Prestige FC IV Play-by-Play – Hackert Stuns Hague!!!


Keith Grienke is cageside in the Casman Centre in Fort McMurray, Alberta tonight.  Big crowd supporting the fighters tonight in the Mac which is great to see. Here is his play-by-play. Keep refreshing this page to stay up to date on the fights:

Top MMA News Awards:

  • KO of the Night – Sean Quinn
  • Submission of the Night – Nick Spohn
  • Fight of the Night – Tim Hague vs Mike Hackert

Pro Fights:
265lbs- Tim Hague vs. Mike Hackert
R1. Leg kick by Hague and then Hackert punches in the body. Leg kick by Tim. Hackert goes to the body and then the head. Hackert has some great hands so far. Hague lands a right and then locks up with Hackert. Hackert lands a big knee and then knees Hague’s leg. Hackert shoots and tries to lift but there is no way he can budge Hague. Body shot by Hackert. Kick to the body by Hackert. Head kick by Hackert and he almost lands a knee. Hague catches a kick and drops Hackert with a right to the chest. Hackert on the bottom of the big Hague. Hackert somehow gets off the bottom and comes up throwing lefts. Left, then uppercut combo lands on a tiring Hague. Leg kick by Hackert. Left jab stuns Hague. Body shot by Hackert. Knee to the head of Hague as the bell sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hackert

R2. Hague backs up Hackert with a right but Hackert’s quick hands land at will. Left hook, right hook, uppercut, body…accumulating the punches! Fast, quick going to the body and the head and adding the occasional knee. Big leg kick by Hague x 2, x3. Hague bleeding from the nose and open-mouthed. Big uppercut by Hague and a left. Time as both need mouth-pieces that have dropped. Jabs and body punch by Hackert. Big hook to the body as Hackert’s boxing skills are on display! Leg kick by Hague but answered with a left. Uppercut, left hook combo scores for Hackert. Big left by Hague staggers Hackert. Leg kick, right hook, leg kick by Hackert. Great fight! Hague bleeding from a few spots and Hackert wins another round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hackert

R3. Ref checking Hague’s cuts and nose and says its OK. Big hook by Hague lands. Hackert lands repeated knees to Hague’s head. Hague is tough! Hackert digs into Hague’s sides and Hague grabs onto Hackert’s neck but Hackert hand fights out of it. Knee by Hague and two knees again by Hackert. Hackert pushing Hague into the cage and knees his thigh. Great HW fight! When has anyone said that ! Hackert lands two more and Hague is a mess. Hackert ducks under a big right and digs into the ribs of Hague. Big left by Hague hurts Hackert but his chin holds up. Hackert shoots a single and gets the giant on his back. Hackert on top and drops 2 elbows. One minute left! Hague back to his feet and Hackert is looking for another takedown. 10 seconds left and a knee to Hague’s ribs. WE HAVE A NEW #1 HW in Canada! What a performance by Mike Hackert and Tim Hague. These HWs showe a ton of heart! This was not Decision Mike!
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hackert
Mike Hackert defeats Tim Hague by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

135lbs- Sean Quinn vs. Kyle Oliveira
R1. Leg kick by Quinn. Overhand right by Quinn drops Oliveira hard. No stoppage so he lands two on the ground and the ref steps in.
Sean Quinn defeats Kyle Oliveira by KO (Overhand Right) in Round 1, 0:22

185lbs- Markhaile Wedderburn vs. Brandon MacArthur
Nice to see Showtime’s daughter bouncing beside him in his entrance and him getting a hometown reception.
R1. Leg kick by MacArthur to start. Side kick by Wedderburn sends BMac flying as does a second. Leg kick by MacArthur slaps Showtime, who kicks him back in the thigh. BMac with a knee as they press against the cage. Wedderburn lands a nice right as they separate. Body shot by BMac and Wedderburn takes him down with a trip. Showtime in guard throwing a few rights and then a few more while MacArthur remains active looking for an arm to take home. A couple of punches from the bottom from BMac. Markhaile lands some body shots and MacArthur gets an arm but Showtime escapes and drops some hammer fists.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wedderburn
At break, Showtime loses his padded knee pad as the ref removes it.

R2. Leg kick by MacArthur and these guys have slowed down a bit. Big right body kick by Showtime and then he picks up MacArthur and slams him. Wedderburn in MacArthur’s guard – not much action happening except the odd strike. Big John stands them up. Wild punches by BMac and Wedderburn scoop slams him HARD. Hammer fists from Wedderburn who does not attempt to pass and then he stands up kicking MacArthur’s legs. Nice axe kick to the mid-section. Ref stands them up and both throw knees to the body. Clinch against the fence and the round ends with MacArthur eating a right.
Top MMA News scores the fight 10-9 Wedderburn

R3. Wedderburn takes him down with a high crotch. Some wrestling skills from Showtime on display tonight. Wedderburn drops some punches from MacArthur’s guard. MacArthur reverses and gets on top. Wedderburn tosses him off as he was passing to side. Nice explosion! Knee by Wedderburn and he trips BMac down. Show throwing some lefts and rights but content to sit in MacArthur’s guard. Stand up. Showtime avoids a knee and takes him down.
Top MMA News scores the fight 10-9 Wedderburn
Markhaile Wedderburn defeats Brandon MacArthur by Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)
Showtime’s banner “Half Man Half Amazing” and “Against All Odds…From Nothing to Something.”
Wedderburn thanks Sandy Bowman…and says, “To Top MMA News…looks like the n*gger won!” and came up to our spot and yelled “WHAT??”

155lbs- Rod Montoya vs. David Letourneau
R1. Montoya shoots for a single and dumps Letourneau. Letourneau gets up and sprawls on another shot. Montoya gets him on his back but Letourneau gets up. Quite a grappling battle as Letourneau takes Montoya down. Letourneau on top landing a few rights and a nice short elbow. Letourneau now in half guard landing rights to Montoya’s body while Montoya tries to shrimp out. Letourneau keeping him down but gets swept with a body lock. Montoya now in half guard but Letourneau reverses and throws right elbows. Very tactical round!
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Letourneau

R2. missed head kick by Letourneau and Montoya follows up with a leg kick and then shoots again. Montoya lands some rights to Diesel’s side as Letourneau sits up against the fence. Back on their feet but Montoya gets him down. Letourneau quickly gets top however Montoya is trying for a kimura. Letourneau punching his side and then dropping left elbows to cut open the Mexicutioner. Letourneau in half guard landing the occasional left before passing to side. Letourneau going for the D’arce but gives it up. Letourneau’s top position is very good and he lands more elbows. Montoya tries to explode out but round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Letourneau

R3. Montoya tries a right but he is slower. Letourneau with a leg kick and Montoya shoots again. Letourneau sprawls and Montoya pulls guard. Letourneau on top in Montoya’s guard. Dave in half guard dropping left elbows content to keep his opponent’s back to the canvas. Montoya with a guillotine attempt but was not close. Letourneau smothering him from top and the ref stands them up. Big right by Montoya misses but Letourneau slips. Montoya then lands a knee as Letourneau gets up and Letourneau looks a little scrambly. Letourneau gets a double and slams his opponent. Full mount for Diesel and he is pounding on Montoya. Montoya gives up his back and Letourneau locks on the RNC but time runs out.
Top MMA News scores the fight 10-9 Letourneau
David Letourneau defeats Rod Montoya by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

160lbs- Travis Moritz vs. Jordan Berland
An emotional Travis Moritz comes out wearing sunglasses and a Vinceanity t-shirt in honour of his recently passed older brother Vince Moritz. The crowd is supporting their Fort Mac fighter big time. Moritz gets into the cage and shoves his opponent and gets a stern warning from Big John. The two also had a mean face off at the weigh-ins. Check out our weigh-in pics.
R1. Immediate shot and power slam by Moritz and he punches Berland. Jordan gets to his feet and the two clinch up. Berland throwing rights to Moritz’ side while Travis maintains a body lock on Berland. They separate and Moritz backfisted Berland. The two clinch up again and Moritz body punches Berland and throws him down. The two scramble and the crowd erupts when Travis emerges on top. Full mount for Moritz who feeds Berland some elbows. Berland gives up his back and Moritz keeps punching until Big John stops the fight.
Travis Moritz defeats Jordan Berland by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 3:22
“Well Vinny how was that?” asks Moritz as he spoke on the mic. Emotional night for Moritz and many in the crowd! Good first win for Travis.

185lbs- Steve Dubeck vs. Chris Lauzon
R1. Lauzon rushes in and gets punches he falls and Dubeck jumps on top dropping more punches. Dubeck in side control feeding Lauzon left after left after left after left after left etcetera. Fights over and Dubeck gets the W.
Steve Dubeck defeats Chris Lauzon by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 0:46

155lbs- Nick Spohn vs. Mitch Fryia
R1. Fryia showing some standup to start things off. Front kick and shoots and Spohn grabs his head and pulls guard as the two crash the cage. Spohn grabs a leg and Fryia sprawls then tries to get Spohn’s back. Spohn gets out and is in Fryia’s guard. Spohn with a right and the two roll and Spohn gets Fryia’s back and tries to lock on the RNC. Hand fighting by Mitch who escapes the choke but Spohn remains on his back. Big left by Spohn and then he locks on the RNC and this time Fryia taps.
Nick Spohn submits Mitch Fryia by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:02

155lbs- Jon Cowan vs David Lafond
R1. Cowan shoots but Lafond stuffs and turns Cowan onto his back. Lafond in his half guard trying to throw rights but mainly just keeping Cowan on his back. More rights landing now as Lafond continues to try to pass to side. Cowan throws him off. On their feet. Lafond knees Cowan and lands a right to bloody Cowan. Cowan shoots rather ineffectively and Lafond is back in his half guard. Now in full mount, Lafond rains down the punches and Cowan gives up his back. Lafond locks in the RNC and gets his record back to .500 as Cowan taps.
David Lafond submits Jon Cowan by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:48

Amateur Results:

205lbs- Jannie Joubert vs Kent Fourneau
Apologies to Joubert and Fourneau for no play by play. We had internet issues at times and the pbp must not have saved after writing about their fight.
Jannie Joubert defeats Kent Fourneau by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 1:42

205lbs- Teddy Ash vs Steven Audet
R1. Leg kick by Audet. Audet goes for a takedown and gets it. Ash gets to his feet and is attempting a standing guillotine but does not have it. Audet giving him body shots and the two stumble around the cage with Ash still holding the neck of Audet. Ash with a body shot. Audet pushing Ash against the cage and they separate. Leg kick, left punch combo has Audet reeling a bit. Audet shoots and Ash stuffs dropping punches while stuffing. Ash gets side control and lands lefts.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ash.

170lbs- Travis Cardinal and Shane Nest
R1. Cardinal throws leg kicks and then eats a jab from Nest. Cardinal feinting with the left jab. Spinning back fist from back lands on back of head.Body shot by Nest lands and the upstairs shots miss. Front kick by Cardinal. The two close fight against the cage, no damage though. Hard leg kick by Cardinal x 2. Nest responds with one of his own. Cardinal feeds Nest straight lefts to end the round.
Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Cardinal.

R2. Nest lands some nice body shots and then lands a right to the head. Cardinal pushes Nest to the cage and works the body. Cardinal goes back to the jab and then the two slug it out. Cardinal keeps landing that left and it has been very effective. Big right follows up a left and it hurts Nest. The two trade some more. Cardinal has Nest against the cage. Nest very tired and missing a lot. Cardinal is scoring often with strikes. Blood from Nest sprays over my keyboard. Cardinal keeps pounding on Nest and wins another round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cardinal.

R3. Leg kick by Cardinal and then some more left jabs. Nest scores with some rights. Cardinal keeps up his pressure on the tired Cardinal, scoring consistently. Eventually Nest finally drops, more from exhaustion than any huge punch. However, those lefts added up big time.
Travis Cardinal defeats Nest by KO(Strikes) in Round 3, 0:58
Great jab by Cardinal and when he followed it up with the right in the middle of the second, he really started hurting Nest. Great job by the Bowman’s fighter.

185lbs- Fraser Jordan vs. Stephane Hovington
R1. Frantic action to start. Fraser throwing all kinds of strikes and eventually pins Hovington against the cage throwing uppercuts. Hovington pulls guard and Fraser quickly advances to full mount. Hovington does not like the strikes and gives his back in the turtle position. Hovington rolls but Fraser maintains control and mounts again. Hovington is getting pounded on and gives his back up and receives more fists. Big Phil correctly stops this one.
Fraser Jordan defeats Stephane Hovington by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 1:24.
Fraser impressed me quite a bit. Came out a little too aggressive and excited but settled down and dominated.

205lbs- Mike Flett vs. Stacy Nest
Stacy Nest wearing what appears to be longer Adidas swim trunks with pockets. I could be wrong but I did not think pockets were allowed.
R1. Leg kick by Flett and Nest swings and just misses. Flett attacks the leg again with a kick and almost eats Nest’s wild right again – we’re talking millimeters. Flett sticks with the leg kicks and Nest catches one. Flett lands a left and then a leg kick. Nest lands a leg kick to his thigh. Flett eats a right while kicking. Spinning back fist by Flett misses. Left jab by Flett. Another leg kick answered by a right that just misses. Flett sticks him with another jab.
Top MMA News scores the fight 10-9 Flett

R2. The two trade and Flett lands the harder right in the exchange. Leg kick by Nest. Big right by Flett hurts Nest bad – it was loud. Nest shoots but is in trouble. Flett shakes him off his leg and drops bombs on Nest’s face as Nest lays on the canvas. Big John setps in to end it.
Mike Flett defeats Stacy Nest by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 0:51

140lbs- Paul Carpentier vs. Rollin Berland
R1. Touch gloves and the night starts. Leg kick by Berland after much dancing around. Carpentier lands a right that causes Berland to stumble, but he keeps standing. Wild leg kicks by Berland and he drops Carpentier with a left uppcercut. Berland ground and pounds and then tries for a guillotine from top position. Carpentier reverses and lands in side control. Berland gives up back and Carpentier lands lefts and a knee. Carpentier gets hooks in and lands bombs from back mount until bell sounds.
Top MMA News scores the fight 10-9 Carpentier

R2. Front kick by Carpentier misses. Leg kick by Berland scores. Carpentier shoots but is stuffed and they resume circling. Carpentier with the takedown. Carpentier to full guard and is raining down blows. Berland in big trouble and Big Phil steps in to stop any more damage.
Paul Carpentier defeats Rollin Berland by TKO (GNP from Mount) in Round 2, 2:02
Patrick Cote was in the corner of Carpentier and he gives the winner a big lift in the air. A very entertaining fight between the two amateurs.

125lbs- Sarah Mcrann vs. Jodie Cowan fight is cancelled.


155lbs- Nick Spohn (155) vs. Mitch Fryia

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