KOTC: Unified Weigh In Results – Briere 11lbs over!


Here are the weigh in results for the King of the Cage and Unified MMA Super Show; King of the Cage “Unified” tomorrow night at the Crystal Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta.
Unbelievably, Travis Briere missed weight by a shocking 11 lbs for his supposed Lightweight debut!

Here are the Weigh-in Results


Professional Fights:
155lbs- Travis Briere* (167) vs. Brad Cardinal (155)
*Travis Briere is forced to forfeit 40% of fight purse and ticket commission as enforced by promoters*

145lbs- Behrang Yousefi (145) vs. Josh Machan (144.8)
***KOTC Bantamweight Title Fight***

265lbs- Tim Hague (265) vs. Craig Hudson (261.2)
175lbs- Spencer Jebb (174.4) vs. Simon Shirt (167.2)

Amateur Bouts:
150lbs- Will Robins* (153) vs. Michael Banin (140)
265lbs- Kyle Francotti (245.8) vs. Matthew Swimmer (228.9)
170lbs- Colton Welsh (167.2) vs. Ken Elter (167.4)
185lbs- Jerry Grievson (182.5) vs. Brad Laboucan (183.5)

*Missed weight

42 Responses to “ KOTC: Unified Weigh In Results – Briere 11lbs over! ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Fantastic stance taken by KOTC and Unified in punishing Briere for 40% of purse and commission!

    The standard has been set for unprofessional behaviour, more promotions must now follow.

    Very happy to see this, well done!

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    100% agree with Bobby, it’s about time the penalties got a little more severe for people missing weight by large margins like this! Can’t help but cheer extra hard for Bonesaw in this one!

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    100% I’m cheering for Cardinal!
    Very positive position taken by Ken and Sunny!

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  4. Wuzjustsayin says:

    LOL… Lightweight Debut!

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    Must be a pretty big chunk of change too with Briere being from GP, probably sold a lot of tickets!

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  6. Mike Davis says:

    Great job KOTC and Unified, great action. Maybe now Travis will have no excuse not to fight Advin Omic & Ryan Machan :)

    Bonesaw and Josh Machan going kill it tomorrow!

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Briere. You’ve been around for awhile.

    You know the drill.

    You know how bad this is. You don’t need anyone to tell you about unprofessionalism.

    You owe these people, and yourself, a great performance tomorrow night.

    Go do it.

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    Fuck him!

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  9. FillionMMA says:

    Travis SHOWTYING BARONE Briere

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  10. harry balls says:

    wow, that’s embaraassing.

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  11. Bdc says:

    All good points nothin to add here except hope the show goes smoothly kotc/unified.

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  12. Robin Black says:

    I hear ya Bobby. I agree.

    But in great Westerns, when a man has shamed himself you let him feel his guilt and you invite him to one last showdown to save face.

    I love Westerns.

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  13. Konrad says:

    11 pounds is very very unprofessional!!

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  14. Robin Black says:

    The most unprofessional.


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  15. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Save Face?? Give me a F****n break!!!

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    No in Westerns the hero comes out and guns him down and rides off into the sunset!
    Here’s hoping Brad Cardinal rights Briere’s wrong tomorrow night!

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Ok. I shouldn’t have watched both those Westerns tonight.

    Nobody hates a weight misser more than me. There’s never an excuse.

    Genuinely sorry about testing my admittedly weak “MMA is like a good Western” theory before really giving it a thought.

    Carry on.

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  18. Wuzjustsayin says:

    I like Western’s :)

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  19. Bring the Pain says:

    Unforgiven…is an awesome western…and maybe a good name for travis’s missed weight….;)

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  20. Robin Black says:

    BTP gets the poetry of this game….

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  21. Derek Boyle says:

    good luck briere you got this.

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  22. Guns Loaded says:

    If tim Hauge losses this fight will MFC still use him ?

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  23. Tyler Davis says:

    Good thing bone saw is skilled enough to negate the wieght advantage. He will bring a nice cheque home. Great fight between josh and b tang!!!!!

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  24. Donald Duck says:

    150lbs- Will Robins* (153) vs. Michael Banin (140)

    13 lbs difference?!?

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  25. KeeSmyth says:

    B-Tang is big underdog but ill be rooting for him

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  26. Troy says:

    11 pounds wow…..like common if you are going to be that much over communicate so your opponent does not have to cut all his weight. Seriously wow

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  27. Will R says:


    I was 2 pounds over against Banin….worked hard to get there since he was 3 rd opponent giving to me …was suppose to fight at 155 …but in order to fight needed to get to 150 for a catch weight… Did what I could…

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  28. Tyler Davis says:

    Troy agreed if you know for a fact your toning to miss wieght by that much you can tell the promotion to inform opponent so he might not have to cut those kidney killing last 5 pounds and could make for more competitive fight

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  29. Bdc says:

    Maybe he did tell the promotion and if brad wanted the 40% they told him to cut to the contracted weight as most promotions would do.

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  30. booboo says:


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  31. Donald Duck says:

    @Will – you blew your catch weight by 2 lbs?

    Still not cool homie.

    @KOTC – Did the promoter know that Mike would have needed to weigh in fully clothed and soaking wet to make anything close to 150?

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  32. terry r says:

    Will, you shouldnt be on here worrying about what the internets are saying before you fight rest n relax n get your head where it should be, reflect on weight situation after. All the best tonight!

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  33. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Behrang truly impressed me the last time I seen him fight. This fight will open the doors for him!!


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  34. Just Sayin' says:

    Maybe Merrick Duggan and Travis Briere should fight. They both wanted to go down to 155 and both failed miserably at it and put both of their opponents at a disadvantage. I feel bad for the guys that trained to meet that weight and have to fight opponents who have a significant weight advantage. Then they walk around thinking they are all that – ya, well I would be all that if I could be 10+ lbs over and use my weight to my advantage. Just got to sit on the guy and pound away lol…

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  35. Dirty says:

    What’s to stop Briere from no-showing tonight? He’s out 40percent plus anyway.

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  36. Roger A says:

    he just barely made 170lbs lol

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  37. Just Sayin' says:

    I heard that Briere was a likely candidate to fight Tim Smith for the Unified title in June – I guess that won’t happen… At least it definitely shouldn’t!!

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  38. Mma says:

    Whatever happened to Chase maxwell? Wasn’t he a unified regular?

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  39. Bdb says:

    Chase is recovering from a broken collar bone, he should be good to go in 3-5 months

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  40. gorny says:

    Cardinal vs smith for the strap .

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  41. Chase Degenhardt says:

    Go Btang!! Kick some ass!!

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  42. Will R says:

    @terry r

    no worries Terry my head was in the game, but commission canceled my fight at 4 pm that day, felt there was to much differnce, we were both cool with it, and ready to go. Bierre came way overweight, so dont know how that was fare.

    @ Donald

    sure its not cool making my catch, you were not in my shoes that day, tried and failed, you learn from it. Just Lucky i had an awesome group of guys behind me and supporting me.

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