Discipline MMA Results – Banned From Belleville – Powell beats Moraes


Don Wilson and Mike Fischl were in Belleville for Discipline MMA’s inaugural card.  However, Don ‘Big Win’ Wilson and our photographer Mike Fischl have been escorted out of the building by the police.

Sources have told Top MMA News that Discipline MMA president Dave Mair has banned Top MMA News from premises for undetermined reasons.  Police and a Discipline MMA official stated that even if tickets were purchased, Don and Mike could be arrested upon re-entering the site of the fight.

To make things clear, Top MMA News was neither granted or denied press credentials.  Discipline MMA officials chose to ignore our requests even when Top MMA News told them that Don and Mike were en route to Belleville.  Top MMA News editor Keith Grienke attempted to contact Discipline MMA officials as well as Discipline representatives Reed Duthie and Jay Peacock, all of whom did not respond.

Don and Mike were given permission by Top MMA News to purchase tickets, if necessary, so it was believed that the site could cover the event from the stands regardless of the credential situation.

Upon arriving at the Yardmen Arena, security admitted Don and Mike and allowed them to access the press box while they were were wearing Top MMA News insignia.  After talking to Discipline MMA’s media person and mentioning that they were with Top MMA News, it appeared everything was fine.  However, Don and Mike were evicted from the event soon after.

Regardless, results will be posted here.

Here are the results:

Joel Powell defeats Fabio Moraes by TKO in Round 1, 4:26
Ainsley Robinson defeats Eric Attard by Unanimous Decision
Peter Nolan submits Caleb Grummet by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:27
Oliver Vadnais defeats Ronnie Phillips by TKO in Round 3, 1:05
Jeff Chan defeats Daniel Ireland by TKO in Round 1, 2:26
Allan Wilson submits Derek MacDonald by Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:13


127 Responses to “ Discipline MMA Results – Banned From Belleville – Powell beats Moraes ”

  1. tip top says:

    MMAlive in london = Dave Mair
    MMAlive 2 canceled event = Dave Mair
    Discipline MMA = Dave Mair.

    All events were horribly reviewed. All events were advertising fighters that weren’t competing on the cards. Isn’t this the guy who is the self proclaimed face of mma in ontario?

    Hopefully this is the last we hear of this guy.

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  2. steve hill says:

    From where I,m sitting I dont think the beef is with the fact that the promoters are new and there is a learning curve….It is the fact that people were promised something and when it wasnt delivered no one from the promotion took the time to announce it….I was suppose to attend the card and the fighter as was going to see found out wednsday his fight was cancelled….then I hear about BIG WIN being escorted from the building I mean WTF is that all about…You would think a newer promotion would welcome Don…who in my opinion has always been about the fighters….I have been reading the posts for 2 days….It is just sad that all the press is about the poor job done by the promotion and not the fighters and I guess I am no different….If they do get another kick at the can, lets hope they take into consideration the fighters and the fans ….And do it Better…

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  3. FillionMMA says:

    WOW, what is your role with discipline? connected? Totally.

    The promoter taking pictures saying FUCK THE UG and ROBIN BLACK is professional and good for mma in ontario? No.

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  4. Sean McManus says:

    Just because I can change my own oil in my car doesn’t mean I am a mechanic. Now if I open my ‘mechanic’ shop and the first 20 customers I have complain that their car didn’t make it back to their driveway – and my answer of – “yeah but I am getting better”doesn’t justify me opening a mechanics shop. I think maybe that’s the point people are trying to make.

    Listen, we all realize that there are going to be good shows and bad shows. There are some people doing things really well who don’t mislead their audience and give the fighters the proper platform to display their skill set and for the most part the audience gets what was advertised. (Think of these guys like the licensed dependable mechanic) It might simply be a case of some people are not meant to be promoters – maybe they are naive enough to think they can be and they don’t even see the harm they are doing, but regardless the harm occurs. (think of these guys as the ones who forget to put the oil back in your car after an oil change). I dunno – trying to justify a promotion simply with the defense of “any MMA is good for Ontario MMA” is pretty effed.

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  5. WOW says:

    I have no affiliation with any organization….I’m just a fan that wants to see the sport thrive on my home soil, whether it be a small organization like discipline or big like UFC.

    I’m just a person who is tired of seeing the sport fail in Ontario.

    There were some ppl involved that deserve a huge kick in the ass and there are some who do not. Blame needs to be put in the right place. I just don’t want the wrong people being blamed on behalf of dumb asses

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Wow said ‘Learn to separate the good from the bad.’


    That’s what we’re doing.

    This is the bad.

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  7. J says:

    Another article from our local paper claiming the event was nothing but a success…


    What a joke…

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  8. Robin Black says:

    J, sorry you had an aweful experience.

    It’s not the worst thing in the world to see media coverage that isn’t brutal. The sport and the region doesn’t need more bad press.

    J Facebook me. I’ll hook you up at a good event in Ontario.

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  9. Donald Duck says:

    Dear J,

    If Robin’s “Good Event” has a title being with All Male Review…. make sure to bring lube.


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  10. Robin Black says:

    Damn Duck

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  11. J says:

    That’s amazing of you to offer Robin but it’s not necessary.

    One crappy event is not going to sour me on MMA.

    I’ll get over it and move on, just pisses me off knowing how many people must feel ripped off over the whole thing.

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  12. Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know that there are some great MMA events still happening in the province. In fact, there’s one happening on Sunday, June 3 2012 in Toronto. It’s not a fight card, but its a charity film screening of the MMA movie “Jens Pulver – Driven”. It’s a completely free screening and even better we have Mark Hominick, Sam Stout and Chris Horodecki coming to the event to meet the fans. We’re raising money for four wonderful causes including the Shawn Tompkins Memorial Fund.

    All the information is at http://www.showyourstrength.org

    If your looking for a great MMA event done for the right reasons, give us a look.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    McManus’ post, with his mechanic analogies, is fantastic.

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  14. mymmaopinion says:

    the promoter is probably pissed for something TopMMAnews wrote in the past which is why he tossed Don and Mike. Unfortunately the MMA industry is quite unprofessional when it comes to how promoters relate to the media in that if you are the slightest bit critical the promoter may just decide to ban your website from covering them, and that applies to the UFC (banning Sherdog et al.) to the MFC (banning Topmmanews for mention MFC in the same article as TFC).

    In the end it blows for the fans because we end up reading sanitized reports that never really get to bring to light some of the shadier things that go on, to say nothing of the total abscence of investigative journalism. But then again, look at what happened to Josh gross and Loretta Hunt when they tried to be investigative journalists, BLACK BALLED!!

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  15. Robin Black says:


    The UFC is in a position of monopoly. Media and websites and analysts and opinion writers are little cottages set up next to the UFC monster. The UFC doesn’t need them. They need the UFC.

    But a tiny independent promoter needs the industry. They need the media. They need the hardcores. They need the people who make the culture.
    They need polite humble give-and-take relationships with every manager, every agent, every website, and everyone who is part of the culture to survive.

    And they need to give back to the fighters. One of the ways to do that is helping facilitate media access, so the fighters maximize their exposure.

    This website is, by far, the biggest and best platform in the world for Canadian fighters at this level. It is viewed by, by a huge huge margin, more fans of the grassroots sport in Canada by any other outlet.

    To arbitrarily take the largest media exposure piece from these fighters because someone is offended by the comments in forums and beneath articles on the site is a huge mddle finger to the fighters.

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  16. Mark Loft says:

    Hi all, just wanted to add my .02$

    I think the poor ticket sales can be attributed to poor marketing, the advertising was pretty much non-existent, hardly anybody I talked to before and after the fact even knew that there were fights on Friday.

    Ticket prices also didn’t help, not did the OAC decimating the card.

    But some positives came out of the card, there are things to work on for the next time. Small crowd, but very respectful and vocal, which means they’re fairly educated on the sport. They applauded reversals and good positions, felt like Japan lol

    Also, more than one fighter made their pro debut on the card – which I had previously heard the OAC wasn’t going to allow.

    All the fighters fought hard and it’s nice to see some good emerging talent in ontario.

    However, keep in mind that I have to stay positive, this is my area and ours is the only bjj/mma school around.

    thanks, Mark

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Nicely done Mark.

    Good job looking for positives.

    Nice to hear.

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  18. Mark Loft says:

    one other positive; Dan’s face is ok and he didn’t need stitches!

    P.S. guys, don’t get too down on the comments on the intel article. The online paper has it’s own trolls, go to almost any article on there, and you’ll see those idiots complaining about everything and everybody. It takes a special kind of loser to troll a small town online newspaper.

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Good point Mark.

    It is good to look for positives. It is nice to see a couple guys get to debut on a card.

    If this event was held in a small place with $30 tickets and without all the broken promises a lot of these issues would be a lot more palatable.

    Glad Dan’s doin good man.

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  20. WOW says:

    Well played Mark.

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  21. Garnet Ace says:

    I don’t know who the fuck is trying to cause shit but I didn’t write the above post..Who ever it is fuck off and quit using my name causing shit. You do know that it is illegal to use someone else’s identity.

    Keith, please remove the post above.


    The real garnet ace

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  22. Garnet Ace says:

    Keith, I am getting tired of people trying to cause shit..is there anyway that we can track who is doing this..


    Garnet Ace

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  23. Garnet Ace says:

    post 21 by fake Garnet Ace: Your a piece of shit trying to cause problems for people. You gutless piece of crap..You better hope i don’t find out who you are because I will have you charge with identity theft. In matter of fact, i think i will call the authorities right now and have them track your ass down like the bitch you are.


    The Real Garnet Ace

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  24. Idolmaker says:


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  25. Robin Black says:

    When I read that post I was just about to say “obviously that’s not really Garnet” but Garnet beat me to it.

    Pos move by the way whoever posted that.

    Garnet, the bright side is even a retarded chimp could tell that’s not really you.

    Hope all is well with you and your family and the gym.

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  26. Garnet Ace says:

    thanks Robin.

    Everyone is good here.

    All the best Garnet

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  27. Garnet Ace says:

    To All, just incase people are wondering..the original post #21 has been taken down by Keith..my post then moved into the 21st post …The bottom line someone is posting under my name and try to cause shit.

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