BFL 15 Play-by-Play


Jamie Locke is cageside in Nanaimo, British Columbia for Battlefield Fight League 15. Here is his play-by-play of the event:

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night – Bastien Huveneers vs Nick Hinchliffe
  • Knockout of the Night – Marcus Aurelio
  • Submission of the Night – Eli Wyse

Nick Hinchliffe (18-8 Impact MMA) vs Bastien Huveneers (10-3 Dynamic MMA) 180lbs Catchweight
Round 1- Both fighters show the utmost respect for one another pre-fight. Nick opens up with a jab leg kick combo. Bastien is controlling the center of the cage and stalking nick throwing hooks in combos. Nick is landing some loose jabs from the outside and tries for a quick single. Bastien stuffs it easily, counters with a 1,2 and tries a single of his own. Both guys trade hooks at center cage before Bastien lands a kick to the body. Bastien lands a flurry of hooks but Nick recovers. Nick finds range with the jab and is still scoring from the outside while circling. Bastien is throwing counters to everything. Bastien throws with bad intentions looking to land a bomb, Nick lands one instead sending Bastien to the mat just in time for the bell.
TMN scores it a very close 10-9 for Hinchliffe (the knock down was the deciding factor, Bastien was the aggressor throughout the round)

Round 2-Nick starts off popping in and out from the outside landing everything. Nick finds the uppercut is landing at will. Bastien finds his rhythm and movement and starts to avoid the shots, he shoots in for a TD but Nick stuffs it. Nick lands a 1,2 head kick combo and is looking fresh while Bastien seems to be breathing heavily. Bastien is still maintaining the center as Nick circles. Bastien lands a leg kick jab combo and receives an inadvertent poke in the eye. Bastien takes a minute to recover and Nick is told to watch his fingers. On the restart Bastien opens with a flurry of hooks and a nice high kick. Nick lands a leg kick and Bastien counters with a combo of hooks. Nick lands a hook to the body, Bastien counters with a leg kick and a spinning back-fist. The two trade leg kicks until the bell.
TMN scores the round 10-9 for Hinchliffe

Round 3- Nick is still circling on the outside while Bastien hold the center. Bastien lands a big counter right after Nick misses with an overhand. Bastien throws but misses another spinning back-fist. Bastien throws a high kick and a big right hand, both finding their target. Bastien seems to have found his groove and is getting comfortable. Nick lands an uppercut but it`s shrugged off by Bastien who is still controlling center with Nick on the outside. Bastien throws and misses two more spinning back-fists. Nick shoots in and struggles to earn the TD at the closing seconds of the round.
TMN scores the round 10-9 for Huveneers
TMN scores the fight 29-28 for Hinchliffe
Judges score the fight 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28 for Hinchliffe

Matt Dwyer (2-0 Toshido MMA) vs Marcus “Lelo” Aurelio (5-1 Axe Capoeira) 170Lbs top contender bout
Round 1- Marcus lands a leg kick and the two fighters clinch up and trade punches like a hockey fight. Aurelio drops for a double, picks up Dwyer and slams him off the mat for the big KO.
Marcus Aurelio defeats Matt Dwyer by KO (slam), 30 seconds into Round 1, earning TMN KOTN honors.

Marcus also takes the time to call out all those who have not respected the art of Capoeira. I myself have openly stated I thought Capoeira was for show and would not be effective in the cage. The Marcus brothers and Axe Capoeira have proved me wrong.  I am a believer. Marcus is a top contender for the BFL Pro WW Title

Shawn Albrecht (7-5 WCBJJ) vs Baz Cunningham (6-3 Island Warriors) 145lbs
Round 1- They meet in the center and trade leg kicks. Shawn pushes forward, Baz reverses and holds Shawn against the cage landing knees, one hits Shawn in the groin. After a second to shake it off the two meet in the center, Shawn lands two nice leg kicks and rocks Baz with a combo. Shawn pushes Baz back against the cage and lands a trip takedown. Baz gets back up only to be tripped again landing in Baz’s guard. Shawn stands up and drops a bomb of a right hand onto Baz’s chin.
Shawn Albrecht defeats Baz Cunningham by KO at 2:22 of Round 1.

Amateur Fights
Zach Zacharias (2-1 Island Warriors) vs Saeid Mirzaei (4-1 Reality Martial Arts, Vancouver)
Round 1- Saeid opens up with a 1,2 and clinches up. He drops down for a double, picks up Zach and slams him. Saeid secures a D’arce choke and finishes the bout early with the submission.
Saeid Mirzaei defeats Zach Zacharias by Darce choke at :43 seconds of round 1 moving his record to 5-1 as an amateur. Maybe it’s time to go pro Prince of Persia?

Herbert Moon (3-3 Island Warriors, Campbell River) vs Curtis Harriot (2-1 West Van Martial Arts)
Round 1- Curtis lands a jab leg kick combo. Curtis shoots in for a single leg and lands in side control. He land 7, 8, 9, 10 hard knees to the body before taking Herbert’s back. Curtis lands some shots from the back before gaining full mount and throws down some G&P. He takes the back again, then remounts and throws down some more G&P to finish the round.
TMN gives Curtis Harriot a 10-8 round

Round 2- Curtis clinches and pushes Herbert back against the cage, he drops down for a double leg and gets it. Herbert sweeps into Cutis’ guard, Curtis throws his legs up and secures a tight triangle less than 1 minute into the round.
Curtis Harriot defeats Herbert Moon by triangle at :57 of round 2

Eli Wyse (4-2 Impact MMA Nanaimo) vs Morgan Bentley (1-2 WCBJJ) 155lbs

Round 1- Eli gets the biggest ovation of the night from the Nanaimo crowd when he enters the cage. Fighters touch gloves and nod in respect. Morgan opens up with a leg kick and Eli throws a jab in his face for it. Eli throws a leg kick hook combo and drops Morgan with another hook. Morgan pops back up and Eli lands another hook and a high kick. Morgan throws another leg kick but Eli catches it and throws it aside landing a hard leg kick of his own. Eli misses on a double leg attempt and then tries a flying triangle but falls to his back, Morgan doesn’t attack and Eli stands back up. Eli lands a couple of nice combos to the body and head and Morgan turns away. Morgan gains his footing and lands a couple leg kicks before the bell.
TMN scores the round 10-9 Eli Wyse, would be a 10-8 if it wasn’t for the three or four leg kicks landed by Morgan.

Round 2- Eli comes out hard with a jumping switch kick to the body. Morgan lands a leg kick and drops down hoping for a single leg. Eli slides to the side and attempts to lock up a Darce choke as Morgan falls, Eli switches to an omaplata attempt then stands up when he can’t lock it up. Morgan misses another single leg attempt; Eli avoids the TD but has his back against the cage. Morgan lands a nice right but Eli shakes it off and returns fire dropping Morgan and landing hammer fists until the bell.
TMN scores the round 10-9 Eli

Round 3- Eli drops Morgan right away with a nice hook, he jumps onto a topside triangle on Morgan’s back, he switches to an arm bar and breaks it.
Eli Wyse defeats Morgan Bentley by arm bar, 1:03 into the 3rd round, improving his record to 5-2 as an amateur and earning TMN SOTN honors.

Johnny Twofeathers (3-2 Independant) vs Craig Maclean (2-1 Revolution Fight Team Langley) 140lbs Catchweight
Round 1- Craig shakes his head to touching gloves, looks like he’s still not impressed with the weight miss. Craig comes forward with two big hooks and goes for Johnny’s back, he gets it and Johnny falls to the mat. Craig lands some punches from the back and goes for the quick RNC attempt, he can’t get his hooks in and Johnny reverses, stands and tries for a guillotine. Johnny throws a nice head kick and Craig shoots in taking Johnny down and landing in his guard. Craig lands some nice body shots from the guard, stands for a second and hops back in the guard until the bell.
TMN scores the round 10-9 for Craig Maclean

Round 2- Craig pushes forward landing a couple of hooks. Johnny drops down and secures a nice double leg TD into Craig’s guard. Craig sweeps and takes Johnny’s back again, and again can’t get his hooks in. Johnny scrambles into his guard and manages to stand up. Johnny clinches up and pushes Craig back against the cage landing knees in the process. Craig land a couple of upper cuts with his back against the cage looking to put his fist through the ceiling. They separate and Craig lands a couple loose punches before the bell.
TMN scores the round a close 10-9 for Johnny Twofeathers

Round 3- Craig comes out strong again landing combos. Johnny fires back landing a flurry that drops Craig. Johnny jumps on top to side control and throws down some hammer fists. Craig manages to scramble and take Johnny’s back, but again can’t get his hooks secured around Johnny’s hips. Johnny sweeps, stands up and lands a nice 1,2. Craig clinches up against the cage, Johnny reverses just in time for the bell.
TMN scores the round 10-9 for Johnny Twofeathers
TMN scores the fight 29-28 for Johnny Twofeathers
Judges score the fight 28-29, 30-27 and 29-28 for Craig Maclean (now 3-1 as an amateur)

Mat Lockard(0-0 Pure Self Defence Nanaimo) vs George Al-Shomali(0-0 Gracie Barra Vancouver) 170lbs
Round 1- Fighters touch gloves, George immediately shoots in for a takedown; he can’t get it but pushes Mat against the cage. Mat defends the TD well and lands some uppercuts and knees from the clinch. Mat pushes off and lands a leg kick before George clinches back up again and drops down looking for a double, can’t get it but goes for the single pushing Mat back up against the cage once more. George reverses off the cage and lands some knees before Mat can reverse as well and land some knees of his own. George reverses pushing again pushing off the cage and goes back to center, Mat clinches up slides behind George and throws down a suplex, lands some hammer fists and stands back up. George lands and high kick and the fighters trade some shots at center cage until the bell.
TMN scores the round 10-9 for George Al-Shomali

Round 2- Fighters touch them up again and trade some loose jabs at center cage. Mat pushes George back against the cage, George pushes off and goes back to center where the two trade leg kicks. Mat misses a big overhand but George falls down anyway while backing away from it, Mat jumps on him with a couple hammer fists but George gets up easily. Mat pushes George against the cage again where George reverses and pumps a knee into Mat’s groin. Mat takes a minute to recover. Fighters are restarted at center and George comes forward with a stiff jab and a front kick. Mat catches the next front kick and pushes forward for a takedown. Mat lands some nice knees and hammer fists from side control before George shrimps out and stands up. George then pushes Mat against the cage where they stay until the bell.
TMN scores the round 10-9 for Mat Lockard

Round 3- Fighters touch them up for the last time. Mat pushes forward putting Georges back against the cage, George reverses, Mat reverses again and drops for a high crotch and gets it. Mat immediately moves to Georges back but can’t get his hooks in; he stays on top but gets bucked to side control. Mat lands some punches from the side until George gets to his guard. Mat steps over for a leg lock but George scrambles into top side control. Mat sweeps back on top into Georges guard, George tries a rubber guard to an arm bar attempt, looks tight but Mat is saved by the bell.
TMN scores the round 10-9 for Mat Lockard
TMN scores the fight 29-28 for Mat Lockard
Judges score the fight 29-28, 27-30 and 29-28 for George Al-Shomali (now 1-0 as an amateur)

18 Responses to “ BFL 15 Play-by-Play ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Just a little personal opinion to add to my official PBP.

    The show started a little late, rumour was the doc was running late, so there was nothing the promoter could really do about it. What was really cool was that while people were getting seated and waiting for the fights to start, BFL was running some highlight fights from previous events on the two cage side screens. It kept the fans content during the delay and I got to see a couple of fights I hadn’t seen before.

    The set-up and production was top notch as BFL has set their standard pretty high.

    All the fights were enjoyable, there was some odd judging as per most events, hoefully as time goes on these judges either learn proper scoring or a new era of kno$wledgable judges comes up.

    BFL’s amateru league is at such a high level, these guys are comparable to pro. IMO Eli and Saeid are both ready for the pro ranks.

    It was a rough night for Island Warriors, those boys are due for a good night.

    Impact is on a roll for sure.

    Huge win for Albrecht, gets him right back in the mix.

    Hinchliffe and Huveneers picked up their fight right where they left off in Edmonton. It was a battle, b oth those guys are tough as nails. I would love to see a round 9, 10 and 11.

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  2. Aide says:

    Marcus Aurelio Vs Matt Dyer was one of the most exciting fights to watch! That KO was CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Matt Dyer appeared bigger but Marcus took this guy on, and Won.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  3. Vinicius says:

    Lelo’s MMA Record is 6-1

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  4. Jamie Locke says:

    They had him as 5-2 on the program last night, and announced him as such as well. Sherdog does gave him at 5-1 before last night though. I stand corrected.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good job Jamie, enjoyable and informative man!

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  6. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Any video highlights gonna make it on Top MMA?

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  7. Jamie Locke says:

    I didn’t take any video.

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  8. Jay says:

    Wow Another nice win for Marcus, but come on his last 4 fights before dwyer, were against guys that were a combined 4-11,They need to test him, enought of padding his recored lets see him fight an expierenced guy like Andrew BUCKLAND!

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  9. Jamie Locke says:

    I don’t think he’s ready for guys like Hinchliffe or Buckland at this point, though being “top contender” he’s going to have to face someone of that caliber next.

    Buckland is their MW champ, so I doubt he’ll fight for the WW title before he defends the MW one.

    Hinchliffe seems like a viable challenger, but he hasn’t won a fight at 170 with BFL yet, so I don’t see them giving the shot either (though they gave Buckland a shot for his first fight with BFL so what do I know). I also think he’d be way too much for Lelo to handle at this point.

    I would love to see some kind of cross promotion with AFC and bring Adam Smith over to fight Lelo for the title, maybe winner face Hinchliffe after he gets a W at WW as well. I think we might just see a third installment of Hinchliffe vs Huveneers though, so who the hell knows what’s going to happen.

    If Smith is not under contract with AFC, I’m hoping for Smith vs Aurelio for the BFL WW title.

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  10. Jay says:

    Who’s this smith guy? I cant find him on sherdog fight finder? Is he a wrester or a striker? Canadian kid? Who do you think they would match up Buckland against that poses more of a threat than baker? Hes a natural weltereight he came into that fight at 176, He holds a welterweight title in another organization, and is fight in mfc as a ww. If he does well i dont know if we’ll see him back in batlefield if he does well!

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  11. Jay says:

    I just think lelo is a little to cocky and needs to fight somebody with more expierence, maybe a wrestler. What about the old battlefield ww champ? isnt he back in action?

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  12. Jamie Locke says:

    Smith just beat previously undefeated Karl Bergen at AFC. He’s a Revolution guy so I’d say he’s well rounded, though his fight with Bergen was all on the feet.

    I think their going to have to bring in a MW for Buckland from outside of BC, Baker was the clear top contender. They did have Jesse “JT Money” come and fight Clay Davidson and Denis Kang, and he won both, so maybe they could line up JT Money vs Buckland for the MW strap? I would be entertained by that for sure and it would be interesting to see if Buckland has developed to high enough of a caliber to deal with the wrestling of JT Money (Ford Robertson gave him trouble in that department…Where is Ford now BTW?). I think Buckalnd will certainly have some choices to make with a win at MFC.

    It’s mentioned on this weeks (and last weeks) TMN Radio, and the potential is there for Hinchliffe to fight Aurelio for the BFL WW strap. Is a potential fireworks match-up. I’ll have to hit up Jay Golshani after his upcoming amateur show for an interview to see what comes next.

    I sent TMN a brief soundbite from after BFL 15 simply asking what he thought of the show and what match-ups to make in his pro ranks. He simply says he wants to see what happens with what Nick and Bastien want to do with their weights. I , along with many others, would love to see a Huveneers vs Hinchliffe III, but at what weight, and what sacrifices (title shots) would be made to make that happen?

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  13. Jamie Locke says:

    BFL has yet to crown a pro ww champ.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Great job all around Jamie. Good having you on the left coast.

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  15. Jay says:

    It says Smith has fought once since 2008,and Taylors a ww, AURELIO VS TAYLOR, clsssic stiker/grapp;er match up

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  16. Jamie Locke says:

    Smith vs Bergen was Smith’s first outing since 2008 yes, but he remains undefeated and a local draw at 4-0.

    Taylor has fought both at 185 and 170, I think he’d take either title fight if offered, but ti would be a much better battle on paper to see him come in to fight Hinchliffe at WW or Buckland at MW. Taylor would run over Aurelio with wrestling and G & P.

    Hopefully we’ll find out more on BFL’s title pictures after their next show.

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  17. JVD says:

    Don’t expect to see Nick fight again at a weight other than 170. That’s the weight we’ve worked towards and that’s his new home.

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  18. Jay23 says:

    Nice does he plan on staying with Battlefield? or taking offers from other organizations as well?

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