ECC 14 Weigh-In Results


Fans jammed in the Oasis Pub and Grill this afternoon as Extreme Cage Combat held weigh-ins today for their 14th event titled Warrior’s Soul. The event will take place tomorrow night at the Halifax Forum.

Most fighters were able to make weight today expect for Jeff Black and Matt Heim who came in two pounds over and Joe Ray who came in one pound heavy, so each fighter will lose 20% of their fighter purse. The event will start at 8pm and will feature Muay Thai exhibition matches before the night mma fights begin. Tickets are still available at the Halifax Forum box office or going to

Here are the weigh-in results:

170-Ricky Goodall (170.2) vs. Joe Ray (171.2)**
155-Jeff Black (157.4)** vs Brian Johnston (153.8)
135-Brent Fryia (135.6) vs. Matt Maclennan (132.8)
170-Pat Carroll (169) vs Matt DeRosches (167.8)
145-Gavin Tucker (145.8) vs Robert Rende (145.4)
205-Nathan Hamilton (204.6) vs Bryan Fedynyszyn (205.2)
165-Mertezza Shahi (158.8) vs Matt Heim (167.4)**
185-Mark Grey (184.6) vs Adam Hunter *

*Hunter will have to weigh during the medicals tomorrow afternoon due to a work commitment.
** Missed weight. Forfeit 20% of purse.

9 Responses to “ ECC 14 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Kid Lightning says:

    Beard power for Fryia

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  2. Ryan says:

    I’ve heard rumours from people whom work at the forum that the card might be cancelled. Is this true? Apparently due to low ticket sales. They sold like 50 or some tickets from what I have been told.

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  3. Derek LeBlanc says:

    One of my favorite albums is Rumours from Fleetwood Mac and I think rumours is all this is. I just can’t see a promotion canceling an event the day before the show and still do the weigh ins and everything else leading up to the event. I think either we will still be seeing a good show tomorrow night

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  4. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Also an update as Adam Hunter did weigh in at 185

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  5. Ryan W. says:

    Yeah, once I saw weigh ins I certanly didn’t think it was true. But I mean if the person had the ins to score me free tickets I just thought it would be good to ask about. Thanks Derek!

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  6. Derek LeBlanc says:

    its always good to ask questions thou but if the rumour was true it would be the first I heard of it. I just think and think is the word here that they wouldn’t cancel a day before the event after doing all the work

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  7. Jamie Locke says:

    I love “Maui Thai”, it’s delicious…

    I also enjoy watching some muay thai…

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  8. mike kent says:

    no the show isnt cancelled . they have sold alot of tables . ive sold 5 tables and im not even fighting. They will probally have 50 tables sold on the floor and alot of walk ups single seats sold and there has been more then 50 tickets sold before that . the show will go on !

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  9. Ryan W. says:

    Thanks mike! I’ll see you guys tonight!

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