Elite 1 MMA: Showdown – Play-by-Play


Another sell out crowd packed Casino New Brunswick as Elite 1 held their 15th event titled Showdown. The event should have been named Ode to Mirko Cro Cop with all the head kicks that happened during the night’s festivities. There were nine fight on the card with 6 professional fights and three amateur fights to kick things off. There was a switch as Gary Brown stepped in on 12 hours notice against Elite 1 Welterweight champ Richard Arsenault as his original opponent Meneka Weva failed to show up for weigh ins on Friday.

Here are how the fights went down


  • Fight of the Night – Alderic Keith and Troy Demerchant
  • Submission of the Night – Richard Aresnault
  • Knockout of the Night – Eric St-Pierre

Amateur MMA

Issa Seck vs. Paul Melanson
Round 1
Both fighters touch gloves as the match begins. As both fighters circle the cage, Melanson tries to go for the takedown but loses control and Seck gets top position. He has a full mount and starts punching Melanson and the ref calls this one quick.
Issa Seck wins via TKO (Ground and Pound) at :14 seconds in the 1st

Mike Thorne vs. Morgan Rhynes
Round 1
The match begins when Rhynes goes in for a right but Thorne gets out of the way and pushes him against the cage. Thorne then tries for the takedown but Rhynes is able to turn him around but Thorne switches it back and has him back against the cage. Rhynes tries to move around and go for the takedown but it backfires and Thorne is on top. Thorne is trying to gain side control while Rhynes is using his feet along the cage to get out but doesn’t have much luck. Thorne has him pushed on the ground while Rhynes tries to move over against the cage but Thorne gets his back. Thorne is now on Rhynes’ side but Rhynes moves and now he gains top position. Rhynes is trying to pass guard but Thorne is blocking him by grabbing his left arm. Rhynes then tries to soften him up by throwing a few punches to the mid section. Rhynes stands up to see if he can get a better position. Thorne then grabs his head but then tries to use the cage to sit himself up. In the process, Thorne throws some punches to the back of Rhynes. While not too much is going on the ref stand both men back up. The fight resumes when Rhynes tries to go for a overhand left but Thorne pushes him against the cage looking for a takedown. Thorne gets Rhynes down on one knee but Rhynes switches him around. Thorne then tries to jump his back but Rhynes takes him down. Thorne gets a hold of his head trying for a guillotine but gives it up. Rhynes throws a few punches to the body as he attempts to pass guard. Rhynes stands up but Thorne gets his legs wrapped around him and get on top but Rhynes is able to regain control. Rhynes has him in the center of the cage where he throws some body shots as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Rhynes

Round 2
Thorne starts the round with a leg kick but Rhynes throws a punch and a leg kick. Thorne falls down but the ref jumps before Rhynes can go for some ground and pound. The crowd is not happy with the call but the fight is over.
Morgan Rhynes wins the fight via TKO at :15 seconds in the 2nd round

Dan Vanderlinden vs. Danny Boudreau
Round 1
Both men throw a punch to start things off but Vanderlinden throws a kick that Bourdeau uses to get a takedown and get side control. Vanderlinden turns him around but Boudreau is able to get back up. Boudreau then tries for a judo throw but he gets Vanderlinden against the cage. Vanderlinden gets up and gets him against the cage. Vanderlinden uses some dirty boxing but Boudreau is able to turn him around. Vanderlinden pushes him off but gets some body shots in. Both fighters spin around in the clinch when Boudreau looks for a single leg takedown. He can’t get it and both fighters circle to the center of the cage. Vanderlinden looks for a leg sweep but Bourdeau pins him against the cage. Vanderlinden is looking for an opening but Bourdeau hits him with some punches. Vanderlinden is able to spin him around and get Boudreau against the cage but Boudreau regains control. Both fighters got some shots in the clinch but both men break it off. Bourdeau then goes for the takedown but Vanderlinden get a hold of his neck. Boudreau is now trying to pass guard but Vanderlinden getting enough defense to hold him off. Vanderlinden looks to use the cage but then looks for a triangle choke to finish the round.
Top MMA News score the round 10-9 Bourdeau

Round 2
Vanderlinden pushes Bourdeau against the cage and both get into a heated exchange. Bourdeau then gets him against the cage to slow it down. In the clinch Bourdeau has control but Vanderlinden uses his long reach to sneak in a few punches. Vanderlinden then tries to move him around but has no luck but gets a few more body shots. Vanderlinden is able to turn him around and pin Boudreau against the cage. Boudreau is able to move around and gets the takedown and gets in side control. Vanderlinden looks to grab the left arm but Boudreau looks to get a full mount. Vanderlinden is trying to push him and he gets a little opening and looks to get his back but Boudreau is able to keep him down but stands back up. Vanderlinden then throws a leg kick but Boudreau uses the leg to get the takedown. Boudreau throws some punches but Vanderlinden gets a hold of an arm. He continues to hold on to the arm to see if he can sneak a submission before the round ends but Boudreau is able to hold on.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Boudreau

Round 3
Boudreau throws a right hand to start the round but he misses. Vanderlinden then hits Boudreau with some jabs but can’t finish the combination. Boudreau goes for a leg kick but Vanderlinden gets some more jabs in the process. Boudreau goes for the takedown but Vanderlinden sprawls to block the attempt. Vanderlinden has his arms wrapped around his chest as Boudreau tries to get up. Vanderlinden gets him along the cage is able to gain control on the ground. Vanderlinden is on top but Boudreau hits him with a charile horse on the leg. Vanderlinden looks to get a hold of his arm but Boudreau is able to get in side control. Both fighters are up and throw some legs kicks but Vanderlinden has Boudreau against the cage. Boudreau breaks out and looks for the takedown but Vanderlinden sprawls out to prevent it. Vanderlinden stands up and looks to get a hold of his neck. Both men are up and are in the clinch along the cage. Both throw the odd jab but then Boudreau attempts a spinning back fist. Vanderlinden hits with a couple of leg kicks and a jab but Boudreau looks for the takedown but Vanderlinden has him against the cage. Both move along the ground and Boudreau has him against the cage on the ground as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Vanderlinden
Danny Boudreau beats Dan Vanderlinden by spilt decision. Two judges had it 29-28 Boudreau and the other had 30-27 Vanderlinden.

Pro Card

Dan Fowler vs. Chris Currie
Round 1
Both fighters touch gloves as Currie tries to take the center of the cage. Fowler looks to go for a front kick but backs off. He then throws a leg kick that hits Currie on the left side of his torso. Fowler fakes a few jabs and then goes for a front kick but Currie is able to throw a few jabs in. Currie is circling Fowler around the cage but Fowler goes for two leg kicks with the first one hitting and Currie blocking the second one. Fowler gets another leg kick but Currie hits him with a left and has him pinned against the cage. Currie looks for a leg sweep but Fowler turns him around and get a knee strike in the process. Both fighters are grappling and they move to the center of the cage. Currie throws an elbow to break it up and both fighters start with some exchanges. Fowler continues to throw legs kick which has been working well for him in this match. Currie then goes for a takedown and gets it. Fowler is able to maneuver around but Currie regains control and is trying for side control. He looks to pass guard now but then goes back to side control. Currie is able to get on top and get full mount but Fowler gets a hold of his head. Currie is able to slip out as Fowler tries to get up but he gives up his back, Currie looks for a rear naked choke but Fowler has a hold of Currie’s right arm to prevent it. Currie sinks in the choke and Fowler taps.
Chris Currie wins via rear naked choke in the 1st at 2:02

Alderic Keith vs. Troy Demerchant
Round 1
Both fighters touch gloves as Keith tries to take the center of the cage. Demerchant throws a right but is unable to connect. Demerchant then looks for a takedown and gets Keith against the cage and gets him down. Demerchant is in side control as Keith tries to use the cage to get himself back up. Keith then takes to use his feet and get up but the ref warns him about putting his hands on the cage. While Keith is still trying to use the cage to get to his feet, Demerchant is not doing much on the ground so the ref stands them back up. Keith looks to go in for a jab but holds off but Demerchant looks for a roundhouse kick that doesn’t connect. Each man move in and are able to connect with a right hand. Demerchant then throws a leg kick. Both fighters a little cautious as both try to close the gap but not much luck. Demerchant moves in but Keith throws a punch then hits him in the temple. Demerchant tries for a roundhouse kick again but misses. Both men circle around and Keith is able to hit Demerchant with a jab. Keith looks for an uppercut but Demerchant gets him against the cage, Keith is able to turn him around but Demerchant regains control. Demerchant gets the clinch and throws a few knees before Keith pushes him off. Keith looks for a right but Demerchant moves out of the way. Demerchant hits with a punch that rocks Keith and he is able to get him down. Demerchant then works some ground and pound and he is able to gain full mount. Keith tries to turtle up but Demerchant gets his back. He then throws a few more punches and then is able to get a rear naked choke on Keith. He has it sunk in but Keith tries to break it off and does but Demerchant sinks it back in. Keith is able to hold on but Demerchant gets top position. Demerchant continues to work the ground and pound and then gets back up to his feet which then lets Keith get back up. Both fighters high five each other as a show of respect. Both fighters are quiet but both go for a big exchange to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Demerchant

Round 2
Keith begins the second round by throwing a leg kick but Demerchant gets a few punches in. Both fighters circle the cage as each man is able to connect with a jab and then Keith hits him with a leg kick. Both men continue to circle the cage as Demerchant throws another leg kick. Keith trying to fake him out but then throws a big leg kick that sends Demerchant going back. As he falls down Keith has able to throw a few punches in there before the ref jumps in between the two.
Alderic Keith wins via TKO (head kick) 2nd round at :56.

Eric St-Pierre vs. Steven Rogers
Round 1
The fans are going crazy during this fight with one side chanting ESP while another side is chanting PEI for Rogers.

Rogers looks for a jab and then a leg kick but decides to hold off on both. Rogers then throws a leg kick that hits St-Pierre in the shin. St-Pierre shakes it off and connects with a leg kick of his own. Rogers looks for a combination but is able to hit with a leg kick. St-Pierre looks for the jab and misses but connects with a leg kick. Rogers throws another leg kick as the fight is looking like a Muay Thai match to start off. Rogers then throws a head kick that sends St-Pierre down. Rogers now has him in side control. Rogers is moving around to get a full mount. Rogers is still trying to gain mount but St-Pierre is blocking the attempt. Rogers maintains top position but is unable to pass guard. Rogers then uses some ground and pound to try and loosen St-Pierre. The ref warns them to see some action or he will stand the fight back up. Rogers then throws some body shots while St-Pierre tries to scoot back up. The crowd yells to stand it up but St-Pierre gets up on his own and gets Rogers against the cage. Rogers looks for a guillotine but can’t hold on. St-Pierre is on top and hits him with a body shot. Rogers grabs his head to try and get himself back up. St-Pierre looks to pass guard but Rogers pushes him off. St-Pierre stands up but hits with some ground and pound. He continues to hit Rogers as it looks like Rogers is out of it and the ref stops the fight.
Eric St-Pierre wins via TKO (ground and pound) 4:51 in the 1st

Justin Bourgeois vs. Lenny Wheeler
Round 1
Wheeler starts the match with a good standup so Bourgeois looks for a takedown. Wheeler is able to spin him around and land a big knee on him. Wheeler has him down and has a hold of his head for a guillotine. Wheeler holds on as Bourgeois taps.
Lenny Wheeler wins via guillotine choke at :21 in the 1st

Gary Brown vs. Richard Arsenault
Round 1
Arsenault is moving around and throws a leg kick to start the match. Arsenault then throws a leg kick that sends Brown back. He is not out of it but Arsenault gets on top and starts working some ground and pound. Brown is trying to do what he can to stop it but Aresnault continues to assault him with punches and elbows. Brown tries to push him off but Arsenault uses his elbow to push him down to gain control. Brown tries to turn over to his side but Aresnault gets a hold of his arm and secures the arm bar for the victory.
Richard Arsenault wins by arm bar at 1:38 in the 1st

Adam Hazelton vs. Stephen Clement
Round 1
The fight starts off slow but Hazelton tries to move in. Clement looks for a takedown but Hazelton is able to get on top. Hazelton stands up and throws a good punch to the body but Clement gets a hold of his leg to secure a heel hook. Hazelton then punches him in the arm. Clement still holding on to that leg while Hazelton is still standing. Hazelton then goes back down for some ground and pound where he gets a few shots in before the ref steps in.
Adam Hazelton wins via TKO (ground and pound) at 1:14 in the 1st round and is the new Elite 1 lightweight champion.

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