Hard Knocks 23 Weigh-In Results


Hard Knocks held their weigh-ins today in Calgary.  All fighters made weight with the exclusion of Wolfgang Janssen.

Hard Knocks 23 will be held at a new venue – the Subway Soccer Centre located at 7000 – 48 Street S.E.   If you are in Calgary, you can purchase tickets from TicketPro.  If you are not in town, check out the fights for $10 on Internet PPV.

Here are the weigh-in results:

Pro Card
Jared Milko (170.5lbs) vs Paapa Inkumsah (171lbs)
Julius Huhs (153.5lbs) vs Dia Grant (156lbs)
Mike O’Neill (146lbs) vs Jesse Arnett  (145.5lbs)
Wolfgang Janssen (148.5lbs)* vs Jesse Veltri (143.5lbs)
Cory Knipe (209lbs) vs William Hatch (211lbs)

Amateur Card
Zach Manywounds (186.5lbs) vs Kevin Lagasse (191lbs)
Keegan Oliver (124.5lbs) vs Blake Sigvaldason (124.5lbs)
Ryan Shanahan (204.5lbs) vs Phil Towler (203lbs)
Randy Mahon (166.5lbs) vs Elvis Vukaj (170lbs)
Matthew Norman (204.5lbs) vs Cody Clarke (204lbs)
Robin Combs (134.5lbs) vs Kris Pomerleau (136lbs)
Dan Westbrook (185lbs) vs Jason Reid (183.5lbs)

* Janssen doesn’t make weight and sacrifices 25% of his purse to Veltri

8 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 23 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    25%? I thought industry norm was 20%.

    Does anyone know if the new rules will be used for this event?

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  2. Joe Doerksen says:

    20% is all I’ve ever seen or heard of. But Calgary commission may have different rules. As long as it’s in the contract, guess there’s nothing wrong with it.

    Think when I was in Japan you lost 30 for missing weight, but can’t remember anymore

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  3. booboo says:

    Didnt Travis Brier lose 40% with KOTC LAST MONTH ? Glad to see some promo s holding the fighters responsible . They need to b alot more stricter on guys who NEVER MAKE WEIGHT LIKE SHOWTIME AND TAKE 50% , AND MABE HIS FAT ASS MIGHT MAKE WEIGHT AND QUIT DISRESPECTING THERE OPPONENTS !

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    Isn’t it the commission that fines the fighters and not the promoter?

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    ^ The commission sets the fine and can award it in whole or in part to the opponent taking the other part if they want for a fine.

    I don’t see why a poromoter couldn’t set their own fine as well and save money paying the fatties. There may or may not be rules about that in different places.

    It will be so much easier for everyone to understand when there is a national standard and provincial commissions everywhere.

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  6. Donald Duck says:

    – I had always assumed that the amount fined went to the fighter who made weight. I was shocked the first time I saw the commission pocket the money.

    – I think a promoter should have fines in addition to what the commission sets. For chronic weight missers (no name needed) they should perhaps force them to take remedial English….

    – Agreed.

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    As far as I know, In Edmonton if one fighter misses weight the fine does go to his opponent, if both fighters miss weight I believe the fine is paid to the promotion if I’m not mistaken!

    …and as for the Travis Briere situation, Brad Cardinal requested the additional 20% to go ahead with the fight and the promotion and commission agreed, I don’t think anyone would have blamed Cardinal if he had turned down the match up with such a huge weight discrepancy.

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  8. In Manitoba, the commission does not set the fine.

    20% is standard, but a fighter could try to negotiate more, like Cardinal did, if he wants.

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