Ivan Menjivar Talks Renan Barao Fight


photo by Eric Gaudreault

http://topmmanews.com talks with the UFC’s Ivan Menjivar who talks about his upcoming fight against Renan Barao at UFC 148. Menjivar talks about his love of mixed martial arts and how much fun he has competing. Ivan talks about how he was an airport security guard two years ago and now he is considered one of the best Bantamweights in the world. The always calm and cool Menjivar talks about his Tristar team and how he wants to put on a beautiful fight at UFC 148.

5 Responses to “ Ivan Menjivar Talks Renan Barao Fight ”

  1. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Renan 28-1 will be no easy fight for Ivan. His only loss was his first pro fight in 2005!

    Best of luck to Ivan, make Canada Proud!!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    How can you not love Ivan Menjivar. Awesome attitude, super positive, true legend!

    Man that interview by BIG WIN just pumped me up and left a smile on my face! Awesome!

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    BIG WIN next time you gotta ask Ivan about being screwed in his fight with Faber, I’d like him to recap that and give his thoughts.
    Also to finish off the interview get him to do his cool sideways pose!


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  4. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Big Win might get a chance sooner than you think!

    Rumour has it Barao may step in to fight Faber @ UFC 148.

    Screwed by Faber again!!

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  5. Pat G says:

    menjivar is the bomb, loved his last fight

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