Eric O’Keefe Talks Tristar, Ringside, Licensing and Much More


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Top MMA News caught up with Eric O’Keefe in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The Tristar coach discusses many topics in this in-depth interview including:

  • how he became involved with Tristar,
  • David Lafond, his student, fighting at Prestige FC,
  • his role with Ringside MMA,
  • his thoughts on the last Ringside show and some of the fighters on it,
  • when fans can expect the next Ringside card,
  • why he is not licensed to corner in Quebec, and
  • much, much more.

4 Responses to “ Eric O’Keefe Talks Tristar, Ringside, Licensing and Much More ”

  1. Anyone know who Ricci will face for the LW title? Could we finally see Ricci vs Southern happen?

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  2. Rumors says:

    From what i hear…now this is just a rumor…but ringside is closing up shop….

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  3. @Rumors… That was one reason I wanted to talk to Eric O’Keefe. After talking to him, I am convinced we will see more Ringside and that is great.

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  4. Eric says:

    There are a lot of rumors going around in Qc, and a lot of those rumors are starting around the same coffee cup… Yeah, we’ve been bombarded with demands for all kinds of financial statements, but at the end of the day, we have a strong promotion with great fighters, and they might slow us down, and, worse case scenario, make us skip one show (if push comes to shove) but we ain’t going nowhere, even if our competitor and the Regie sometimes seem in cahoots, I remain positive on the outcome of all this.

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