Pure Fighting Championship 9 Play-by-Play


The Oilmen’s Pure Fighting Championship once again hosted a sold out show inRed Deer, Alberta and once again the fans in attendance were not disappointed!  The event PFC 9 – Spring Break-Up was headlined by the local hero Ryan Machan pitted against Lethbridge’s Dan Chambers.  On the way to the main event, the fans enjoyed four amateur fights, four additional professional fights and a charity auction that unofficially raised $23,400 a nice addition to the $100,000 the promotion has raised in previous events.

Though many of the night’s bouts went the distance, it was a hard fought and exciting distance. I can only agree with one of the event’s referees who said in a post event interview that this can be accredited to excellent matchmaking combining fighters of equal skill.  That, coupled with my own “bias” observation that the local martial arts clubs and trainers are producing well-rounded and well-conditioned athletes leaves me looking forward to the future PFC events.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night – Pete Neufeld vs Mark Maruzs
  • Knockout of the Night – Ryan Machan
  • Submission of the Night – Taylor Bonogofski
  • Honourable Mention  – Abel Burroughs vs Jamark Brady



Main Event

185 lbs- Dan Chambers VS Ryan Machan
Round 1: At the bell, the men meet in the center of the cage parrying to establish distance and control.  Ryan lands first with a right hook that sends Dan back-pedalling, Ryan quickly charges forward with his fists and scores clean shot that sends Dan to the mat.  Dan quickly gets up but Ryan meets him with his back against the fence and starts rocking him with lefts and rights, dislodging Dan’s mouth piece in the process. Dan answers back with some hooks of his own, trying to force off the aggressor. Ryan instinctually starts to work for a takedown against his wounded opponent but following his cornermen’s screams he changed strategies and continued to rain blows on his opponent.  The referee halts the action to replace the ejected mouth piece and the fighters stand toe to toe again.  Ryan once more lands first and sends Dan back to the fence on wobbly legs.  Ryan starts dishing out crushing blows and the referee is forced to stop the fight as Dan was clearly only being held up by his bionic leg tattoos.
Ryan Machan defeats Dan Chambers via TKO in Round 1, 0:54

Co-Main Event

135 lbs- Tyler Davis VS Mitch McPhee
Round 1:  The men meet in the middle and trade kicks for punches.  Mitch throws a head kick and, using his momentum, he follows with a spinning back fist. Tyler responds with his own fists scoring straight up the middle until Mitch breaks his rhythm with a crisp jab.  The fighters clash against the fence and Mitch goes for a modified guillotine.Tylerdefends his neck and ends up on top, in Mitch’s full guard.  The men jockey for better position. Tyler gets in some body shots and short elbows. Tyler stays active on top but Mitch’s defence is good and he avoids any major damage. Tyler slips in another round of body shots and elbows then utilizes a can-opener to loosen Mitch’s guard.  He uses the opportunity to posture up and lands a hard head-body-body combo.  Mitch regains a tight guard, isolates an arm, locks in an armbar and starts to flex the joint for a split second but Tyler slips his arm out and takes mount position. Tyler starts throwing leather then takes Mitch’s back and continues to throw.  The referee warns Mitch to stay active but the bell goes before Mitch can escape.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Tyler Davis.

Round 2: Mitch leads off and scores a head kick but Tyler counters with a stiff left.  Mitch throws a kick to the body which Tyler catches and uses to get a take down into Mitch’s guard. Tyler starts landing ground strikes and works his way to half guard, then starts throwing elbows.  Mitch regains full guard and controls Tyler’s positioning. Tyler keeps working to get out of guard while attacking with every ground and pound technique known to man.  Mitch ties his arms up,Tyler slips out and scores three hard body shots until Mitch again ties him up. Tyler tries to stack Mitch, but Mitch holds on until the end of the round.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Tyler Davis

Round 3:  Mitch again lands a head kick followed by a kick to the body. Tyler catches the low kick and drives Mitch into the fence. Tyler improvises a fireman’s carry take down and lands in Mitch’s full guard.Tylerlands some rights to the body and Mitch moves closer to the fence. Tyler tries to escape from guard but Mitch keeps up his defence.  Mitch tries to push off against the fence to sweep but Tyler maintains top control and scores a few more to the body and head.  Mitch gets a body lock from the bottom and ties up Tyler’s arms. Tyler frees his right arm and lands a few more to the body before the ref justifiably stands the fighters up.  Mitch comes in aggressively and just misses a brutal uppercut. Tyler counters with a clean left.  The two fighters stand toe to toe and exchange glancing blows for the final seconds of the fight.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis defeats Mitch McPhee via unanimous decision.

155 lbs- Tim Tamaki VS Aaron Armstrong
Round 1: Aaron lands first with a hard side kick to the body.  Tim replies with a left body kick of his own.  Aaron scores another kick to body followed by a head kick that just misses.   Aaron follows up with a superman punch Tim counters in like fashion and clinches but Aaron uses the hold to get a take down and land some short shots to the head.  Tim gets back up and throws an over hand hook,  Aaron ducks, gets a body lock and slams Tim down almost vertically on his head.  Aaron takes Tim’s back and sinks in both hooks.  Tim reverses and takes top position.  Both men fight for arm control and Aaron goes for an arm bar but Tim slips out and ends up in Aaron’s half guard.  Tim throws a couple strikes from the top but Aaron counters with an elbow from the bottom.  Tim slips his leg out and takes mount position from which he lands a hard hammer fist with multiple shots to follow.  Tim rolls for an arm bar but Aaron slips out and takes top position. Aaron works his way into half guard and pushes Tim up against the fence.  Tim tries to wall-walk up but Aaron drags him down again.  Aaron postures way up but Tim uses the distance to kick his opponent off and get back to his feet.  Tim throws a spinning heel kick but slips, lands on the matt and quickly bounces up.  Aaron throws a spinning heel kick of his own but Tim evades as the bell rings.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Aaron Armstrong

Round 2: The two fighters meet in the middle and trade body shots.  Aaron ties up Tim’s arms and drags him down, steps over his guard and throws some more body shots.  Tim answers back with a hard shot and works back to his feet.  The men stand toe to toe and Tim lands two hard shots and pins Aaron against the fence.  Tim throws a knee to the head but Aaron uses Tim’s elevated center of gravity to take him down into half guard.  Aaron starts to work his ground and pound while Tim manages to recover full guard..  Aaron moves back into half guard while Tim traps an arm and goes for an armbar but Aaron pulls out and starts to work for a kimura.  Tim uses the hold to sweep Aaron but Aaron will not have any of it and quickly regains top position and pushes Tim up against the fence.  Aaron postures up and gets in some shots but Tim starts to wall walk.  Tim ties up Aaron’s arms and throws a hammer fist from the bottom.  Aaron retaliates with a couple of blows from the top.  Tim makes his way back to his feet and throws a brutal body shot that crumples Aaron.  It looked like it might be the end of the fight but Aaron managed to recover and circle out before Tim can start to tee off.   Tim pushes Aaron around the ring with strikes but as Aaron’s back hits the fence he rebounds and takes Tim down as the round ends.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Aaron Armstrong

Round 3: The fighters trade strikes in the center of the ring Tim scores a hard right hook.  Aaron moves in and gets a single leg take down but Tim immediately goes for a leg lock.  Aaron escapes and the fighters end up against the fence with Aaron in Tim’s full guard.  Aaron slips in some short elbows which spurns Tim to push him away.  Aaron jumps back into full guard and continues to throw elbows.  Tim goes for a kimura and uses Aaron’s defence to sweep and take North South position.  Tim scores some knees to the shoulder and goes for a wild arm bar but misses and ends up on bottom in North South position.  Aaron goes for a kimura and starts to extend the arm but Tim circles and Aaron take side mount.  Aaron lands some short elbows but Tim works back to his feet.  Aaron goes for one last take down but Tim sprawls till the fight ends.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Aaron Armstrong
Aaron Armstrong defeats Tim Tamaki via unanimous decision.

155 lbs- Pete Neufeld VS Mark Maruzs
Round 1:  The fighters stand toe to toe in the center of the ring.  Mark paws some jabs but Pete keeps his composure and waits.  Mark moves in and clinches, but Pete escapes and the fighters again throw strikes to dial in their range and timing.  Both fighters show great foot work and crisp hands as they throw, slip and parry.  Pete lands a nice shot to the body followed by a teep.  Mark recovers the distance and clinches but Pete shrugs him off and lands a hard right hook followed by outside and inside kicks to Marks left leg.  Mark tries to close distance again but Pete scores with a knee followed by a short right hook.  Back in the center of the ring, Pete throws a right leg kick Mark responds with an inside leg kick, which Pete counters with a jab.  Pete throws a spinning body kick.  The fighters trade leg kicks.  Pete lands a clean right that sends the sweat flying off Mark’s head.  Mark keeps his composure and retaliates with some shots of his own.  Pete throws a left head kick followed by a body kick.  Mark counters with a crisp uppercut followed by his left hand.  Pete responds with a front kick and the bell rings before the fighters can close the distance again.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Pete Neufeld

Round 2: Pete opens with a jab cross leg kick combo.  Pete changes stances and goes for a hook but Mark lands first with a punch straight up the middle.  The fighters trade various combinations both landing but Pete getting off a little cleaner. Pete throws a leg kick followed by a side kick to the body Mark responds but Pete slips just out of range.  Mark comes in with an upper cut but Pete ducks and counters with a left.  Mark throws a brutal overhand right but Pete slips out and throws an inside leg kick followed by two more to the outside.  Mark lands a nice body shot, Pete scores a 1-2 then the fighters trade simultaneous left hooks.  Pete scores another outside leg kick Mark counters with a hook followed by another clean shot.  Pete throws a body kick, leg kick and a double jab.  Mark counters and the fighters again trade lefts.  Pete pins Mark to the cage but Mark fights back out to the center of the ring.  The two men waste no time and start trading the fighters are keeping an amazing pace and it seems this fight may come down to conditioning.  Pete throws a three punch combo shortly followed by good body and leg kicks.  Mark counters with two more leg kicks at the end of the round.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Pete Neufeld

Round 3: The round starts no different then the rest, both men take the center of the ring and trade combinations displaying their quick hands and great foot work.  Mark takes an opportunity to shoot for a take down but Pete defends.  Mark lands a leg kick Pete counters with a left.  The fighters continue to trade punch combinations.  Pete backs Mark up against the cage but Mark leg kicks and circles out.  Pete scores two clean jabs between Mark’s strikes which land just out of range.  Pete gets a leg kick followed by some dirty boxing and another leg kick.  Mark throws a 1-2 but Pete slips and counters with a right.  Pete sneaks in a jab and uses great head movement to avoid Marks retaliation.  Mark gets two glancing leg kicks, Pete throws a spinning heel kick and follows with a jab.  Pete presses Mark up against the fence and dishes out a couple strikes.  Mark creates some distance and lands a nice reaching body shot with an over hand left to follow.  Pete stays him off with two jabs and a right hook.  Mark clinches but Pete sprawls, knees to the body and shrugs him off.  Mark throws a left hook but Pete counters with a nice short elbow as the fight ends.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Pete Neufeld
Peter Neufeld defeats Mark Marusz via unanimous decision.

155lbs – Brandon Blacquier VS Cody Ries
Round 1:Brandon comes out swinging, Cody clinches, knees and pulls guard and foes for an arm. Brandon comes out swinging Cody clinches and knees then pulls guard and goes for an arm. Brandon escapes and lands some hard shots while standing in Cody’s guard.  Cody traps and isolates and arm and positions for and armbar. Brandon picks him up off the mat and slams him but Cody hangs on. Brandon stacks Cody and tries to free his arm, he furthers his effort to loosen Cody’s grip by kneeing to the shoulder but Cody holds out. Brandon starts kneeing Cody’s arm and Cody escapes to north south position while eating some shots. Brandon postures up and punished Cody.  Cody controls Brandon’s arms throws up his high guard and tries for another arm lock submission. Brandon defends by stacking Cody and freeing his arm.   Cody again throws a high guard but Brandon escapes, postures up and lands some head strikes followed by body blows.  Cody again isolates and attacks an arm as the round ends.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Brandon Blacquier

Round 2:Brandon ducks Cody’s jab cross combo and gets a huge slamming take down.  Immediately Cody attacks a shoulder,Brandon defends and moves into half guard. Brandon throws four short elbows to his opponent’s head.  Cody throws a high guard but Brandon pushes him to the fence.  Cody goes for an arm bar submission, locks it in deep but Brandon turns, rolls, and manages to escape.  The fighters stand, trade and clinch. Brandon knees and follows with a trip take down into half guard.  Cody reverses and Brandon attacks his arm from the bottom.  Cody escapes and takes side control but Brandon body locks and reverses.  Cody ties up his arms and establishes his dangerous guard. Brandon postures up and scores some hard shots before Cody defends and controls his arms until the end of the round.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Brandon Blacquier

Round 3: Cody’s heart is starting to show in the damage on his face.  He immediately shoots for a take down.  Brandon shrugs him off and gets a hard take down into side control. Brandon begins to land hard blows while standing in Cody’s guard.  Cody goes for an armbar, sinks it in deep and the crowd goes silent as he starts to stress Brandon’s elbow.  Amazingly, Brandon escapes the body control rolls around his shoulder and escapes the hold. Brandon continues to work his ground and pound but Cody stays in the fight and takes the first opportunity to attack a limb. Brandon defends, takes mount and goes for a kimura.  Cody defends, regains half guard, then full guard, then, ties up Brandon and throws up a high guard.  Cody escapes, frees his arms and starts dropping bombs again.  Cody, again traps his arm and gets his legs across Brandon’s face. He tries to lock in the arm bar but Brandon defends until the end of the round.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Brandon Blacquier
Brandon Blacquier defeats Cody Ries via unanimous decision. 
Brandon may not yet have reached the pinnacle of his MMA career, however, he did set the global pinnacle of men’s styling as he exited the ring sporting a mullet now stained bright red from his opponent’s haemoglobin.

Amateur Card

155lbs – Abel Burroughs VS Jamark Brady
Round 1:  Abel quickly shoots in and slams Jamark.  Abel goes for some punches to the arm from Jamark’s guard.  Jamark moves over to the fence and tries to wall-walk but Abel holds his legs.  Jamark manages to get a hold of Abel’s neck, takes top position then starts landing vicious body hooks.  Jamark pushes off stands up and scores two leg kicks followed by a superman punch, but Abel evades.  Jamark throws a short range knee to the body and the fighters tie up against the fence.  Abel reaches for a single but Jamark grabs his neck and goes for a brutal standing guillotine but  Abel toughs it out until the end of the round.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Jamark Brady.

Round 2:  Abel clinches and works hard to take the fight to the mat.  Jamark scores three knees to the body and goes again for a standing guillotine but Abel quickly shrugs him off.  Jamark lands a clean right hook and pushes Abel to the cage.  Jamark drives Abel to the cage.  Able goes for a double and Jamark sprawls and lands some right hooks.  Abel grabs a leg but Jamark attacks the body.  Jamark lands some more hooks to the body and gets some sharp leg kicks.  Abel goes for a take down, Jamark sprawls then lands five hard knees. Jamark presses Abel against the fence and lands another leg kick followed by a clean jab.  The fighters trade and Jamark scores a flying knee followed by two other knees from the clinch and some hard body shots.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Jamark Brady.

Round 3:  At the bell both fighters come in fast from their corners and go, simultaneously, for a flying knee.  Due to some unfortunate body positioning the entire moment of force from both fighters lands low on Abel and the fighter takes what might be the hardest shot to the cup in MMA history.  The tough Canadian shakes it off as Zach, still in wraps from the third fight on the card, comes out of the locker room to coach his fellow Burroughs from the stands.  Abel leads off with a leg kick and the fighters clinch again.  Jamark lands a knee and Abel replies with a knee of his own.  The fighters trade leg kicks Jamark throws a spinning heel kick but Abel counters with a clean right and takes Jamark’s back while standing.  Jamark turns, Abel grabs his neck and Jamark throws some knees and pushes Abel up against the fence.  Abel pulls guard in an attempt to finish the guillotine but Jamark shrugs him off.  Abel gets his feet under him and lands a clean 1-2.  Jamark throws another flying knee and Abel pulls guard again.  Jamark once again shrugs him off but Abel gets a trip, holds Jamark’s legs, moves into side control, and finishes the round with some knees to the body.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Jamark Brady.
Jamark Brady defeats Abel Burroughs via unanimous decision.

155lbs – Zach Burroughs VS Taylor Bonogofski
Before the fight even starts Zach displays his excellent taste by walking out the Drop Kick Murphy’s Shipping up to Boston.  Resisting the urge to drink cheap beer and punch myself in the face, I stuck ring side and took in the submission of the night.

Round 1: Taylor leads off with a jab cross combo but Zach ducks, body locks and gets a slamming take down. Taylor quickly grabs his neck, reverses and takes north south position. Taylor then takes side control but Zach struggles for half then full guard.  Zach ties up Taylor’s arms. Taylor postures up to free his arms, Zach quickly stands up and reverses. Taylor quickly wall-walks up and takes top position again. Taylor digs in a guillotine but Zach escapes. Taylor again sees an opportunity and throws his whole body into another guillotine.  The 10 second clapper goes and the crowd goes silent as Zach is forced to tap with seven seconds left to go in the first round.
Taylor Bonogofski submits Zach Burroughs via guillotine choke in Round 1,2:53.

205lbs – Marty Ecklund VS Grayson Wells
Round 1: Marty lands first with a leg kick.  Grayson replies with a four punch combo.  Marty lands a clean right and Grayson counters cleanly.  Marty scores a right hook  followed by a right kick.  Grayson looks a little wobbled and Marty gets a take down, starts hammering body shots, picks up Grayson and slams him back down to the mat.  Grayson reverses and Marty goes for an arm, from guard.  Grayson defends and takes mount were he goes to work on the body.  Marty tries to buck but Grayson isolates an arm then abandons it ands some body punches.  Grayson rolls for and arm bar again but Marty escapes.  The fighters stand but the round ends before they can re-engage.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Marty Ecklund

Round 2:  Grayson closes the distance, body locks and gets a takedown.  He then takes Marty’s back and starts to work his arm under Marty’s chin.  Marty tries to defend but Grayson sinks in a hook-less rear naked choke and forces Grayson to tap.
Grayson Wells submits Marty Ecklund via rear naked choke in Round 2,1:03.

155lbs – Lee Popp VS Chris Chapman
Round 1: Chris starts out swinging with bad intentions.  Lee answers back and both men throw and slip and tie up against the fence.  Chris goes for a take down but Lee reverses and Chris quickly starts attacking Lees arms from the bottom.  Lee defends but Chris is relentless.  Lee eventually escapes and the fighters make their way back to their feet.  Lee gets a take down and moves into side control but Chris stays calm though Lee shows great control from the top.  Chris works his way into guard and then back up to his feet.  Chris gets an underhook and goes for a takedown but Lee reverses again and takes top position.  Chris goes for another armbar but is unable to lock it in before the bell.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Chris Chapman

Round 2: Chris opens with some hard leg kicks and Lee shrugs them off.  Chris lands a hard right followed by four kicks.  Lee replies with some vicious hooks but Chris evades.  The fight goes to the mat with Lee in Chris’ guard.  Lee works to half guard then side control from where he tries for a head arm triangle.  Chris rolls escapes and sweeps but Lee won’t have it and regains top position.  Chris goes for a triangle but Lee sees it coming and stands up before Chris can lock in the choke.  The round ends with Lee still in Chris’ guard.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lee Popp

Round 3:  Both fighters look game as the round begins.  Chris paws out some jabs then throws a kick to create some distance.  Lee goes for a spinning back fist shortly followed by another of the same.  Chris lands a brutal leg kick then a hard kick to the body.  Lee clinches and Chris throws some knees to the body.  Lee scores a take down into side control.  Chris tries to shake him but Lee is solid.  Chris starts to work for a guillotine.  Lee answers back with a kimura attempt.  Chris takes Lee’s back then moves into half guard .  Lee throws up a tight guard and controls Chris but Chris frees his arms and starts throwing body shots.  Some of the shots start to land high and the ref stands the fighters up and gives a warning.  Lee throws a left but Chris ducks and gets a brutal takedown as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lee Popp.
Chris Chapman defeats Lee Popp via split decision.

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