Will Romero on Bellator 67 Win over Matt Veal


Top MMA News’ Don Wilson catches up with Will Romero following his Bellator 67 fight. In this interview, Romero talks about:

  • his win over Matt Veal,
  • how Matt Veal had him in trouble in the Bellator fight,
  • training at House of Champions,
  • what Kru Alin Halmagean means to him, and
  • where he will fight next.

15 Responses to “ Will Romero on Bellator 67 Win over Matt Veal ”

  1. bigmmaFAN says:

    lol claude best BJJ in the world? Go have claude go roll with the best of gacia, riberio, mia, bravo,cooper etc and see what happens , maybe maybe in canada he can say one of best but not world class. will is good muay thai fighter but needs to step it up in compeition i dont know how you are fighting in bellator and yet faught 3 soupcans in a row. Great fighter but needs to step it up.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    The thing about Claude- whatever anyone has seen from him is only a fraction of what he knows and what he is capable of. Claude has only shown what he needs to.

    Imho Claude is one of the very top guys.

    He’s not looking for glory or attention but he’s even smarter and better than we see.

    Will had a great fight against a great opponent. Veal has guts and pace and chin and gameness off the chart. Will brought superior skill. It was a great fight.

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  3. harry balls says:

    THAT”S how you address a weight miss.

    ….Measure twice, cut once…..

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  4. Jeff Harrison says:

    Wow I didn’t even hear Will missed until this interview. Still an awesome fight good knee!

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  5. David letourneau says:

    @ bigmmafan I take issue with what you have to say in regards to the soup can statement. I cant speak on Will’s previous opponents but Matt Veal is a top of the food chain 45er who was dominating Will standing and on the ground before getting hit with a knee from hell that broke his face, literally broke his face cheek bone. He is just getting out of facial surgery where they had to rebuild the side of his face, taking a shot like that would have dropped any man in mma and made them tap or go to sleep but matty didnt drop nope he stood there and took more knowing what had just happened to him until the ref stopped the fight. They do not get any tougher then that man.

    Will not making weight was bullshit! The fight was signed in january, “JANUARY” scale calibration? I call bullshit on that, taking responsibility for not making weight is great and fine for the cameras but its a violation of a written contract and professionalism between two great men and fighters. I would like to see Will go to 155 lots of interesting fights there, One for sure! Not to take anything away from his win he fought a great fight and got the w.

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  6. alin says:

    patricio pitbull, mitch gagnio, tristan johnson, stephane bernadel….all soup cans for bigmmafan. If you are a true mma fan make realistic comments. Matt Veal heats off to him great guy and hell of a fighter.

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  7. bigmmaFAN says:

    No i agree matt veal is a tough kid and has alot of heart and was actually winning that fight in my oppinion untill he got caught, was a great fight. Will at 155lbs david? who do you have in mind. He looks comfortable at 145lbs

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  8. Mma legion says:

    Romero showed that he still has no takedown defense! He’s dangerous on his feet but can’t keep it there long enough. He was pushing the first round n then blew it on the ground. He seems to not have much off his back too!
    Matt Veal has an incredible chin and heart! He took some major shots n kept coming
    Romero needs to step up the competition to take that step to the ufc

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    Veal is tough as hell and has a great package!!!

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    Great interview with Romero by BIG WIN! I liked how Romero owned up to missing weight, and talked about the ups and downs of being a fighter etc.

    Good stuff!

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  11. Jake - JHEG says:

    I haven’t weight in on this yet but was meaning to. I have been more concerned with Matt’s recovery as David is right, his cheekbone was completely shattered by Romero’s knee.

    I’ll be honest, i have not heard the audio interview yet but I plan on listening to it today. So with that being said, I’ll just speak to what i know.

    Yes, Romero missed weight, took responsibility for it and Matt contacted me letting me know what was going on. Matt did not for one second even want to discuss the thought of not taking the fight or have any ill will towards Romero. Matt took the fight and from what I saw, fought one hell of a fight. I cannot speak to Romero’s previous opponents but I can attest to Matt’s skills and in my opinion, he’s an amazing fighter. He has evolved tremendously and has never backed down from a tough challenge, even when the odds were not in his favor.

    Matt gave Will one hell of a fight and in my mind, he won 9 minutes of a ten minute bout. Will is one hell of a tough fighter and all the respect to him and his camp for the win. But my client did exactly what he promised he would do:

    Showed up on weight. Conducted himself as a true professional. And put on one hell of a show. Win, lose or draw, Matt Veal is no “can”. He’s one of the best competitors and friends I know.

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  12. Bdc says:


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  13. Mitch says:

    I can’t say I agree that “Romero showed that he has no takedown defence”. He did get taken down in the first round, but did a good job of not getting taken down most of the fight.

    Takedown defence isn’t just sprawling when a guy is on your legs. It’s using movement and footwork to create angles your opponent can’t shoot from. I thought Romero did a pretty good job of that. Also a knee to the face that breaks your cheek bone seems to be effective takedown defence.

    That being said i was rooting for Veal all the way in this fight. Thought he looked great can’t wait to see him back in there. Just though MMA legions criticism on Romero were a little off.

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  14. Mitch says:

    Huge props to kid lightning who was winning the standup battle, up until that knee.

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  15. AnabolicMike says:

    I had the opertunity to spend time with Will in Winnipeg and found him to be a very welspoken respectfull young man. Nothing but the best for him.

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