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If you were not in Fort McMurray to see Prestige FC IV, you missed Mike Hackert defeating Tim Hague, Sean Quinn’s big KO, David Letourneau’s dominant grappling, Showtime Wedderburn’s win, and much more.

Here is the Hague vs Hackert, Quinn vs Oliveira, and Wedderburn vs MacArthur video:

Now you can watch the rest of the card here:
Letourneau vs Montoya 2:29

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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Diesel has anyone talked about how you broke your rib in the first 30sec of your fight and went on to beat your opponent?

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  2. Nathan Swayze says:

    I just read some of this, I didn’t see Tim gas at all and I was right there. I was worried bell to bell about the power Tim had and I didn’t see much of a fade. I’m guessing he came inthe cage close to 280 and there were a ton of body shots in that fight, obviously that’s going to slow a guy slightly. As Mike’s friend I don’t look forward to the criticism he will apparently take now that he earned a bit more spotlight. I guess it’s the name of the game but I for one was always proud to have a legit canadian heavyweight represent us all the way to the big show so I was, and reamin a Tim Hague fan.

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  3. King Koopa says:

    tim – regardless of what some little piss ants say as they swarm like vultures to attack you when you are at your lowest point, you should take pride in knowing that what you have accomplished in your run in mma is something that few will ever achieve.

    i know deep down (seeing as you take the time to not only read but reply to comments) that you have probably been a little hurt by what people have said about you – (who wouldn’t?) -if you care to admit it or not, but there is no need to feel this way… there is a reason why you have lived a dream and others havent done anything.

    i’m not a fan of yours, and I don’t say that to be a hater, its mainly because i never got to see enough of you in the spotlight, but you still will be ranked above any of these little cowards that attack you online behind a mask of anonymity.

    keep your head up tim, you are a warrior.

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  4. david letourneau says:

    No but only because there all haters and haters make me famous!

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  5. Donald Duck says:

    I love how someone comes on here and posts about how horrible it is for people to post anonymously…… while posting anonymously themselves.


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  6. Mike Davis says:


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  7. Jake - Old School says:

    The Hague vs. Hackert fight can be critiqued a thousand ways but at the end of the day, it’s Tim and his camp that will need to evaluate where the holes are and how to fix them. There’s no doubt Tim is a tough SOB but obviously the game plan went out the window about a minute into that fight when we all realized Hackert wasn’t afraid to stand and bang. Mike just so happened to work his standup like he would a heavy bag, working body to head with knees complimenting the gaps. It was a ballsy and genius plan, but he had the speed and technique to pull it off. Impressive.

    I agree with BkB as well as there were a ton of talent that’s not being talked about. David Letourneau I think took a huge risk with that fight as it was later discovered that Montoya had a LOT more fights than what was on his record. And banging it out the way David did with a broken rib was impressive as hell. Yeah, I’m talking about my client, but I believe it’s shared accolades for his performance. Although Dave’s already chomping at the bit for his next fight, healing is on the forecast for the time being. We will plan our next move after some careful consideration.

    I love the discussions going on here though (minus the personal attacks). Whether it be supporting, analyzing, constructive criticisizing or straight up shit talking, I’m just glad we’re talking about it.

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good post Big Jake!

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  9. Funny you should mention a minute into from the fight Jake. I asked Hackert when he knew he had a great shot at winning the fight and he said a minute into the fight he felt he had it.

    You can check out the interview here:

    As for Letourneau… When Montoya shot on him at the beginning and took him down, in my head I was thinking Montoya’s wrestling was going to be too much. Man did Dave prove me wrong (and who knew he had a broken rib). Solid in the cage and solid outside the cage – that’s Diesel!

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    “Solid in the cage and solid outside the cage – that’s Diesel!”

    Hahaha, that’s a great line Keith.

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  11. TimHague says:

    Thanks for the props to you guys who are supportive. Im already back in the gym, and if i fight again, ill be in better shape. This Sniper guys is a fucking retard amateur boxer with a 34-2 record? Ever hear that Brad Paisley country song about being a rockstar online? Lol i think he wrote it about you. Someone that dedicated to their craft would likely have a lot more respect than to come online and trash talk. All ive ever done is train and fight hard. Sure when its time to party, I party hard, but i definitely dont need to “try for hot babes” or whatever you said ahahahahaha!!!!!”

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  12. TimHague says:

    And yes i know id improve more if i traoned down in the states, ive never said otherwise. I have however made the choice to stay close to my son in Edmonton, and if that upsets anyone then i guess theyll have to get a hug from their mommy, cause i dont fuckin care, and if this is as good as ill ever get, im already more than satisfied with what ive accomplished. I dont know why so many dudes seem to be on the rag in this chatroom

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  13. Bdc says:

    I wouldnt feel the need to defend yourself tim people will allways hate you just have to be happy with yourself and you are so good on ya.

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  14. Jake - Old School says:

    That’s why I’ve always believed in Mike Tyson’s attitude about fighting Tim.

    “Loved by few…Hated by many…Respected by ALL”

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  15. Bring the Pain says:

    Tim…dont take to heart any of these clowns critisisms…they have know idea what there talkin about it…we took the same shit over Craigs fight with you…it doesnt mean q damn thing what others think…only what you believe…as offered before…you and Craig should do a camp together…you both would definitly benefit from it….chin up bro

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  16. David letourneau says:

    As an underdog, a huge underdog according to records and experience Hackett, Mitch Fryia Myself and Mcarthur we are already expected to lose, not any expectations to win so there is no pressure in the fight, when you do not have pressure of the public friends and mma fans then you can let go of anything your holding back and go for broke, it fuels you in training to go those extra rounds and put it all on the line in the fight. while being a favourite I can only imagine does the opposite effect for most.

    I would much rather be an underdog without a hope in hell of winning then the opposite any day of the week because it motivates you to rise to the occasion and is the point where its shown weather you have heart or hype. Two men in a cage is what it comes down to and nothing is written before it happens!

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  17. nightmare says:

    Tom you are a big bitch on the inside,just like the other Tiny Tim LOL thats why your both and will always be CHUMPS but your still tough chumps haha

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  18. nightmare says:

    If you cant ignore what people you dont even know post then buddy maybe I should feel sorry for you lol peace out dude good luck in your next fight even though you will lose again

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