Canadian Rumour Mill – May 14


How about a video to start off your Monday MMA needs? So late last week we see a video where Babalu absolutely goes off on Stephane Patry… well here’s Gilbert Yvel snapping off big time on Lino Santoro and the failed 2011 reincarnation of Colloseo!    Check it out HERE.

  • Matt Veal needed surgery to repair his broken cheekbone he received from Will Romero at Bellator 67.  Get healthy Kid Lightning!
  • Although John Makdessi has lost two in a row in the Octagon, Makdessi will be returning for a fifth fight in the UFC. Look for him on the Montreal card in the fall.   That’s no Bull!  or, I should say, That’s Bull!
  • ECF 2 Rez Wars upcoming card, the organization previously known as Rumble on the Rez, looks to have improved their product already. ECF 2 could feature Chris Stranger, Augostino DeNatle, Derek Abrahamson and Aaron Shymr.
  • Need a tough Member of Parliament to fight for your cause, look no further than 2 time AFC vet Ryan Leef who is a MP in Yukon now.
  • Ricky Goodall’s ECFP promotion is considering running a show in Halifax this August.
  • MFC is looking for a suitable opponent for Nathan Coy in August.  Well how about Ryan Machan who is a spectacular 8-0 in the MFC!
  • Is Mike Kent vs Cody Krahn going to happen on MFC 34?  Many fights have been announced, but no peep about that one.
  • Eric Barrak is keeping busy with boxing. He is fighting at the Bell Centre on June 8th vs a to be named opponent. Is he returning to MMA anytime soon?

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  1. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Donnie (yes we all know who you really are, but you can keep hiding behind that name) let’s try this again so even a duck can understand it. We were offered Edwin so we took it. Is that hard to understand? Luke’s most active year ever…is this year, my first year managing him. In 4 months he has had 3 fights. So in my first year managing him he has his most active year in the first 4 months of the year. Luke’s rank went from the low 300’s in the world to 105th in the world in 4 months. On top of that he is one of the most talked about non UFC fighters in Canada in the past couple months. Let me guess that has nothing to do with his management.

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  2. mike kent says:

    I find great pleasure in the fact that no matter what dierection the rumor mill begins in I can always steer it towards convo about me and trash talk and luke harris lol its a given week to week

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  3. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Mike send me an email I might of just got a call to pull you out of your 2 year retirement. Email me at

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    @Kyle – You know who I am? Brilliant, shoot me an email we can talk.


    PS – But you can call me Scott if you’d prefer.

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  5. Ryan W. says:

    Can’t wait to see you back mike. Hope your break serves you well.

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  6. mike kent says:

    hwy guys just a quick update. After i posted on here yesterday that i was taking some time off i was contacted and offered the origonal fight with cody and also a fight with luke harris.

    After talking it over with my family i have decided to stick with my plan and take some time off and get me and my family adjusted to our new home.

    i trained at bowmans the other night and its a great gym with solid guys so i know going forward training will not be a issue and i will be able to prepare for fights with no issue but i think that its unfair at this point to move my daighter and wife across country and spend all day and night away from them.

    The one thing that has changed though is ive decided to only take the summer off and get used to fort mac and the new gym and i will be fully prepared to fight on the following card if the MFC is willing to have me , i think that if i commited myself to a fight in august it would be rushed ( becuase of the move ) and i may not show up in the best mindstate or shape that i can .

    The reason that i am posting this is i want to make it clear that after being offered allen hope and rejecting it that i was offered both cody and luke for august 10th and it is me that is deciding to sit this card out. Luke harris and his managment and cody are both willing to fight me and other even tougher guys so i think its unfair to call luke out on not taking tough fights when they activly campaigned for a fight against me and were willing to fight in august.

    I will be ready to fight Luke, Cody, Jaecyn, Buckland or anyone else that the MFC puts in front of me as early as the following card once im settled in and my family is happy up here on the west coast. its me making the call .

    Thanks to the MFC for the good opportunitys presented and hopefully me deciding to take care of other things like work and family wont set me back to far or upset the bosses !

    If fighting was all i had to think about then id be in there every other week. I have no desire to compete for anyone else but the MFC and hope that the next time the put on a card i can face there best !

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  7. booboo says:


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  8. evan blakely says:

    Well said Mike…I didn’t know you moved your family to Alberta – thats intense but it will be worth it…see you in Calgary when you fight down here ha

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  9. Sniper123 says:

    Is MFC going to cut Tim Hauge after his loose?

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