KOTC: Unified Results – Machan Captures Belt, Hague and Cardinal Victorious


Cody Rempel is in Grande Prairie, Alberta for the Unfied and King of the Cage supershow.

Professional Fights:
Brad Cardinal submits Travis Briere by Armbar in Round 1, 1:54

Josh Machan submits Behrang Yousefi by Armbar in Round 1, 3:07
***Machan Captures KOTC Bantamweight Title

Tim Hague defeats Craig Hudson by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:06

Spencer Jebb defeats Simon Shirt by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:28

Amateur Bouts:
Kyle Francotti submits Matthew Swimmer by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 1:37

Colton Welsh submits Ken Elter by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 1:43

Jerry Grievson defeats Brad Laboucan by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:36

116 Responses to “ KOTC: Unified Results – Machan Captures Belt, Hague and Cardinal Victorious ”

  1. mike kent says:

    Yeah 99 percent of the people that post negativity on here do it behind a screen name . If I have something positve to say I use my name , and if I have something opinionated and unpopular to say I use my name as well and take my heat. Anyone who know fighting knows tims the best HW in canada by far and lots of people hate but the truth is he is ufc caliber , he had a rough stretch up there but given the chance again he could have beaten all of those who he fought . Duffee wasn’t even a fight just a quick ko , if people on here have something to say critical they should man up and use there name other wise there probally just jealous that others do what they’ll never have the balls to do and thats stepping in the cage and fighting.

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  2. Tim Hague says:

    Thanks man, really it doesn’t matter what profession you’re in, but success will always breed mad jealousy. I’m glad I don’t have the personality trait that allows me to become jealous of another humans success.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Agree with Kent and Tim here

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  4. Bring the Pain says:

    Well put guys…

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  5. Idolmaker says:

    Hey Tim congrats on the win. 2 questions, do you think btp over hyped his guy? What do you think of Jason gorny?

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  6. Bdc says:

    I wana know if tim was rocked by pat cause i didnt think he was. It seemed like he baited him in…

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  7. gorny says:

    Ha ha ha idolmaker! Funny. What do you think of me? Dont hold back tell the truth! Its ok i wont be offended! Everyone has the right to there own opinion :)

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  8. TimHague says:

    I wasnt rocked by Barry, but the straight left that cracked my nose, hurt. Gornys a fighter i have respect for. He doesnt say anything hes not willing to back up. He has a lot of potential
    Needs to fight all his fights the way he fought Thorne. Jason was mean that evening. BTP didnt overhype Hudson. I think Craig is a bad fight for a lot of guys

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  9. Bdc says:

    Thx tim

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  10. MMA FAN in Ontario says:

    Tim & Wardog, Screw these assholes that know nothing about the sport and what it takes to be successful and what it takes to be fighter and lets not forget the guts it takes to get into the cage.. You guys are classy and both deserve more credit. You both are great for the sport so keep doing what you are doing and don’t let some of these pricks get to you. Boys best of luck to the both of you.

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Love your post MMA FAN^^^^

    You nailed it.

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  12. nightmare says:

    say whatever you want,hague sucks if he was ufc caliber HED BE IN THE UFS DUMBASS,and dont think were all hiding behind a screen name,some of us will settle shit without punches,dont f-ng kid yourself theres badder dudes than these clowns who cage fight other shitty fighters lol hate me i dont give a shit,our canadian guys suck,theres better street fighters out there I guarantee it,any LOSER can get in a cage for 500 and lose pussies haha

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  13. Bring the Pain says:

    Nightmare…you have the right to your opinion…and if you truly believe the garbage your spurtin out your mouth…than man up…and challenge…Craig or Tim….if not shut your mouth until otherwise….

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  14. harry balls says:

    “he’d be in the UFS”, followed by “dumbass”.
    Geez, can we at least get DECENT trolling around here?

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  15. TimHague says:

    Man this nightmare guy is a gem…

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  16. paul hudson says:

    A few more hook’s we could of had a number 1 guy!

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