Canadian Rumour Mill – May 8


Let’s start this session with a big round of congrats to a bunch of Canadian boys that fought outside the country and had their hands raised in victory:

  • Congrats to… Manitoba’s Augustino DeNatale and Ryan Pang from the CFC Gym on their wins in Milwaukee on the weekend on Duke Roufus’ NAFC show!
  • Congrats to… the Black Mamba Kultar Gill and Gary Mangat for their Super Fight League wins!
  • Congrats to… ranked MW Vaughn Anderson who beat Hae Joon Yang in Australia. Yang has a win over Joaquim “Mamute” Ferreira – the only man to hold a win over Junior Dos Santos!

On to this week’s rumours:

Denis Kang on Dancing with the Stars

  • Looks like Jordan Mein will be on the Score Fighting Series card in June.  No, he’s not dropped from Strikeforce.  He is allowed to get outside fights just like Sarah Kaufman did at Armageddon.
  • Speaking of Kaufman, it seems as though she may get her opportunity to get her belt back from Ronda Rousey this August on a summer Strikeforce card.
  • Elite 1 will set up Arsenault vs Goodall for their WW belt.
  • Still NO Winnipeg shows, but Rumble in the Rez is back. The promotion is actually called Elite Championship Fighting  and they will hold their second show, ECF 2: Rez Warz, on July 14th in The Pas.
  • Check out Denis Kang on the Korean version of “Dancing with the Stars”
  • The Ontario Commission used seven different refs for nine fights at Bellator 67 this weekend. Only Big John and Yves Lavigne reffed more than once. Dan Miragliotta, Ivan Svec, Todd Anderson, Brian Beauchamp, and Graham Bettes all reffed one bout. Seems like overkill to me.  In comparison, UFC on Fox had twelve fights and three refs assigned. The same Dan Miragliotta reffed four fights on the UFC on Fox card including three consecutive on the main card.
  • Pat Cote, who’s sponsored by Callaway, is working on getting his own TV show on The Golf Network.
  • When is Pat Cote going back to the UFC? It must be very frustrating being a fan favourite, beating UFC vets and still not getting the call.
  • Mariusz Zastawny will box on May 11 in Calgary.
  • Chris Peak and James Hanson were acquitted of their aggravated sexual assault charges. Peak had lost to Roger Hollett at ECC 10 the night prior to the alleged incident.
  • It appears David Galbraith, Assistant Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, will become the Executive Director of the British Columbia commission if the legislation passes.
  • If you’re in the Toronto area think about checking this out: A charity film screening of the MMA doc “Jens Pulver – Driven” will be held at the Toronto Underground Cinema (186 Spadina Ave.) at 4:00PM on Sunday, June 3 2012. Money will be raised for four great causes including the Shawn Tompkins Memorial Fund, Seana Rossi Medical Fund etc. This is a FREE screening and will have special guests including the UFC’s Mark Hominick and Sam Stout as well as Bellator’s Chris Horodecki.  Spread the word people!

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  1. Ryan W. says:

    Me either donald. It’s your job. It’s like if the Bronco’s refused to play the giants next year. Its silly.

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  2. Jake - JHEG says:

    I agree with Duck and I also agree with Kyle. I see both sides for sure. Everyone wants to see Luke step up and take bigger fights but there is also a method to the madness of Kyle’s managing style. He’s a smart guy and knows how to direct careers in MMA.

    I just don’t want to see unfair pressure put on a guy that isn’t out running his mouth. People keep saying “Doerksen” and everyone knows it’s not a fight they’re interested in taking. Why keep barking up the tree? I haven’t seen a lot of fighters like Luke be taken to task for the same thing. Why aren’t the same expectations put on fighters in the same weight class? Matt Baker, Ryan Chiappe, Mike Kent? Who the hell would want to fight Doerksen? I don’t think Doerksen wants to fight Doerksen.

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  3. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Ryan these guys train day in and day out together. The Broncos and Giants don’t practice together daily and tell each other tips on how to get better daily. It’s very very different. I have no idea if those guys would fight as I never even brought it up to Luke and I won’t unless an actual promoter asks me if he would fight Cody, but most promoters know they train together so won’t ask. There are tons of guys for both guys to fight why make guys who are friends and train together fight.

    @Donald there not just friends they train together on a daily basis.

    @Jake man that is so true. There are tons of prospects that fight equal guys in experience and what not and people are like dude great fight congrats on the step up. Then we get blasted for not fighting a guy with 5 times the fights Luke has. Luke has this crazy unfair critisism that to me it seems like no one else gets. Guys like Baker, Buckland and Kent fight guys that make sense for the next steps of there careers but if Luke doesn’t fight the best Canada has to offer then were not taking tough fights. I have publically said we will fight 6 of the top 10 185 pounders in Canada. Then 2 of them we can’t fight cause there in the UFC and Luke and Cote are very good friends, so really I’m saying we will fight 6 of the best 7 available guys Canada has to offer. You can kind of say 7 of 8 cause we would fight Buckland too and he’s right at the top 10. Give me another prospect that will say that.

    Another weird thing to me Luke fights a guy like Duff who was 3-2 and called Luke out and a guy the promoter offered so we take. We get blasted for it all over the place. Then El Dirte fights a guy that is 4-2 and vitrually gives the same response of it was the fight that was offered and people totally understand. I understand why both guys took the fights but just don’t understand why only Luke ges blasted for it. It’s just this crazy catch 22 with Luke.

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  4. Dean Panas says:

    The fact that so many people are talking about Luke is a great thing! People that know him, or about him, are excited to see what he can do.
    I’ve had the privelage to see most of his fights live. If you look at his opponents records and their history, most people would think that Brandon was a can. But I feel Brandon put Luke to the test more than anybody else ( except Troyer).
    I have been a fan of Luke since the first time I saw him fight in TFC. I remember telling Mark Sinclair that it was my opinion that Luke was the most important fighter in Edmonton to sign because of his talent and the fact he was the leader at Hayabusa. Unfortunately Luke has had injury problems and that has kept him from being consistently active.
    Speaking as a fan, I would LOVE to see Luke and Troyer finish what they started! It was a very interesting few minutes with a couple good exchanges and attempted takedowns. The beginning of that fight was totally different than Luke’s other fights.
    I have great respect for Kyle and Luke both. I do understand fully what Kyle had said in here about Luke and the choices they have made.
    I also understand the fans perspective. I am someone who is a fan of Luke and want to see what he does against opponents who are at the top of their game.

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  5. Ryan W. says:

    @ Kyle. My point being that the Peyton brothers would play each other. Khran has already told me on here that they won’t fight each other, and I guess I understand it. But how it seems to me, an as of now non fighter it seems that your job is to be the best guy. I don’t see how training with each other would stop that. I mean, I get that it would be tougher, but “this guy knows my tricks” isn’t a very good reason. I’m not trying to start an argument with you or anything. Just stating my opinion. The team mates not fighting eachother thing in my opinion is stupid.

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  6. Dean Panas says:

    The thing that makes it tough for teammates to fight has nothing abouth the fight itself. It’s all about the training and preparation about the fight. It makes teammates take sides and pick a fighter to train with, and one of the fighters will have to trade gyms.
    Guys like Cody and Luke could fight one time and prove that one is better than the other on that night. Or the could train together, and kick the shit out of eachother, on a daily basis and both get better.

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  7. Ryan W. says:

    Peyton brothers lol. I meant manning brothers. Its late on the east coast lol.

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Peyton and Eli would never even be on the field at the same time when the Giants and Broncos play, Venus and Serena would never have to punch each other in the face on the tennis court… on the other hand, in the NHL Eric Staal checked his brother Marc into the boards and Marc suffered a concussion and missed 38 games and I’m sure no one felt worse than Eric, he has even stated in interviews that he regrets making the hit.

    The end goal of any sport is not to hurt your opponent but if it does end up happening like that I’m sure you’d rather it be someone else rather than a guy you’re friends with and train with on a daily basis, As much as MMA is a solo sport it is just as much a team sport with many of the gyms being more of a family than a team… The sport has gotten big enough in most places that there are enough guys to not have to fight team mates, I think really the only time it should be a consideration is for a UFC Title but even then it would be a tough decision, some guys have said they’d move up or down in weight before taking on a team mate for a belt (Rory vs. GSP), but that’s just my opinion.

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  9. mike kent says:

    Luke does take unfair heat and I think its just becuase everyone knows he’s one of the top prospects to come out of canada in a very long time so expectations are so high .

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  10. Donald Duck says:

    I have a few team mates I’d love to get bloody with in the ring. My favorite fight opened the third round by hugging and then going back to work (note – we were both bloody from the scrap). I lost and we have trained together since but we both agreed that if things would have worked out we would have done it again.

    Fighting is about love. Unless you’re the guy’s brother or god father to his kids then I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to go to war and then go for beers.

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  11. the dude says:

    Some fighters are fine with fighting teammates and some aren’t. Some approach fighting as pure competition and some approach it as life or death battle everytime out. so It would be hard for any of us to say what luke or any fighter in the same situation should do. As a trainer I dread the day we have to face this situation. Fighting itself would not be as hard as training for it. It will change the dynamics and energy around the gym we work so hard to create and maintain. Luke is a top dog at hayabusa which puts another layer of concern in his head I’m sure as he is the one responsible for keeping everything together over there.

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  12. Donald Duck says:

    the dude raises a good point, it isn’t so hard to fight a team mate but it is hard to train for that fight. Carlos vs Georges will be hard on Jackson. Heck Rashad vs Jones was tough on Jackson and Rashad had left the camp months earlier.

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