Discipline MMA Weigh-In Results


Discipline MMA is holding their inaugural fight card in Belleville, Ontario tomorrow. If you are in the area, pick up a pair of tickets at the Yardmen Arena or BellevilleBulls.com.

If you are not able to attend, come back to Top MMA News for results and play-by-play of the entire card.

170lbs – Joel Powell (169.4) vs. Fabio Moraes (169.2)
155lbs – Ainsley Robinson (156) vs. Eric Attard (155.4)
205lbs – Peter Nolan (206) vs. Caleb Grummet (203.8)
155lbs – Oliver Vadnais (155) vs. Ronald Phillips (156)
158lbs – Jeff Chan (153) vs Daniel Ireland (157.8)
155lbs – Allan Wilson (153.2) vs. Derek MacDonald (150.6)

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  1. Nigel Guerin says:

    Jeff Chan with 4oz gloves on is scary…

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  2. Bring the Pain says:

    Way to go DMAC….now to tha task at hand…KO this guy get your purse…your win bonus…and your 20% of his purse…and party like a rockstar….so proud of you kid…i wish the WarDog and i could have been there in your corner…WAAAARRRRR!!!! DMAC

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  3. Sean McManus says:

    are the results still coming in – or are there really only 6 fights on the card? Anyone know what happened to W-1?

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  4. The answer is b) only 6 fights on the card.

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  5. Goose says:

    And it starts at 5:30 be home and in bed by 7…….

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  6. Goose says:

    Garbage card! I wonder if the previous card announced was in an effort to sell advance tickets?

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  7. Goose says:

    From chessel to chan, Ireland has his work cut out for him

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  8. Bring the Pain says:

    Well atleast the promotion is going forward and not cancelling on the fighters….

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  9. Jeff Harrison says:

    Chan is fighting 20lbs above his bantamweight bracket!

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  10. Sean McManus says:

    From the hype – Chan seems to be a kid to keep an eye on…

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  11. Sean McManus says:

    BTP – it is nice that they haven’t cancelled for the fighters, but from a fan’s perspective…6 fights could be over pretty quick…here’s hoping the show goes over well and the crowd is entertained…still no werd on W-1?

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  12. FillionMMA says:

    W-1 AKA Tim the TIN CAN Chessell is shaping up for his much anticipated match up with DUX RYU ambassador Chris THE PITBULL Myra in what can only be talked about as the biggest match up in the universe of kumite or MMA.

    This match up has an added bonus. The winner is forced to demonstrate his skill at his next match up (showing up will suffice). The loser forced to script an essay as to why the fix was in.

    MYRA VS CHESSELL. The match up to end all match ups!

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  13. Bring the Pain says:

    Its funny keith everyother weigh-in has astrix beaide guys who didnt make weight….Alan Wilson didnt make weight it was a catchweight of 150+1 lb …he originally weighed in at 154…was given an hr…and only lost 8 oz….so disrepectful of all these guys in all the different weighins not making weight…hope DMAC kO’s him just on that premiss…no excuse for not making weight…DereK cut from 161lbs…when we excepted fight it eas at 150 …because was told Alan couldnt make it to 145…where Derek normally fights…dunno why…Derek walks around @ 160-165 at any given time….he makes weight…we gave the catch weighy of 150 for Alans benefit and he still didnt make it…thats a spit in the face…..Dereks gonna knock this guys teeth in mark my words….and yet no mention of this here ….promter trying to protect his boys image….oh yra Alan is one of Dave Mair’s fighters…this shit reaally grinds my gears….anyways Alan forfeited a20% of purse to Derek…just so the facts dont get misconstrued…..sry for the rant…

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  14. Received these weights and limits from the commission. Was told it was a 155 bout so Wilson made weight.

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  15. Goose says:

    W-1 is front and center on their poster I saw on their website… If your looking for w-1

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  16. Bring the Pain says:

    Well i have a contract that says ….150+1 and confirmation from Derek and my guy brett cornering him…that he missed his weight of 150 even after 1 hr of trying….your info is incorrect….i believe i posted about it on the card thread…when Derek was added….sry Keith but your info is incorrect…

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  17. Bring the Pain says:

    You guys can thumbs down me all you want …but that dont change the facts…

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  18. Robin Black says:

    I thumbed you up BTP.

    Sometimes AFTER a guy misses weight, the commission will change the “new” weight class.

    So, the fighter misses weight, he forfeits 20%, and then a new agreement s made for the fight to go forward at a new agreed-upon weight.

    That’s probably the case here.

    Keith I think its safe to put it as 150 and asterisk beside Alan.

    Alan is a really good respectful young fighter. But there is absolutely no excuse to miss weight.
    No excuse. Its the job.

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  19. Robin Black says:

    You really hope this ends up being a good experience for the fighters in all 6 fights. I’m sure it will be. All the best to all the fighters tonight.

    Keep an eye on Oliver, this guy is crazy talented.

    Its a bit of a drag show-wise, and this territory will be forever damaged for MMA nomatter how awesome all of these great fighters perform.

    Its unreasonable to charge $150 and $200 for floor seats and $80 for seats in stands for a small 6 fight card without experienced names. And to make claims of million dollar impacts and sell-outs…. its a drag.

    The truth is, Ontario is the most challenging area on Earth to do shows. Fighter shortage, so many better opportunities with proven shows for the fighters that are there, stringent safety-first commission, a hesitant audience, so many issues.

    Really, inexperienced people without the skills, experience, contacts, reputation and history are in deep trying to succeed here. People trying to do this have to be top notch.

    Trying to do shows here without any experience in less complicated regions is like trying to do your first concert in Madison Square Gardens, or losing your virginity to a porn star. You just don’t have the ability. And you don’t even know enough to ask the right questions and recognize your weaknesses and what you are missing. You’ll flop and you’ll blame everyone else.

    There will be a million challenges, and every promoter will face them in Ontario. It’ll be tough to match fights. You will need to match them VERY fairly or they will not be approved by the OAC (which is a GOOD thing). You will lose guys for meds. There wil be fighter cancelations. Fights will go down. Travel. Commission. Illness. Meds. It happens on every show. It happens to Bellator. It happens to The Score. It happened in Sarnia. They had the skills to beat the challenges.

    You must have highly skilled, highly experienced people with an impeccable reputation and a history of great work to be able to make it work.

    Its a challenging business on every level. All of these challenges and set backs will happen. You need the right team to pull it off. Like the concert business. Or the theatre business. Or any number of businesses. You can’t just succeed in it because you have a passion for it. You must know what you are doing. You must be great at it.

    Hopefully they are able to give away 5 or 6 hundred tickets tonight so its exciting for the fighters.

    Its bad news that someone is going to lose almost $100 000 tonight. You don’t wish that on anybody. And its bad news about crazy ticket prices for a card that couldn’t be pulled together.

    But hopefully these young fighters have a great night. All the best to them.

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  20. Cameron McQueen says:

    What a joke this show is. I’m impressed they even pulled the show off. Bad for Ontario mma. What a bunch of lies.

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  21. Woodrow says:

    Alan wilson vs dmac was put together last week and
    A half after his opponent got hurt. He was doing 155,
    And i dont know the kid but at 1-0 he is allowed to make mistakes.

    Btp- enough out of you!!!! U should be focusing on my heavyweight rigjt now:) get Off the internet please.

    6 fights isnt very good but the show is happening and props to them.

    Robin- oliver getting beat tonight. Dbl
    Or nothing on that corona i owe u?

    Predictions: grummet, powell, phillips, macdonald, chen and robinson!!!

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  22. Woodrow says:

    To confirm tho keith it was catch weight 150+1

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  23. Bring the Pain says:

    Hey woody…miss u….;)

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  24. Robin Black says:

    Woody I would gladly double our Corona bet.

    Oliver by RNC or gnp TKO

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  25. Sean McManus says:

    Big Win got escorted out by police apparently at Dave Mair’s request according to Big Win’s FB page…no results will be posted here tonight apparently. I thought Mike Russell was his PR guy – really a pioneer in the journalism scene in Canada – and this happened? There was never any negative reporting produced on this site – a few felt it necessary at one point to take Mr. Mair to task in the comments section – and granted the bogus claims of huge revenue and billions of homes produced some negative responses from some – others were just concerned. I’m blown away – TMN is hands down the premier site for Canadian news and a big reason for that is the work that Big Win has put into it. Keep your chin up buddy…maybe non biased reporting was going to reflect poorly on the show and instead of risking it they gave you the boot…not too sure. Would be interested in knowing who else, if anyone was there from a web based MMA site.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    Sad that promoter’s ego takes press away from the fighters.

    Big Win’s interviews are watched 4 times more than the combined total of the sites that are there.

    The promoter just took away 80% of the fighters’ media exposure.

    That’s a shame. And a slap in the face to those fighters.

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  27. Sean McManus says:

    I was looking forward to getting the results and the pbp on a few of these fights as there was some actual momentum built up for this show in these comment sections by people familiar with the fighters – on this website! I don’t get it and Robin you make a great point of that taking away from the fighters – besides Cotteril’s MM-Eh site – I seriously wouldn’t know where else to look. Maybe Big Win and Mike could hang out in the parking lot and catch the guys as they get off property? Grab some slurpees and have an old fashioned stakeout. I’m shaking my head.

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  28. Robin Black says:

    Ya Sean is it really a surprise tho? This is promoting at its worst, and a slap in the face to the fighters.

    They failed to assemble a card, failed to sell tickets, failed to make a quadrillion dollar impact….

    Now they fail their fighters and take away their exposure.


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  29. Sean McManus says:

    I guess the local paper must’ve shown up and that was enough…unless Showdown is posting live results on his site (Showdown Ent, not sportsnet) or Andy has representation there I don’t know what type of exposure these guys will get. Funny that a little bit of banter on here can pump up a card and get me jazzed about some young kids and now those young kids won’t get the exposure they deserve…shame.

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  30. harry balls says:

    You’ve gotta be goddamn kidding. When and where exactly has Big Win said anything negative about this show?
    This is possibly the dunbest thing yet from these guys. Do you think people who attend the show can’t post here, btw?

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  31. steve hill says:

    Is this Dave Mair the self proclaimed face of ontario MMA…6 fights on the card! and banned Big win!!….very professional….LOL

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  32. Sean McManus says:

    I flew home from Detroit late this afternoon and was going to make the drive and grab a ticket at the door. Haven’t been home in 4 days and would’ve left my family time till tomorrow at some point. It would have been nice to catch up with Mike Russell and Big Win – sure am glad I changed my mind. Regardless, wish the best to the athletes and hopefully the fans enjoy the show.

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  33. just sayin... says:

    i really want to see the results of the revenue generated for the city of belleville from this fight. i think the early projections were a million or millions of dollars (cant exactly remember) – but none the less, i would like to see the results of their card.

    would be more interested to see how much the army charity got as well considering that a portion of each ticket sold would be going to one of the army’s charities.

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  34. JYD says:

    There is a health and wellness expo going on this weekend so I imagine that the #’s will be exaggerated. (not what the revenue was, but, what DMMA was responsible for).

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  35. I am told they sold between 200 and 300 tickets and gave away about the same.

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  36. MMA FAN in Ontario says:

    I heard it was over 1000 tickets and 1/2 prices tables and if you bought a table they gave you additional tickets for the stands..I drove from Oshawa and I am pissed. What a waste of rubbed and cash… Dave Mair & Talbot Tesluk robbed me without a gun and a mask.

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  37. MMA FAN in Ontario says:

    How many people do you think was in attendance….my guess was 1000 tops?

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  38. MMA FAN in Ontario says:

    How many people do you think was in attendance….

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  39. Robin Black says:

    I am told, from really good sources, that they sold between 200 and 300 tickets and gave away about the same.

    But who cares.

    Its about the fighters.

    Everything is about the fighters.

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  40. MMA FAN in Ontario says:

    thanks…i was there am i was thinking there was 1000 including the floor at most..including the 200 ring girls…I am pissed..they lied to me when i called to buy tickets…they quote “we should have close to 4000 people here and that was Wednesday afternoon.

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  41. MMA FAN in Ontario says:

    thanks….I am so pissed..they lied to me when i called to buy tickets…they quote “we should have close to 4000 people here and that was Wednesday afternoon.

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  42. MMA FAN in Ontario says:

    sorry guys..clicked twice…

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  43. Jeff Harrison says:

    Here is Jeff Chan’s fight play by play as I imagined it, as most of his Thai fights have gone, and as Mark told me it went..
    Jeff comes out and starts kicking his opponent all over his body. Opponent turns purple in spots he should not be purple. Kick Kick Kick knee knee.. Right hand.. Opponent turtles.. Kick Kick knee punch punch punch… Win:)
    Very proud of this kid! 135 watch out

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