Bellator 67 Weigh-in Photos


Mike Fischl was at Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario for the Bellator 67 weigh-ins. Here are his photos of the event:

** All photos by Mike Fischl from Great Fight North

9 Responses to “ Bellator 67 Weigh-in Photos ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Veal and Gunn look super sexy!

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  2. Nick H. says:


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  3. J. Wedderburn says:

    Romero all the way…go get emails “Leon”

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  4. J. Wedderburn says:

    Stupid word check lol – go get em “Leon” is what I meant too say lol

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  5. MMA FAN in Ontario says:

    How come guys are missing weight? THey are professionals yes or no? It is not like Romero hasn’t had time to cut weight he was suppose to be on the scores card a few weeks ago? He should take it more serious if he wants it. No excuse for missing weight..I say if a fighter misses weight he should give up 40% just like they did in Alberta. You miss weight it should cost them big time..His trainer should take some responsibility. He is suppose to get his fighters ready.

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  6. Mitch says:

    I was already excited to see Gunner smash O’grady, but his weigh in pose makes me want it NOW!

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  7. Jake - Old School says:

    @MMA Fan – I agree, not sure what’s going on as every card now there seems to be somebody coming in way too heavy.

    I don’t think Romero has ever come in over before and I know sometimes shit happens in the fight game. However, I’m proud of my boy for not even hesitating when he found out.

    I’m excited as hell to watch Matt and Gunner throw down tomorrow night and I agree with Mitch too. That picture of O’Grady bugs the shit out of me for some reason. Makes it look like Gunner is beating a mentally handicapped kid.

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  8. David letourneau says:

    Thats exactly the way ogrady will look when hes lying on his back

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  9. L-Boutin says:

    Penalties should be way highers than 20%, I completely agree.

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