ECC 14 Play-By-Play


Jordan Breen from is in Halifax for ECC’s 14th event.  Here is his play-by-play of all the fights.  
Keep refreshing your screen to get the latest results.

Unfortunately Jordan Breen’s laptop & phone battery died and there was no power available to him in the facility, so the last 2 fights are currently just quick results.

Joe Ray defeats Ricky Goodall by TKO in Round 1, 4:57

Gavin Tucker defeats Robert Rende by TKO in Round 3, 1:50

Gavin Tucker vs Robert Rende
Tucker throws hard low kicks to start, but when he kicks to the body, Rende runs him into the ground in a heartbeat. Tucker plays a loose half guard, swinging to a kneebar to force a scramble. The Haligonian quickly drives Render to his back, and sets up on top in half guard. Rende gets full guard and plays wrist control, not allowing him to punch, but Tucker is still easily controlling him. Big right elbow for Tucker, and Rende shrimps to the fence in an attempt to get up, but Tucker stays on him. Rende tries to get to the farside fence, but exposes his back and Tucker sinks his hooks in, threatening with a rear-naked choke. Rende fights the hand with a two-on-one. Rende manages to finally break free, giving up mount, but Tucker locks up an arm-trinalge choke in the process. It’s loose, and Rende spins through the choke, and right back into mount. Tucker rolls him but loses his hooks, and Rende gets back to his feet with Tucker clinging to a rear waistlock at the bell.
10-9 for Gavin Tucker.

Brent Fryia vs Matt Maclennan
Fryia steps inside with cautious punches, before duking under a lazy MacLennan jab, scooping him up and slamming him straight into side control.
MacLennan is completely outmatched on the floor, as Fryia locks up the beginnings of an arm-triangle choke, hops clear to the other side with ease, and simply squeezes MacLennan into an easy submission at 54 seconds of the first round.

Mark Grey vs Adam Hunter
Hunter runs out charging at Gray, eating short uppercuts the whole way. He gets two over hooks, and desperately tries to throw him to the mat with a crippled seio nage. Gray repeatedly rips him right uppercuts, but Hunter keeps pushing forward, grabbing a collar tie and smashing him with knees. Hunter keeps ripping him with knees to the body, Hunter ducks under, and rag dolls the New Brunswick native to the mat. He easily passes to mount, punching away with robotic shots. Gray is doing just enough from the bottom to avoid a stoppage, but he’s getting absolutely pummeled. He’s ripped across the forehead, leaking blood.
Referee Cyril Desjardines finally rescues Gray at 3:39 of the first round. Adam Hunter is victorious in a romp.

Jeff Black vs Brian Johnston
Black enters the cage wearing a black #ChopTrees shirt, a reference to local rapper Jay Mayne’s slogan regarding smoking marijuana. Johnston is shoving his jab into Black’s face while Black haplessly jabs and kicks at the air. Flying teep by Black grazes Johnston, spooking him into shooting into the clinch, locking up a body lock. He finally completes a takedown, winging Black to the mat. He sits up quickly in guard and drops a stream of punches, followed by a stream of elbows. Punching Black quickly tires him out, and Black simply sweeps him with one leg. Unfortunately, Black throws just one salvo of strikes before Johnston hip bumps him straight into mount, covers his face in a crude arm-triangle choke and forces an incredibly quick tap.
Brian Johnston is your winner, 4:19 into the first round.

Nathan Hamilton vs Bryan Fedynyszyn
Hamilton advances with lazy, plodding punches over the early moments of the bout as Fedynyszyn backs up and looks to counter. He kicks to the legs, biding his time until Hamilton wades in again. He pops him with a short left cross and puts him on his face, diving into half guard in front of his corner. Fedynyszyn has little trouble passing to mount, and the beatdown is on. Rights and left and right and lefts for a solid 20 seconds, until a right hook smacks Hamtilon in the face hard enough to make him turtle, then go stiff a moment later.
The end comes at a merciful 2:19 of the first round, for the winner, Bryan Fedynyszyn.

Mertezza Shahi vs Matt Heim
The fighters engages briefly, as the flashy Thai-trunked Shahi steps into the pocket into a body lock and hits the floor. Heim sets up on top punching, but can’t hold his position, allowing Shahi to get back to his feet. It’s Heim who attacks now, stepping inside with a right hook that flattens Shahi against the cage.
Matt Heim is the winner, 1:44 into the first round.


170-Pat Carroll (169) vs Matt DeRosches (167.8)

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