Lightweight Title on the Line at Aggression FC 9 on June 8


Aggression Fighting Championship (AFC) is set to rock the Shaw Conference Center June 8th with another spectacular card that is being headlined by Stephen “Big Bad” Beaumont, who takes his undefeated 5-0 record into the cage against Evan Sanguin who is 7-3, for the inaugural AFC Lightweight Title bout.

“This match made sense period,” stated Moin Mirza of AFC. “We were going to eventually crown our Lightweight Title, we decided that these two athletes are just in beast mode right now and it would make sense for them to battle it out for the title.”

This highly anticipated card will feature Tim Chemelli (8-2) vs. Simon “the Mutant” Marini (9-3) as the semi-main event. “Simon jumped at the opportunity to fight again and since he is currently walking around over 210 lbs, he was more than willing to step in against Tim Chemelli. Tim is healthy and ready to establish his winning ways again after two top notch opponents. Simon is versatile and incredibly strong – this could be some
intense fireworks!” finished Moin Mirza.

AFC 9 will host Deven Jones (4-0), who is making his 3rd appearance for AFC stepping into the cage against Tito Jones (8-6). “A very interesting matchup, Deven and Tito are phenomenal athletes at 145. Incredibly well rounded fighters. I am confident that they will both be bringing their ‘A’ games. I know Deven is setting his sights on the 145 title.”

Zach “the Burden” Blaber (6-2) will once again step foot in the cage at AFC 9 at a catchweight of 195 against Andrew Buckland (15-9). Don’t blink for this fight, as these two guys will be determined to put the other one to sleep. These two athletes are super explosive and will look to end this fight quickly.

Nick Dragich will make his long awaited MMA debut at Aggression Fighting Championship 9 when he takes on Matthew Swimmer, who is also making his professional debut.

“Relentless” Robbie Merrill (3-0) will be marking his debut in the AFC against game opponent Joe “Slick” Keesick (4-2) in a lightweight bout. “We know Robbie comes from a Muay Thai background, but he has been working on all aspects of this game. Joe is obviously looking at changing that zero in Robbie’s loss column with a victory of his own.”

KB Bhullar (1-0) will be stepping in the cage against a very determined Ben Snyder (0-1). “Ben has been training for the last two years since his initial fight with Aggression back in ’09. He has been working on all of his skills: strength, conditioning, his ground game and his striking – making sure he will be at his best. KB Bhullar is a phenom at 185. He is incredibly well rounded and is looking at making a statement at AFC 9.”

Local Edmonton Firefighter – Mike Newton (2-2) makes his way back to the cage facing Adrian Cardinal. Mike will be donating his purse to the “BJJ Program” at Donnan Elementary School. The donation will cover the fees to put a child in the program for the entire school year.

Also Nick “the Hangman” Heynan (3-3) will be returning to the AFC cage to take on Mike Bell in what will be an exciting featherweight matchup.

Other fighters included on the card will include the debut of Sheldon Westcott (6-1-1) moving up a weight class to Middleweight.

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  1. Shan says:

    Going to be a great night of fights!
    Check out
    for updates and some training shots!

    Fantastic to see an overwhelming support for local fighters!


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  2. Jab jab says:

    Mike newton haven’t heard that name in a while that guy was good 5 years ago .. I’m kinda wondering what he is like now!

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  3. Eddie says:

    HA HA Simon walks around at around 225 he will be upset about 210. Good luck with the fight. Looks like a great card.

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