Hollett in Doubt for ECC 14 Main Event


It looks like one of the biggest MMA main events to hit Halifax is not going to happen. Top MMA News has learned that Roger Hollett is all but out of his fight against Jeremy Horn at Extreme Cage Combat 14, which is set to take place Friday at the Halifax Forum. ECC promoter Peter Martell said over the phone that Hollett had some issues with an Electrocardiography scan this week and may not be cleared before the weigh-ins.

With the event set to take place in three days and Horn expected to fly into Halifax tomorrow, it will not be easy to find a replacement at the last minute. Martell did say that Kyle Sandford could step in if his medical work can be cleared by Thursday’s weigh-ins. Sandford is 7-1 in his MMA career but has not fought since December 2008 when he won a split decision win over Joey Gorczynski at MFC 19.

Top MMA News will update you if a replacement for Horn is named.

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  1. Dorion says:

    I would like to see horn vs kent.If Roger is not cleared to fight.

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  2. Good thought @Dorion. Kent has a broken hand though.

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  3. Jean-Paul Deveaux says:

    Check out the ECC poster, it looks like Hollett v Horn is out… Looks official to me, but haven’t heard the word yet. http://www.eccmma.com/

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  4. Derek LeBlanc says:

    You are right Jean Paul. Goodall just posted on his facebook page that him and May is now the main event

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  5. Mike Malott says:

    I’m not fighting either thanks to Ryan Gallant for dropping out of the fight 2 days before the fight! what a guy!
    It sucks, would have been a good fight. I was doing him a favour by coming up in weight. Thanks for wasting my time

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  6. Ryan says:

    Hahaha funny last comment made by mike 1. No one once told and confermed that me and u werr fighting 2. Moving up in wieght? Doing me a favor? I actualy fight 145lbs i moved up to do jeff a favor! 3. Waisting ur time? How i olny found out friday that i wasnt fighting jeff hows that waisting ur time? Thats only 5 days. Big waist eh?

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  7. mike kent says:

    so u were good to fight jeff black 2-10 but not ready to fight mallott 2-0 ?. your 2-0 right ? that seems like a pretty fair fight to me.

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  8. Ryan says:

    Ok im not on here to play games did u not read what it says no one told me im fighting mike actualy! Anyways have a good day guys!

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  9. eastcoastwarrior says:

    Sounds like he’s scared to me.
    Mallot would fuck him up big time! The onyl way for ryan to save face is to fight mallot in july.

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