Canadian Rumour Mill – May 8


Let’s start this session with a big round of congrats to a bunch of Canadian boys that fought outside the country and had their hands raised in victory:

  • Congrats to… Manitoba’s Augustino DeNatale and Ryan Pang from the CFC Gym on their wins in Milwaukee on the weekend on Duke Roufus’ NAFC show!
  • Congrats to… the Black Mamba Kultar Gill and Gary Mangat for their Super Fight League wins!
  • Congrats to… ranked MW Vaughn Anderson who beat Hae Joon Yang in Australia. Yang has a win over Joaquim “Mamute” Ferreira – the only man to hold a win over Junior Dos Santos!

On to this week’s rumours:

Denis Kang on Dancing with the Stars

  • Looks like Jordan Mein will be on the Score Fighting Series card in June.  No, he’s not dropped from Strikeforce.  He is allowed to get outside fights just like Sarah Kaufman did at Armageddon.
  • Speaking of Kaufman, it seems as though she may get her opportunity to get her belt back from Ronda Rousey this August on a summer Strikeforce card.
  • Elite 1 will set up Arsenault vs Goodall for their WW belt.
  • Still NO Winnipeg shows, but Rumble in the Rez is back. The promotion is actually called Elite Championship Fighting  and they will hold their second show, ECF 2: Rez Warz, on July 14th in The Pas.
  • Check out Denis Kang on the Korean version of “Dancing with the Stars”
  • The Ontario Commission used seven different refs for nine fights at Bellator 67 this weekend. Only Big John and Yves Lavigne reffed more than once. Dan Miragliotta, Ivan Svec, Todd Anderson, Brian Beauchamp, and Graham Bettes all reffed one bout. Seems like overkill to me.  In comparison, UFC on Fox had twelve fights and three refs assigned. The same Dan Miragliotta reffed four fights on the UFC on Fox card including three consecutive on the main card.
  • Pat Cote, who’s sponsored by Callaway, is working on getting his own TV show on The Golf Network.
  • When is Pat Cote going back to the UFC? It must be very frustrating being a fan favourite, beating UFC vets and still not getting the call.
  • Mariusz Zastawny will box on May 11 in Calgary.
  • Chris Peak and James Hanson were acquitted of their aggravated sexual assault charges. Peak had lost to Roger Hollett at ECC 10 the night prior to the alleged incident.
  • It appears David Galbraith, Assistant Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, will become the Executive Director of the British Columbia commission if the legislation passes.
  • If you’re in the Toronto area think about checking this out: A charity film screening of the MMA doc “Jens Pulver – Driven” will be held at the Toronto Underground Cinema (186 Spadina Ave.) at 4:00PM on Sunday, June 3 2012. Money will be raised for four great causes including the Shawn Tompkins Memorial Fund, Seana Rossi Medical Fund etc. This is a FREE screening and will have special guests including the UFC’s Mark Hominick and Sam Stout as well as Bellator’s Chris Horodecki.  Spread the word people!

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  1. Robin Black says:

    I think they used 7 refs at Bellator so that they could get new refs in the rotation and have them get experience in Ontario and observed by the commission.

    At one point there were only 4 or 5 refs being used at all in Ontario.

    Now there’s closer to a dozen refs being actively used here.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    I hope Denis Kang wins.

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  3. CM says:

    The Ontario-based refs almost always work as judges and/or locker room inspectors on the same cards as well.

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  4. chris clements says:

    Out of all of that, the news that intrigues me the most is that Patrick Cote is sponsored by Calloway.
    Really makes me Jealous. I think Cote and I should play a round…. winner gets the TV show

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  5. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Congrats to Luke Harris on his MFC win on Friday over UFC Vet Edwin Dewees. Guess the queen had a hot date on Friday and missed this one.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Kyle here’s a little geography lesson bud, Edmonton is in CANADA.
    “Canadian boys that fought outside the country”

    But congrats to Luke who looked FANTASTIC!

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  7. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Thanks for the geography lesson I looked at a map of the US for hours and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t find it. I should of just asked you, your always so helpful.

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    Anytime :)

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  9. Ryan W. says:

    There are rumors of Elite – 1 trying to set up an event in Halifax this summer. Goodall vs arsenault would be the perfect fight for it. Idk if Goodall will. Be able to fight so soon though. It may not be medically safe.

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  10. Don’t count me out Ryan, when you’re super smart like me you got brains to spare :) All medically cleared and ready to rock

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  11. Guns Loaded says:

    Kyle :

    Straight up Luke takes fights he & a blind person knows he will win.

    No disrespect but I have never seen him fight a fight that wasent one side an believe me he will hit a wall once he gets with the big league where he can’t have pick his opponents.

    It will be nice to see Luke step up.

    FYI his last opponent isn’t relevant in MMA any more.

    Keep fishing with dynamite :)

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  12. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Guns Loaded we don’t pick our opponents. I have been Luke’s manager for 3 fights so let’s go over all 3.

    For Duff, the guy told the promoter he wanted to fight us so promoter asked and we accepted.

    For Brandon the promoter was having a hard time finding someone to fight Luke on his card. We went through a ton of local guys that all said no. Mike Kent can even attest to this as he was one guy called but was injured. Then I said what about Brandon, promoter liked the fight and Brandon accepted. We have called out 4 if not 5 guys on the top 10 Canadian 185 pounders to countless promoters, how that is picking opponents is beyond me.

    For Edwin a promoter not the one that he fought for asked about Luke for his upcoming card. I said I would love to see him fight a UFC Vet, so a step up. They were concerned about getting someone in there price range and kind of seemed like they weren’t sure who they could get. I listed like 50 UFC Vet that I was pretty certain would fight in there price range. Out of that list they gave us as different UFC Vet, which was cool we accepted then that guy said no. Then they said 2 guys on that list of 50 they liked. One of those was Edwin. Edwin and we both agreed to the fight then that promtion seemed to lose interest in having that fight and pretty much said they weren’t sure if they could afford that fight. Then MFC came a calling and there first opponent was not a name so I said I would like a name so he said what about Edwin so we accepted.

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  13. Guns Loaded says:

    So 100% you didn’t turn down a fight with Joe Dorekson?

    You did there that guy wants Luke make the fight happen.

    Joe will fight him 100%

    Joe has called Luke out 1679892 many times.

    Do it!!!!!

    Then we will know what Luke has.

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  14. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Unreal how much this website forum is like a broked record. I have said this on multiple occassions I turned down a fight with Joe for him. I was very clear with the promoter that asked. I said I thought Luke needed 1 maybe 2 more fights before we wanted that fight. I didn’t say no never to that fight, I said I think we need a fight or two before we want that fight. No 1 guy is not going to tell us what Luke has. There are millions of guys out there and that fight was not one that I was dying to put him in, right at this moment.

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  15. @Kyle Stoltz…. I really enjoy your comments on Luke. Thanks for posting.

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good call Keith, keep up the posts Kyle, I too enjoy them!

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  17. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Thanks Keith! I just try to be very honest. Some might agree with how I do things and some might not, especially when it comes to being selective on opponents. For guys with under 15 or so fights I believe every fight has a meaning behind it or an untimate goal of letting the fighter progress a step, not a mile at once but a simple progession. Some managers take every fight that is thrown at him for his guy and say things like I will fight anyone, that to me to start a guys career can be a huge disservice. Then some managers take fights for guys cause they see big money and jump. I do my best to look long term. If I manage someone I genuinely care about the person there a friend so I put huge amounts of effort into making sure the fight is right. For most fights I would bet I do more research on the opponent then most camps or even fighters do. I look at it like I’m going in there to fight myself. Have I always done things this way, no but I have made mistakes in the past with clients and this style for me with clients has been the best way for me when it comes to the clients success.

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  18. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Thanks Bobby!

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  19. Joe Doerksen says:

    For the record, I don’t recall ever calling Luke out. I have said that I would be willing. I’m pretty sure I’d be willing to fight pretty much anyone.

    As long as he’s exclusive with MFC, don’t expect this one to happen.

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  20. Kyle Stoltz says:

    He had a 1 fight deal with MFC so he’s a free agent right now. Yeah not suprised you would fight anyone. What people don’t realize, leaving talent and age aside Luke is still a prospect so a pretty new fighter, with just now his 10th fight. He’s yet to leave the 1st round so probably fought less then 20 minutes total. Should be fun to see his progression as we’re going to take tougher and tougher fights for him. Excited to see who’s next for him.

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  21. mike kent says:

    Lukes is the real deal 100 percent ! Edwin dewees is not in his prime but still a ufc vet with 30 plus fights that that showed up to fight hard and luke beat him at his own game . I hope he signs back on with the MFC and me and cody fight and the winner fights the winner of luke VS ??? Lukes doing everything right and is humble and respectfull in his approach and he still gets shit on hard ! He fights who is presented and it only lasts a minute or two ! I’d still love to fight him and see who can implement there game !

    4 man tourney for MW strap anyone ?

    Joe your a great dangerous fighter ! Stay away from me for as long as possible please lol

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  22. Kyle, I like you alot but I’m biting my tongue right now. Call me tomorrow

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  23. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Okay I will call you tomorrow.

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  24. Cody Rempel says:

    Not a Canadian Rumour but very interesting nonetheless… Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Shinya Aoki in the works for DREAM.

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  25. Totes Magotes says:

    Looks like Jordan Mein will be fighting on the Strikeforce card in July and not for SFS towards the end of June.

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  26. Guns Loaded says:

    Get Luke out of MFC :)

    Joe vs Luke on Aggressions June card


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  27. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Luke only signed a 1 fight deal with MFC, he’s a free agent as of right now.

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  28. Brent Fryia says:

    Harris vs Kent when Kent is all healed up!

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  29. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Love it Brent :)

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  30. Donald Duck says:

    That would be a good scrap.

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  31. booboo says:


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  32. B says:

    “the queen” is really a 300 pound fat broad who cant put her BK down

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  33. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Oh my god a fight Donald Duck likes. Usually your our toughest critic haha. It’s a fight both parties have agreed to in the past so MFC, that sounds like a fight to make happen!! 8-0 vs. 9-1 both guys ranked in the top 150 in the world at 185 pounds per and to me this is the best 2 prospects at 185 pounds in Canada. Do I need to keep going on my sales pitch haha. I’m beyond shocked promoters aren’t jumping on this fight, to me it just makes sense.

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  34. mike kent says:

    Love to fight luke and it does make sennse. I was supposed to fight cody krahn in a hyped fight last card and as much as the fight with luke interests me I thinks its crazy disrespectful to cody for a great fighter like cody to be thrown aside and us to be matched up. Marks the boss and I am under contact with him so what he says goes but I would like to finish what we started as I think he would !

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  35. mike kent says:

    If cody isn’t avaiable or can’t fight then let’s do me vs luke 100 percent forsure but I’m not looking past cody

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  36. cody krahn says:

    yeah fuck off with the harris vs kent bullshit. Me and Mike are finishing our business first.

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  37. Kyle Stoltz says:

    I didn’t bring it up I was just its biggest fan when it was brought up. In my opinion in this landscape there is no other fight that makes more sense at 185 pounds in Canada. Just my thoughts.

    @Mike the reality is the chances of Luke not being signed with the big show by the time you fight Cody then need another fight are slim. I guess let’s see what happens.

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  38. mike kent says:

    I agree that me and luke is probally a great fan friendly fight but so is my and cody and I signed a contract and me and cody did a lot to promote our fight ! Everyone wants to see us finish what we started and I think for people to just toss me and krahns fight to the side is super rude to cody ! He is more then deserving opponent and huge challenge ! A lot of people considser it a coin flip.

    Krahn and luke train together so I wonder where this is coming from ?
    I think me vs. Krahn and luke vs _____ winners fight and there is a clear best of the 4 but I’m not the boss

    On a side note besides running and some technique I haven’t been able to train yey while my hand heals. I am planning to begin again next week full training but I’ve also made the move to fort mac and have tried top go to bowmans two or three times but the were closed for things like belt gradings and the MFC . As long as its a good fit for me and there ok with me training there I see no issue being ready for august except my seefoodeatit diet while I’ve been injured lol (217)

    Also me and cody have openly said that we want this fight to happen but the MFC hasn’t posted it as a fight and have been hyping the other rematches so I’m wondering if they still want this!

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  39. K. RASMUS says:

    I want to see the KENT VS KRAHN fight !!!

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  40. Fake Phil Baroni says:

    james “Halifax” Hanson

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  41. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Mike your 4 man tournament probably would not work. Cody and Luke train together as even you said. I’m pretty sure those 2 would not fight each other. So if Cody won his fight and Luke won his fight then there would be an issue.

    Also people asked about the fight of you vs Luke and I agreed with it as being a good fight, that’s all. Not brought up by me. If we get that fight or not, not a big deal to me to be honest. Also it’s not rude to Cody the fight of Luke vs you was brought up and you agreed to it before even signing with MFC. So literally 4 months ago. It’s not like we just made this fight up I have countless emails with you about this fight from like February, where it was find a promotion and I would love to have that fight. Now you two are under the same banner…so finding the promotion is probably not an issue anymore.

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  42. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Fake Phil Baroni not sure if I looked up the right James Hanson but only guy I found was 2-5. If that’s him sorry probably doesn’t make the most sense for someone like Luke as he’s won 9 straight fights. Now if you can get the real Phil Baroni then we have sometehing. That fight would be sick.

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  43. Donald Duck says:

    You know Kyle sometimes I like you and you make sense other times (like suggesting Baroni makes sense as an opponent) you remind me of the drunk guy behind me at fights. Baroni’s last competitive fight (and he looked epic in this one) was against Kala Hose in ’08. His last great win was against Chonan back in ’05.

    Get Luke in with a rising talent like Kent or an established name like El Dirte. This will shut up the ‘haters’ and give confirmation for us fans of Luke that he’s ready to start stepping past crushing cans.


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  44. mike kent says:

    Yeah I agree that we have been trying to get that fight going for months now and the issue was promotion I’m not denying that. I was just wondering what the convo in the gym would look likew between cody and luke if thew MFC asked for us to fight instead ! Two great fights against two great fighters ! It will be a honor to fight both in my career !

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  45. Donald Duck says:

    I dunno Mike you may have to wait. Rumor is Kyle is trying to sign Luke for a fight with Kimo and then I hear he’s trying to talk Art Jimmerson out of retirement…..

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  46. tdot says:

    Haha kimo n art jimmerson in the same reference thats funny! I love mma and fighting but i hate all tue banter and politics involved. The posturing and mudslinging and he said this he said that I would prefer to never hear from fighters at all when these things are being discussed.

    i compare it to a ballplayer getting involved with a fan in right field that was taunting him, hed look rediculous. Be proffesional, head down mouth shut n train hard.

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  47. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Donald Duck we have been asking for the fight with Kent for at least 4 months. Beyond that the top prospects at 185 pounds, Buckland, Baker etc. we would love any of those fights. I’m here publically saying we will take any of those fights. About Baroni it was half a joke cause of the guys name. But anyone that says Baroni is not fun to watch fight is nuts. Also guys 4-4 in his last 8 fights, 2 of those losses are to guys still in the UFC the other 2 are Riggs and Yoshida. Fact is Baroni could knock a guy out still but the Baroni fight is half me joking around cause of the guys screen name.

    @Mike I would let those guys figure it out in camp if the opponent got switched. It’s not like opponents haven’t been switched on us a million times. That is the game were in. Also me saying it’s a fight we want really means nothing as Mark’s the promoter so he makes the decisions. Also not sure why the convo went to that either but it did so I ran with it. I think a couple people just said it would be a good fight so I commentd on that.

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  48. K. RASMUS says:

    Edmonton is a small city , it makes no sense for fighters from the same city to fight each other . It just makes less options for switching gyms and sparring partners .

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  49. mike kent says:

    Yeah it would and hopefully will be a good fight . I don’t even know if mark wants us on this card so will see !

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  50. Donald Duck says:

    I don’t get this ‘friends can’t fight friends’ concept.

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