School of Hard Knocks 23 – Calgary – May 25


Date: May 25, 2012
Location: Subway Soccer Center in Calgary, Alberta
TV: Internet PPV
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Professional Fights:
170lbs- Paapa Inkumsah (4-4) vs. Jarod Milko (4-1)
155lbs- Dia Grant (4-6) vs. Julius Huhs (2-0)
145lbs- Jesse Arnett (1-1) vs. Mike O’Neill (1-2)
145lbs- Wolfgang Janssen (1-0) vs. Jesse Veltri (1-3)
205lbs- William Hatch (1-1) vs. Cory Knipe (1-0)

Amateur Fights:
185lbs- Zach Manywounds (1-1) vs. Kevin Lagasse (2-1)
125lbs- Keegan Oliver (2-0) vs. Blake Sigvaldason (0-0)
205lbs- Phil Towler (0-0) vs. Ryan Shanahan (0-0)
170lbs- Elvis Vukaj (0-0-1) vs. Randy Mahon (0-0)
205lbs- Cody Clarke (1-0) vs. Matthew Norman (0-0)
135lbs- Robin Combs (1-0) vs. Kris Pomerleau (0-0)
185lbs- Jason Reid (0-0) vs. Dan Westbrook (0-0)

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  1. Bdc says:

    Let me know how one can help.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Thanks Bdc we’ll touch base next week I’ll get you up to speed and in the loop.

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  3. I don’t know @Robin Black. If there is a death in Saskatchewan, could it not speed up sanctioning? “If South Dakota had a commission and they required MRIs or CT scans of the brain, then we may have prevented this death’ could be the rallying cry to create a proper commission in South Dakota.

    Frankly, I am more worried about a fighter dying on some UFC PPV main event affecting MMA. Provinces/countries could have second thoughts on a brutal sport where citizens could argue that the object of the sport is to injure your opponent even if its fatal.

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  4. Robin Black says:

    @Keith. What government official is going to touch anything MMA related after a death? Cmon man.

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  5. When deaths could have been prevented with proper regulation, that is when governments make laws. Its why I am mandated to wear a helmet in hockey. Its why governments are considering making helmet laws for skiers and skateboarders. Its why we wear seat belts.

    If a main card fighter died in UFC Calgary, I think MMA could be banned in Calgary as a result. At least a moratorium for a year or two until all the public inquests are completed.

    Let’s say a fighter dies on this unsanctioned Hard Knocks card due to poor refereeing. A fighter takes repeated shots and ref does not stop fight. I do believe that the government and MMA lobbyists could say, “if we had a commission and used proper officials, then this never would have happened.” It may speed things up for provincial regulation. Now if it was one of the children fighting on this card, I take it all back. MMA would be doomed forever in Saskatchewan.

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  6. Bdc says:

    I read that hk 24 has children fighting on their illeagal and unsanctioned show in sask? Wtf?

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  7. Robin Black says:

    @Keith- if someone died in MMA the government reaction would be to ban it. Think about it. Easy. Clean. Seemingly gets the desired results (no more deaths). Constituents are happy.

    @Bdc- yep they have a 12 year old fighting a 14 year old in some kind of ‘modified amateur rules with no head shots’.
    My main issue is that this shows that they don’t care that no commission in Canada would ever sanction this. They don’t care what public perception is. They dont care that no professionals have ever agreed on a structure or ruleset for this. They don’t care that this makes them look like a rougue org that has no respect for rules guidelines or structure.
    This shows me they have no care not only about rules but about the opinions of anyone in the sport.
    This says to me their attitude is do whatever draws attention and makes money.
    This is a very bad sign.

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  8. Wuzjustsayin says:

    There is no sugar coating the dangers in MMA.
    Martial arts are deadly. It is what it is.

    Serious Injuries and Deaths in MMA are inevitable. Would a commission possibly help avoid some of these serious injuries and deaths in promotional events?

    Of course! No one is saying any different!

    All Judo Japan Federation (Zenjuren) announced that three high school students died in school judo activities in 2011 and three students were left with long term after-effects.

    Dustin Jenson becomes the third MMA fighter to die in the United States directly following MMA competition.

    This is the reality of the sport. With all due respect my heart goes out to Dustin Jenson’s family. RIP

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  9. Disagree totally @Robin Black.

    Last year a guy in Kamloops was close to dying and required emergency brain surgery. He fought in an unsanctioned show. Less than 12 months later, BC introduces a provincial wide commission. They do this even with BC doctors calling for an end of the sport. No ban was even considered that I know.

    Now if someone died or required emergency brain surgery at UFC Vancouver last year. I doubt there would be legislation for a provincial wide commission this year in BC.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    I agree that a death at a UFC would be much much worse because of the massive exposure.

    But, using Saskatchewan as an example- there are a few cities ‘inches’ away from having a commission but none want to jump first because of fears of public perception.

    If they’re hesitant now imagine how hesitant they’d be after a death.

    People would need to be educated on the fact that having a commission overseen ‘legal’ sport would be better than this wild west we see.

    What politician exactly do you see wanting to educate outraged people whos knee jerk reaction is ‘Make it illegal!’?

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Like Keith right now, amidst all the ‘ban this savagery!’ public outcry in South Dakota, do you forsee a public official wanting to say ‘actually we need to make this legal’?

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  12. Bdc says:

    I think you would see both reactions from different elected gov officials and the public. I dont think either Rb or Kg is wrong or right. Id hope the outcome as im sure most of us that are mma fans or athletes is that they realise we must move forward with the future and put something in place to avoid extra risks.

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  13. I don’t know if there is any outcry, actually. The fights were held in Rapid City, SD and I can only find one article on it in the Rapid City online newspaper.

    It is a little different in this situation though because it looks like a pre-existing condition may have caused the death and it had little to do with MMA.

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  14. Bdc says:

    The article i read in the link, didnt mention a pre existing brain issue. Which would be worse if he did bc a commision wouldnt have let him fight. Also a doc cant watch a fight and tell if the inter crainial pressure that would have killed him was a bleed or swelling. Really it dosent matter it would be a result of trauma sustained from the fight. When an autopsy is done they will be able to see where the bleed, more than likely was and determin if its in a place where it takes days to kill you or hours (subderal). But im unsure if they would let media know. Its silly to think that the fight wasnt the reason for his death.

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  15. No politician will immediately step up and defend MMA and some politicians may attack it. That does not mean politicians would not work to make it safer once the bad publicity subsided, just as we see in BC.

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  16. Bdc says:

    The article i read in the link, didnt mention a pre existing brain issue. Which would be worse if he did bc a commision wouldnt have let him . When an autopsy is done they will be able to see where the bleed, more than likely was and determin if its in a place where it takes days to kill you or hours (epidural or subdural). But im unsure if they would let media know. Its silly to think that the fight wasnt the reason for his death.

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  17. Bdc says:

    Are media saying this because a doctor watched the fight video and somehow determined that it wasnt from him getting punched or kicked? It only takes one.

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  18. Donald Duck says:

    MMA is so frickin’ stubborn and it isn’t helping the cause. Could you imagine if hockey had stubbornly refused to let goalies wear masks? Could you imagine hockey without the NHLPA?

    We’ve got a bit of a flawed system here wherein (and yes I realize this will reference back to HKs as it is their thread but it applies to other promoters) there are only a few possible paths available to affect change. Fighters can vote with their feet and opt not to fight for promoters, promoters can move to regions where they feel they have more control over their shows and regulators can try to change the rules but given the sad lack of MMA knowledge in most commissions this often misses the mark.

    For the first bit unfortunately there is a retarded sense of entitlement that allows for people like Booby K, TJ Colletti, Team Tug Job etc to feel that they’re owed a spot in the cage/ring. This gives promoters an unlimited list of fighters to fill their cards when in the past those cards would have died off due to lack of team support.

    Promoters can move their shows into areas where they have more control (specifically away from regulation and legitimate team observation) and run any kind of show they want. This is particularly worrisome because you lose the ability to have third party nonbiased observation. I personally think there are significant things wrong with minors competing in MMA. As a father myself I will have my kids train MMA but I would not be comfortable with them competing. For any number of reason but probably most importantly the demonstrated ineptness of the majority of current officials. Don’t think for an instant that any promoter is motivated by anything other than wanting to operate without having to deal with a commission when they head out to areas where there is no established body.

    Regulation is the final piece right now. If the promoter and the regulator had a better working relationship I would be willing to bet we would not be seeing a show put out in an unregulated environment. This isn’t specific to HK as KOTC set the stage for these shows when they moved out of Edmonton. At least the MFC had some semblance of a commission when they headed to the River Cree but we saw what came of that. If there is no possibility of changing the makeup of commissions (career building bureaucrats and retirees) then we need to, as a community, start up an outside group to help combat these flaws.


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