MFC 33: Collision Course – Play-by-Play


The MFC held their 33rd event at the Mayfield Trade Centre in Edmonton, Alberta last night. With a bevy of local talent on the card, the building was sold out and the crowd would not be disappointed with the action although there were several strange results with a draw, a no contest and a controversial decision. MFC President has vowed to set things right and has announced rematches for all three bouts at MFC 34.

  • Fight of the Night – Mukai Maromo vs. Adam Lynn
  • Submission of the Night – Matt Jelly
  • Knockout of the Night – Not not awarded as the only TKO was a Doctor’s Stoppage

Ryan McGillivray vs. Nathan Coy
Round 1: Both men trade hard punches to open the round and Coy emerges with a solid combo and a jab. McGillivray lands a 1-2 and Coy comes back with a leg kick. McGillivray looks for a take down but Coy sprawls and lands a knee to the body before taking the back and finally back to side control where he drives another knee to the ribs. Coy with a slick transition, takes the back again before moving back to side control and landing more knees. McGillivray looks to latch onto Coy’s leg bet can’t get a good grip and Coy pulls his leg free and gets back to side control where he lands some shots. McGillivray is on all fours and Coy has his back from the side before McGillivray is able to get Coy into his half guard. McGillivray postures up and lands punches to the head and body. Lynn lands some short elbows that open up a sizable cut on the hairline of McGillivray just before the bell sounds. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Coy

Round 2: Referee Jerin Valel calls for a timeout prior to the start of the round to allow the Doctor to check the cut. It isn’t deemed serious enough to end the fight and we get back underway. McGillivray looks to lands some punches but Coy connects and hits him with a huge left. They lock up and Coy secures the take down and reopens the cut with a well placed shot. McGillivray looks like he wants to throw his legs up for an armbar but Coy clears the legs and starts chipping away with short elbows. Coy begins to lay the elbows on thick and stands and drops another big elbow. McGillivray is leaking like a faucent prompting Valel to call in the Doctor to check on the cut again. The cut is fine and they restart with Coy back in full guard. Coy continues to dominate with massive elbows. Coy sticks with what’s working and lands several more elbows. McGillivray looks for a knee bar but all the blood makes it impossible to lock it in and the final seconds tick off the clock. The Doctor is in again to check the cut and the fight will continue. Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 for Coy

Round 3: McGillivray looks for a combo but Coy again avoids and gets the take down and gets the back from the side before settling in half guard. Coy picks up where he left of in the second, landing punches and elbows whenever he wants. McGillivray gets back to full guard and looks for another arm bar but still can’t get it. Coy postures up and rains down more hard strikes. McGillivray can do nothing but cover up as Coy rains down relentless strikes for the final 20 seconds of the round. As McGillivray stand to walk to his corner he looks rocked and staggers over. The Doctor comes in to check on McGillivray who looks very dazed. After a few seconds the Doctor advises the referee to stop the fight and Coy is crowned the new MFC Welterweight Champion. After the fight McGillivray has to be helped out of the ring and was taken from the venue in an ambulance. Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 for Coy
Nathan Coy defeats Ryan McGillivray by TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage) in Round 3, 5:00

Mukai Maromo vs. Adam Lynn
Round 1: After some pawing jabs Maromo lands a huge kick to the body that echoes throughout the venue and Maromo follows up with another and Lynn’s midsection is already showing the effects on the strikes. Lynn fires back with a pair of leg kicks and Maromo connects with a leg kick of his own before going back to the body. Lynn drops Maromo with a hard left look and looks to capitalize on the ground but Maromo does well to avoid any significant damage. Lynn, in side control splits Maromo just behind the ear with a slicing elbow that prompts Maromo to look for a leg lock but can’t latch on. Lynn takes full mount and Lynn lands more elbows. Maromo tries to buck Lynn off but can’t get a solid footing due to all the blood that has leaked from the gaping laceration onto the mat. Lynn continues landing short elbows until the round comes to an end and Maromo walks back to his corner a bloody mess. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Lynn

Round 2: Huge left followed by a head kick and a leg kick by Lynn opens the round. Lynn backs Maromo into the corner and lands another solid left hook and they tie up against the ropes. Lynn breaks away and lands a kick to the body and Maromo responds with a combo followed by a body kick. Lynn again goes to the body and another left hook connects. They lock up again and Lynn secures the take down to guard. Maromo lands some solid elbows and punches from the bottom and pushes Lynn off with his feet. Lynn stays close however and lands in half guard. Maromo gets back to his feet and unleashes some knees and a combo. Lynn lands a shot and gets a take down to half guard where he rides out the rest of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Lynn

Round 3: They exchange a pair of leg kicks and Maromo lands a left and goes back to the body kicks. Lynn gets the take down but Maromo ends up outside of the ropes and they restart in the centre where Maromo lands another kick to the body followed by a knee to the body. Lynn gets another takedown to full guard and works the body. After some inactivity the referee moves them away from the ropes and Lynn is bleeding from a possible popped cauliflower ear. Maromo tries to escape but Lynn moves to half guard. Maromo fires elbows from the bottom and gets a sweep to get back to his feet. Maromo lands a right and a head kick is blocked by Lynn who gets another take down to half guard and finally full mount. Maromo again sweeps and gets back up. Maromo unleashed one final knee and a big flurry as the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Maromo
Mukai Maromo defeats Adam Lynn by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Luke Harris vs. Edwin Dewees
Dewees opens with a handful of thunderous leg kicks before Harris is able to secure the body lock and execute a beautiful harai goshi landing in side control. Dewees tries to get back to his feet but Harris hold him down and locks on a guillotine choke from mount. Dewees briefly holds on but Harris squeezes the air out of him forcing the emphatic tap from the UFC veteran.
Luke Harris submits Edwin Dewees by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 2:05

Andrew Buckland vs. Jamie Toney
Round 1: They feel each other out before Buckland lands a pair of leg kicks and Toney responds and blocks a high kick. They exchange more leg kicks and Buckland clinches but can’t do anything with it and Toney gets the trip take down to side control. The action stalls and eventually Toney lands an elbow and moves to north/south. Buckland is able to reverse and now Buckland is in north/south. Toney flips over backwards and is almost able to take the back. Buckland looks for a guillotine but Toney escapes back to north/south but is reversed and Buckland gets to side control where he looks for another guillotine. Toney is able to get back to his feet and gets a huge slam to side control. Toney lands solid knees to the body and lands small shots for the final seconds of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Toney

Round 2: They’re pawing at each other until Toney lands a low leg kick and a combo. Toney with another leg kick and Buckland responds with a right. Toney throws a kick to the body but it’s blocked and Toney gets the takedown to half guard. Toney passes to side control and lands a few shots. Toney moves to north/south again with the same results as he’s immediately reversed. Buckland ends up in half guard and lands body shots until Toney is able to stand back up. Toney puts him back down and gets the mount. The referee moves them away from the ropes and Toney goes back to side control. Buckland tries to escape and eventually reverses and Toney lands elbows from the bottom. Buckland works the body before they are again moved to centre ring. Buckland chips away with little shots for final seconds of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Toney

Round 3: Toney lands a nice combo and Buckland comes back with one of his own. Toney with a leg kick and again Buckland responds in kind. Toney goes to the body with some punches and Buckland lands a kick to the body. Toney connects with a big right followed by a solid knee into the corner. Buckland looks for the take down but Toney rolls through and gets to half guard where he drops some heavy rights. Toney thwarts the escape attempt and gets to side control and finally to north/south again but as usual Buckland is able to get out and looks for a guillotine. Toney is defending and Buckland falls back looking to finish but Toney escapes to side control to relieve the pressure. Toney lands a few body shots as the fight comes to an end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Toney
Jamie Toney defeats Andrew Buckland by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Sabah Fadai vs. Diego Bautista
They are both anxious to get the fight under way as they rush to meet in the centre of the ring. Bautista connects first with a nice combo. Fadai responds with a high kick that is blocked followed by a leg kick. They exchange a few more leg kicks and Fadai pushes him towards the ropes and they go to the ground. Fadai lands a thunderous knee to his downed opponent and the referee steps in to allow the Doctor to check on a dazed Bautista who can’t even stay on his feet in the corner. The Doctor takes no time in advising the referee to call a halt to the contest. Bautista has to be helped out of the cage and looks to be in rough shape.
Sabah Fadai and Diego Bautista declared a No Contest due to Illegal Knee in Round 1, 1:00

Jared McComb vs. Derek Parker
Round 1: They paw at each other and McComb ties up with Parker in the corner where he lands a knee. McComb muscles him to the ground but Parker pops right back to his feet. They’re back against the ropes and McComb trips Parker who again springs right back up. McComb lands a big right and Parker responds with one of his own before securing the takedown to half guard. Parker lands an elbow and passes to full mount. McComb tries to buck out but Parker stays heavy and keeps his position. McComb lands a half dozen hammer fists from the bottom and Parker begins connecting with some shots of his own. McComb escapes to full guard and Parker kicks him off but lands an illegal upkick when McComb drops back down. Referee Kyle Cardinal pauses the action to allow the Doctor to look at the cut that was opened up with the illegal strike. Parker is deducted 1 point and they restart with McComb landing a pair of solid rights and bullying Parker into the corner. They tie up and Parker works the body with punches, prompting McComb to go for a double leg. Parker looks for a guillotine but McComb finally completes the take down to side control just prior to the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 for McComb, 10-8 with point deduction

Round 2: Parker comes out quick with a spinning back fist that catches McComb off guard. They tie up again and McComb secures the takedown near the ropes. Cardinal moves them to centre ring and in the meantime, Top MMA News Photographer Rob Trudeau takes errant flying fist that lands cleanly from one of McComb’s cornermen. Back to the action inside the ring and McComb lands chipping shots from side control and some knees to the body. A big elbow from Parker opens up a cut on the forehead of McComb and McComb stands and drops back down before Cardinal moves them back to the centre of the ring. McComb is working to land shots and Parker is trying to kick him off but the only thing that comes off is McComb’s shorts as Cardinal assists in pulling them back up and the round comes to an end with McComb on top. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for McComb

Round 3: A big right by Parker connects and Parker forces McComb to the corner before backing off and eating a nice combo from McComb. They exchange leg kicks and tie up again but both men tumble through the ropes and Cardinal restarts them in the centre again. A huge left by McComb lands and they almost go over the ropes this time. They lock up again and make their way into the corner. Parker looks to secure the guillotine choke but McComb escapes and again Parker falls through the ropes. On the restart McComb throws a high kick and a huge knee. McComb connects a pair of big left hooks followed by a right and another left. Parker throws another spinning back fist and just catches McComb who looks to take the back and drag him down. Parker gets the trip takedown to side control and passes to mount. Parker lands a few shots and they get moved away from the ropes. McComb lands a pair of hammer fists from the bottom and Parker begins pounding away with punches from the top and follows up with some hammer fists. Parker quickly sinks and rear naked choke just seconds from the bell. Top MMA scores the round 10-9 for Parker.
Derek Parker and Jared McComb fight to a Draw (28-28, 28-28, 28-28)

Matt Jelly vs. Garret Nybakken
Nybakken jabs and they tie up and trade shots before Nybakken is able to secure the clinch and lands some shots. Nybakken looks for a single and is able to complete it landing in half guard where he looks for a guillotine. Jelly pulls his head out and replaces full guard. Jelly begins to use his rubber guard and goes for a gogoplata but Nybakken is able to escape. Jelly repeats the process with the same results and on the third attempt Jelly switches to an arm bar, goes belly down and forces his rival to tap out.
Matt Jelly submits Garret Nybakken by Arm Bar in Round 2, 2:01

Mike Scarcello vs. Josh Kitchen
Scarcello opens with some jabs followed followed by a solid uppercut and they tie up and jockey for position. They exchange body shots before Kitchen emerges with a huge combo and more body shots. They end up on the ground with Kitchen in half guard landing punishing elbows that see Scarcello leaking from the nose. Scarcello attempts to stand up against the ropes all the while spraying the media table with blood. Scarcello doesn’t make it to his feet but manages to land in the full guard. Kitchen stays active on the bottom before throwing up a triangle and locking it in, forcing Scarcello to tap.
Josh Kitchen submits Mike Scarcello by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 2:27

8 Responses to “ MFC 33: Collision Course – Play-by-Play ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    Referee Jerin Valel calls for a timeout prior to the start of the round to allow the Doctor to check the cut.

    What was the ref doing during the break between rounds?

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  2. Guns Loaded says:

    So glad Coy showed Ryan who is boss

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  3. MC says:

    “MFC President has vowed to set things right and has booked rematches for all three bouts at MFC 34.”

    Correction: He’s announced the fights, but he hasn’t actually “booked” shit…

    Mccomb V. Parker should have been FOTN.

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Good point MC… announced is probably a better choice of words! It was a very tough choice between those two fights, this is just my opinion!

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  5. MMABJJ says:

    Donald Duck,
    Jerin does that because he wants the fighters corners to have a chat with him while it’s still fresh, and for them to get a chance to stop it themselves before the doc comes in. If after 1 minute nothing has changed then they go to mutual corners and the doctor checks it out. He’s not going to take the minute away from the corner, what he’s doing is actually very fair.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Thanks for the explanation MMABJJ, I wasn’t exactly sure either!

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  7. Donald Duck says:

    Thanks MMABJJ, I have worked a number of corners as a cut man and can usually tell from a 2 second glance if I can stop the flow of blood and how impactful the cut is. I personally don’t like the ref stopping the fight for a second look after the initial rest period as it just adds more recovery time for a fighter.

    In my opinion (and this has happened to me when I was working on a cut) the doctor should be brought into the ring and he/she can look over the cutman’s should while they work. If they have concerns about the cutman’s skills or the impactfullness of the cut then they can step in at that point.

    Ryan is tough as nails and the elbows he took in the first round (while not fight ending) had weight and impact on them. Not sure the ref did Ryan any favors by giving him more time to recover.


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  8. Donald Duck says:


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