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If you were not in Fort McMurray to see Prestige FC IV, you missed Mike Hackert defeating Tim Hague, Sean Quinn’s big KO, David Letourneau’s dominant grappling, Showtime Wedderburn’s win, and much more.

Here is the Hague vs Hackert, Quinn vs Oliveira, and Wedderburn vs MacArthur video:

Now you can watch the rest of the card here:
Letourneau vs Montoya 2:29

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  1. kjlhjhjkjknlk says:

    worst announcers in the history of the sport! No clue!!!

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  2. David letourneau says:

    the mexicerminator! haha and latoya favorite quotes of the fight

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  3. Markhaile says:

    The winner

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  4. brandon macarthur says:

    Lol by wrestling

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Next show Sandy I’ll gladly commentate for ya if you bring me in.

    Looks like a great time.

    You can pay me in beer.

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  6. Gunner says:

    Robin can do play by play i will do colour and we both can be paid in beer

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  7. Bring the Pain says:

    Love robins commentary…especially his sound effects…lol

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  8. Markhaile says: win with your brain it’s like chest..Ruffhouse to da erry day..Brandon don’t satr talking man it’s not a good look..all rounds was mine..but good fight…showtyings back.

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  9. Donald Duck says:

    Make weight you Tubby Mofo!

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  10. Guns Loaded says:

    Tim if you have a conditioning coach, I think it’s time you make a change as you were gased bad

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  11. TimHague says:

    I disagree, however i do think its best that i train woth her for more than 4 weeks for a fight. She had me more than ready for Barry, Wiuff, and Jensen

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  12. Shara Vigeant says:

    I am Tim’s strength and conditioning coach. I had 4 weeks, and if anyone knows anything about exercise physiology, there is adaptation, so cut that time in half.

    You can not turn a person Tim’s size into a cardio machine in 4 weeks and anyone who says otherwise, doesn’t know their stuff, especially when it comes to working with heavyweights.

    I am proud to say that I have trained some of the top fighters for over 40 fights, all of them coming in shape, including Mitch Clarke, Nick Penner, Travis Galbraith, Merrick Duggan, Chase Maxwell, Cody Krahn, Zach Blaber, Sheldon Westcott, and Jelena Mrdjenovich.

    Feel free to ask any of them how they have felt conditioning wise with my coaching.

    I would also note that no matter how much conditioning training you do, nothing can simulate a fight and what’s needed more than sparring. It is up to the fighter to make sure they are getting all fight training OUTSIDE of what they do with me.

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  13. Shara Vigeant says:

    When one of my guys lose, I lose. That’s how coaching goes. Its about being there during the good, and especially the bad. So don’t think I don’t own part of this loss, cause I do – just because he is part of the team at SVPT.

    We did the best we could together with the time we had. And no matter what, I support Tim.

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  14. Bdc says:

    I wouldnt blame his loss on conditioning. He was gettin picked apart and beat to the punch. MH was able to see the overhand comming over and over and used his jab.

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  15. Bdc says:

    He new what shape he was going to be in before the fight. He made the call to take the fight and be in the condition he was.

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  16. Tim Hague says:

    That’s correct. And I underestimated the pace that Mike would keep. It’s very evident I needed a longer camp, and more time sparring and such. Shara is far and away the best strength and conditioning coach around. This loss is on me 100%

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  17. mike kent says:

    holy fuck the guy went in and went to war and threw and ate bombs for three rounds . you go in and exchange punches for 5 minutes with 229 hackert and see if you dont slow down a step . people on here are morons. tim fought a good fighter on a off best night lost and took it like a man with class .Get off the guys case you keyboard warriors . JESUS its not like he got one punched by someone thats 1 – 20. If anything give props to hackert for beating canadas #1 and tell tim to get back and to work and back to his winning ways SUPPORT CANADIAN FIGHTERS . How do you chastise someone who just lost.

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  18. TimHague says:

    The haters chastise because they are jealous of what they could never dream of accomplishing. They are jealous of the willpower and determination it takes to do something you love without regret. And in some demented way, they get off on other peoples failure. I thank my creator every day that he left this embarassing weakness out of me.

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Agree with Hague and Kent, nicely put guys.

    Also all evidence says Shara is legit. I tried to go train with her when I was in Edmonton but time wouldn’t allow. Looking forward to training with her next time I’m there.

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  20. MMA kid says:

    I think shar,Robin,Tim are missing the really point.

    Tim had all the opportunity to be great.
    Good team
    Good Conditioning coach
    Good people

    But to list Tim as a #1 guy he needs to get his motivation and head in the game.

    To be great it takes discipline

    Tim is a good guy. The only one to change Tim is Tim.

    The future will tell.

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  21. Dean Panas says:

    Shara is legit, end of story. She puts the time and effort into all her work and has a passion for the sport of MMA.
    There are also other great personal trainer in Edmonton that help local people. Athlete’s Nation (in St. Albert) and Life Source are a couple others.
    IMO it’s the lack of sparring at Tim’s level in Edmonton that is lacking. It’s tough to improve when you are the best Heavy weight in the gym. I know he has very good people to train with,but he’s not going to get beat up in sparring. Clarke, Jimmo, and Penner have all gone to big camps for extended periods of time to get better. They are all getting their asses handed to them on a daily basis and it will improve them drastically. I feel it’s something Tim could benefit from.

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  22. the dude says:

    and shara is the best smelling coach in mma in western canada.

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  23. Sniper 123 says:

    Why would Tim have a conditioning coach in his corner lol.


    Coaches make a good corner not a glorified condition coach.

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  24. Sniper 123 says:

    FYI guys like Dean Panas should talk , plain and simple.

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  25. TimHague says:

    It tough to stay on top forever. Im proud of the run i had . 13-2 outside of UFC. #1 HW in Canada for 3-4 years. Made it to UFC and won at the MGM Grand after 4 years of training. Yup im happy with that.

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  26. Donald Duck says:

    Dean has it nailed. Time under fire is what makes a fighter. You can be the best conditioned fighter in the world but if you haven’t had the opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone you won’t improve.

    Tim I thought you were heading down to Death Clutch for training? Is that still happening? Unfortunately there aren’t many ‘big’ camps in Canada where a heavy weight can get the high quality sparring needed.

    Off the top of my head and outside of Vegas AKA, ACS, ATT… maybe Link in Boston. I can’t really think of too many camps with big big dogs on the mat.

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  27. Chris Ladouceur says:

    Dean there are plenty of Heavyweights/Cruiserweights around Edmonton to sparr with. And Even some Lt heaywights with fast hands that can handle big guys. Sheldon Hinton James Cermack & Jason Delaronde to name a few. Nothing against Tim however its silly to say there is noone for him to sparr with in Edmonton.

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  28. Dean Panas says:

    I understand that Chris. Edmonton has great boxing gyms and great people to spar with for boxing. Edmonton also have great one of the best wrestling coaches in Roger Alves and great guys to train with at the U of A. There is also Kyle Cardinal and Paulo Azambuja who are work class BJJ coaches. Last but not least there is Frank Lee’s Muay Thai for top notch Muay Thai. That’s not the issue.
    The issue is that MMA is a combination of these plus many others. Guys can get their sparring in and rolling in at the individual spots. But is your boxing coach there when you ate wresting? Is your Jitz coach there when you are practicing Muay Thai? Not only that, these guys have to travel to three different spots in a day to get training in. Edmonton is not a big city, but when you have to travel across town in three different directions it’s tough.
    At the elite camps it’s all under 1 roof. All the coaches are on the same page (usually). They work together to improve their athlete at their specific expertise and the athletes MMA ability.

    Tim is still the top Canadian Heavyweight in my opinion. Hackert beat him but he’s 1-0 as a Heavyweight, does that win move him to #1? I can see why people say yes.

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  29. Robin Black says:

    @MMA Kid

    I hate to say this as its always met with an argument but….

    If you’ve never trained at a high level and tested yourself and taken risks and tried and failed and won and lost and sacrificed and hurt and bled and trained and lost friends and lived every day chasing an impossible goal, like Tim has, then you honestly don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t have opinions- you should! But those opinions are not as informed as Tim’s reality, or as informed as the knowledge of others like him.

    So definitely have opinions, definitely make observations. Be involved. Be engaged. Push the envelope with opinions.

    But know that it looks very different from the couch.

    Yes discipline, motivation, “head in the game”…. these are personal battles all humans fight.

    But those individuals who are taking risks and living their lives trying to do things almost no one else can do are battling those things in ways the rest of us don’t understand.

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  30. Chris Ladouceur says:

    Yes people do have to travel to many different places to get the proper fight training and still need to have conditioning.many fighters do just that. GSP, wrestles with the Canadian National team guys and has even brouth in Freddie Roach to work with his hands. From what has been reported Tim was out paced and out boxed so where should he start on rectfying this? Everyone you have mentioned is an amazing coach in there disciplne. All I am trying to say is there plenty to work with in Edmonton.

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  31. Bobby Karimi says:

    Robin, we are friends, the shit you’re saying is ridiculous.

    Let’s not talk about MMA like it’s some idealistic fantasy career/sport that one reads about in national epic poems such as Gilgamesh, Iliad & Odyssey, Beowulf, Shahnameh, and Paradise Lost, etc.

    Fuck that annoys me.

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  32. Robin Black says:

    Bobby, we are indeed friends. Totally love you man.

    But honestly if you’ve never been shot by a gun you have no idea what that feels like.

    You can talk about it, you’ve seen movies about it, you know people that have been shot, but you don’t know what gunshot victims go through.

    If you’ve never been in a car accident you can talk about what they look like, what you’ve heard, what you saw on tv, but you don’t know what its like.

    Yet somehow getting in a cage with a 270 pound man and getting punched in the face in the MGM Grand in front of 400 000 people on tv after training your ass off for 4 years?

    Somehow that’s different?

    Fuck man c’mon. Don’t be ridiculous.

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  33. Robin Black says:

    Step further:

    Do we look at guys on the trading floor at the stock exchange, who got their MBAs and competed against thousands of others to get those jobs, yelling “Pork bellies! Buy! Sell! Facebook stock is down! Buy!” and think that any of us have a clue what they went through to get there?

    Do we think we know what they “need” to do to be even more successful?

    Do we really think we know what it takes?

    Why is professional fighting, at the highest level, so different?

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  34. Sniper 123 says:

    For the record Robin

    I personally know Tim he isn’t the angel or training machine you some how think he is.

    Tim parties like a rock star, he likes the MMA frame but lacks the heart. He trys for these fake ass arm candy ladies at the club.

    FYI I am an amateur boxer with 34-2 record one day I will go into MMA once I get good a ground game.

    Point to be made,

    There are guys in Edmonton that work hard and Tim isn’t one of them.

    Ryan Ford, Sheldon Westcot, Stephen Beamount.

    To list a few.

    So Robin I know the sport and don’t own a lazy boy.

    I stay name less due to the fact I want to stay drama free so promoters don’t bench me.

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  35. Donald Duck says:

    @ Chris Ladouceur – You are seriously deluded if you think GSP doesn’t have a fully intigrated camp from start to finish. Sure he may wander off on occassion to train with a group of wrestlers of Muay Thai guys but his MMA game is always 100% inigrated. This is what is being talked about right now, the sport no longer affords you the luxury of doing boxing on Monday, wrestling on Tuesday, BJJ on Wednesday, Muay Thai on Thursday and MMA on Friday.

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  36. Bobby Karimi says:

    Robin, I didn’t argue that point. I don’t know why you brought it up, I didn’t talk about that.

    I’m saying let’s not talk up MMA like it’s some mythical heroic sport that demigods get created from and written about historically.

    So you’re last 2 posts were a waste of time.

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  37. Robin Black says:

    at it’s best I see mma that way

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  38. Robin Black says:

    and you watch it and read about it constantly and love it so you must think there is something very special about it

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  39. Bobby Karimi says:

    I think it’s a great sport and I enjoy it, but it’s not something of legend. I wish you’d stop talk about it like that. Annoys the hell outta me, as you can see lol.

    Save that shit for TV/radio/media :)

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  40. Robin Black says:

    MMA is the greatest and the warriors that do battle will have their names whispered on the breath of the north wind for many generations.


    xo Bobby

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  41. Gunner says:

    i pee into the north wind and for the life of me can never keep my feet from getting wet

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  42. Bdc says:

    @rb bahahaha good one

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  43. Bobby Karimi says:

    It’s cuz you dont drink Robin’s overly poetic idealistic TV propoganda KOOL-AID. If you did, I’m sure he’s got some jugs of it that he can have the Kool-Aid man to deliver to you by crashing through your wall.

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  44. Donald Duck says:


    It ain’t that hard and not nearly as romantic to get punched in the head.

    Just sayin’


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  45. David letourneau says:

    From beginning to now of the prestige talk from the first announcement, the weigh-ins the fight pics the play by and and now the live tape has there ever been a more talked about card? somebody somewhere on here has got to have that answer. It has to be HAS TO BE the most commented on card in topmmanews history! For the record I believe the tim vs hacket fight came down to two men in a cage fighting, the better man that night won simple and plain. Neither man made any excuse for their performance good or bad, a fight is a fight and not written anywhere before it happens. Gunner as a colour commentator would be epic

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  46. David letourneau says:

    Spaces whole sentences and proper grammar would of made that last statement a lot better but I do get punched in the head for a living so……..

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  47. Nighty night says:

    Dean is pretty acrruate here. No disrespect to Chris, or any of the guys he named…but there is not a chance in the world that tim will benefit more by training with Hinton and these other boxers in Edmonton along with the other gyms in edmonton more then he would if he went down to AKA, ATT, Jacksons, and the many more down south.

    Those gyms have everything, under one roof. You walk in, your focus is there for countless hours/day. Dont have to worry about going anywhere else. Thats a small, but realistic mental edge.

    On top of that – the coaching is better. Look at all the big clubs down south then look at the credentials of the coaches, along with the athletes they have produced.

    I am not disrespecting any of the trainers and coaches in Edmonton either. But really, you cant compare our programs up here to the programs down south. Bottom line

    Imagine if the guys in Hagues gym (Jimmo, Clark, Penner) permanately trained down south, and began their whole career down south. They would all be much better. You cant argue that.

    If tim wants to be successful, his best opportunity to do so is to go down south and train with more accomplished fighters. Bigger, stronger, faster and more explosive guys along with much more experienced coaches with credentials who have a track record of producing top talent.

    To bad its easier said then done…

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  48. Dean Panas says:

    This thread has definitely gone crazy and taken on a new life. I don’t want to take away from any of the gyms and clubs in Edmonton. There are a lot of great quality gyms and clubs in this town. Edmonton has, and continues, to produce a lot of quality athletes. Hayabusa and Legends are two very good gyms where people can get excellent training and sparring in. Howevere even their top fighters head to bigger camps in the States.
    When we talk Tim Hague, you are talking about an athlete that has been at the top of the mountain. He can sharpen and hone his skills in Edmonton, but to improve and become the best he can, I feel he has to travel to get what he needs.

    Tim is a class act and would never point the finger at anybody else as to why he lost a fight. I feel he couldn’t be his best the night he lost because he fought three weeks earlier and I don’t feel he had time to recover and get back on track. No doubt that he gave 100% of what he had.

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  49. Chris Ladouceur says:

    Well said and I agree 100% with you Dean. train here IMPROVE down south. Oh and sorry to Mr Duck I was just simply trying to state that Improve your boxing with boxers like wrestling with wrestlers etc.

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  50. Dean Panas says:

    One last thing, and the most important, Hackert fought a great fight and executed an awesome gameplan!!!

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