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Edmonton Combative Sports Commission LogoECSC STATEMENT – MFC 33,  That was held on MAY 4, 2012


Background on the Bout Referee:

The referee for this bout was from Manitoba.  He has refereed from the local level up to and including the MFC previously and the UFC.  He is considered of one Canada’s foremost MMA referees. 

At the one minute mark of the first round, the referee terminated the bout announcing that an illegal knee strike had occurred, delivered by Sabah Fadai to Diego Bautista. 

The referee’s decision, announced by the ring announcer, was that it was an accidental foul, not an intentional foul.  Since the call was made during the first round of the fight and since Bautista could not continue, in accordance with the Unified Rules of MMA, the bout is declared a “no contest”.  That is the rule.  The decision is final.



Background on the Bout Judges:

One judge was from Edmonton, Alberta, one was from Red Deer, Alberta and one was from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  


The fight went the full three rounds (15 minutes).  The final result was announced as a split decision (28-29, 28-29, 29-28) in favour of Maromo.


The Lynn camp asked for an appeal of the decision.  In the presence of representatives from the Lynn camp, the ECSC checked the judges score cards to verify the scores 28-29, 28-29, 29-28 were recorded correctly.  With representatives from the Lynn camp present, the ECSC checked the recording of the official scorekeeper’s score sheet to verify the recording of each round and the totals for each judge.  They were recorded correctly.


The practice in MMA is that the judges’ scores are final.  The ECSC respects and follows this practice.  In this instance the judges’ decision is final.


Following each event in Edmonton there is a debriefing of the officials by the ECSC.


This post fight debriefing is standard practice by the ECSC.  The feedback is used as one of the determinants of future officiating assignments for events at this level. 


The ECSC has been contacted by the President of MFC and informed that a rematch, this time of five (5) rounds, has been offered to both fighters as a title fight at the next MFC event to be held in Edmonton, August 10, 2012.



Pat Reid

Executive Director


11 Responses to “ ECSC Statement – MFC 33 ”

  1. Cameron McQueen says:

    What a waste of my time reading that. Thank you Patbfor explaining the rematch is a title fight.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Total waste of time, I don’t even understand the point of their release. It explains nothing and really says nothing.

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  3. Lance Bass says:

    One of the worst decisions ever, that African guy lost. He didn’t even know he had fought three rounds for fucks sake.

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  4. Dale says:

    I love Pat Reid he is my hero.
    I want to be just like him because he is the man

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  5. alandale says:

    Wonder if this is a knee jerk reaction to being investigated by the city for ripping off fighters by charging them bogus fees?

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  6. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Again i dont really understand the point of this “press release” what was accomplished by this?

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  7. What I read them saying is.

    The ref was from Manitoba and was following the unified rules.

    The judges scored the fight and it can’t be reversed.

    Why issue a release that basically says it’s the rules?

    I just like Edmonton releases that don’t involve changing the rules.

    This could be summed up as a tweet.

    “It’s not our fault, we’re just following the rules, and aren’t used to that, so will issue a press release about it”

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  8. Dale says:

    Pat Reid and his buddy Dale K are trying to create a provincial commission in Alberta like BC just did. Once this happens all of Alberta will be run well like Edmonton.

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  9. Sniper123 says:

    Better that than a Indian reserve running things

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  10. Donald Duck says:

    Hold on here. Some of us aren’t up to speed on the whole AB scene:

    1. Who the F**k is Dale?

    2. Which reserve is ‘running things’?

    3. Why is a commission releasing pointless press releases?

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  11. Dale says:

    dale kliparchuck and his buddy pat Reid are trying to create a provincial commission however both are clowns

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