Randy Turner Discusses WRECK Bantamweight Title Victory


Top MMA News talks with WRECK MMA Bantamweight champion Randy Turner who defeated Eric Perez on April 20th in Gatineau to win his title.

Randy discusses many topics with Don Wilson, including:

  • what it feels like to be champion,
  • his thoughts on Perez missing weight,
  • his thoughts on his coach Pat Cooligan,
  • his military career and how it positively affects his MMA game, and
  • what is next for him in his career.

4 Responses to “ Randy Turner Discusses WRECK Bantamweight Title Victory ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good stuff, I like this guy Randy Turner, came off real likeable.

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  2. woodrow says:

    Randy is the man, Huge congratulations to him and OAMA crew.

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  3. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Congrats to Randy Turner, Look forward to watching him climb to the top!!

    Another great interview by Big Win and Top MMA News!

    Can’t wait to see the fight, hopefully someone will post some video.

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  4. Randy is the man, there’s no way around that. In and outside the ring. One of the nicest guys around and he’s a monster in the cage.

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