Patry Considering Legal Action Over Babalu Video


In interview with, an angry Renato “Babalu” Sobral lashed out at Instinct MMA for cancelling his Light-Heavyweight fight with injured Steve Bosse.

Sobral claims in the interview that his fight with Instinct MMA has been pushed back a total of four times from November 2011 to February 2012 to May 5 2012 then lastly June 2 2012.

Sobral, who is very upset over the lost paydays, goes on to state that Instinct MMA is “unprofessional”, “a piece of crap” and that promoter Stephane Patry “shouldn’t be allowed to promote MMA again.”

Since the video was posted, Stephane Patry has contacted stating that he is considering legal actions against Babalu for his untrue statements made in the video.

Top MMA News will keep you updated as the situation develops.

Here is the Sobral interview:

4 Responses to “ Patry Considering Legal Action Over Babalu Video ”

  1. Lance Bass says:

    I side with babalu on this, Patry seems like a scum bag.

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  2. Bdc says:

    Legal action lol as if.

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  3. Nighty night says:

    Lance Bass is probably pavelich… Go figure

    I do agree though, legal action is a bit ridiculous

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  4. Lance Bass says:

    Oh come on that is a huge insult,

    Pavelich, is more of the douche bag compared to Patry the scum bag.

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