
    Luke Caudillo vs Thierry Quenneville
    Jens Pulver vs Stephane Pelletier
    Todd Stoute vs Anselmo Gutierrez
    LLoyd Galindo vs Derek Gauthier
    Derek Parker vs Strahinja Gavrilovic
    Peter Nolan vs Cody Donovan
    Chris Frank vs Yves Lemelin
    Johan Croes vs Frank Marques
    Matt Long vs
    Remy Bussieres vs
    Mandel Nallo vs
    Alex Laramee vs
    Guy Poulin vs

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