Hague Joins New MFC Heavyweight Ranks


The Maximum Fighting Championship is resurrecting a heavyweight division, and there’s bigger way to do it than by signing world-ranked and Canada’s top big man Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague.

Hague (13-5) has agreed to a multi-fight, exclusive deal with the Maximum Fighting Championship that will launch with a bout in the semi-main event of MFC 34: Brute Force on Friday, August 10 in his home town of Edmonton, Alberta.

“I’m really excited about signing with the MFC,” said Hague. “There’s no question that the MFC is the leader in Canadian mixed martial arts, and it has a great knack for getting big attention for its events and its fighters. That’s one thing in my career that has been lacking wherever I’ve been before.

“And the production values of the MFC shows are second only to the UFC, and I’m very excited to be a part of that.”

Hague has won three of his last four fights, and boasts seven career victories by way of knockout with four wins coming via submission. Of his 13 win, seven have come inside the first round including his most celebrated win to date – a first-round tapout via guillotine choke against Pat Barry. With verdicts over Travis Wiuff, Sherman Pendergarst, and Ruben Villareal on his resume, Hague is a great fit to restart the MFC’s heavyweight ranks.

“This is a great match – we’re eager to bring in new talent with great pedigrees, and Tim wants to fight on the biggest stage possible,” said MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich.

“It’s true that Tim and I have had our differences in the past, but that has all been pushed aside in order for us to work together. Tim is excited to be a big part of the MFC, and I’m very pleased to have him on board.”

Hague, a former elementary school teacher, plans on making something big happen at this stage in his career, and the 28-year-old is evolving his strategy to move forward.

“I’ve realized that I’m not a kickboxer, but I’m a boxer with decent jiu-jitsu,” he explained. “It doesn’t bother me to fight a kickboxer because I’m going to push forward and connect with my hands.

“I’m not going to look for the takedown. I’d rather stand and let my hands go and make it an exciting fight for the fans.”

Perhaps the most important decision Hague has made of late is to re-unite with highly regarded strength and conditioning coach Shara Vigeant.

“When I’m in great shape, I’m a nightmare for anybody,” touted Hague. “If I’d have been in better shape I’m confident I would have won the fights against Chris Tuchscherer and Joey Beltran. But I’ve learned that I have to be true to myself, listen to myself, and being with Shara is the best thing for that.”

So MFC fans will be the first to get a glimpse at perhaps the best Tim Hague there’s ever been.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity and to fight in Edmonton again in front of new fans in the MFC and all my current fans is really great,” added Hague.

“My suggestion is when they come to catch me fight, don’t blink because the fight could end at any second.”

The Maximum Fighting Championship dropped its heavyweight division in 2009, and had one former champion in Scott “Punk Haole” Junk.

32 Responses to “ Hague Joins New MFC Heavyweight Ranks ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    They should do Hague vs. Junk first!

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  2. MMAPolice says:

    hague would kill junk

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  3. Paveldouche says:

    “the production values of the MFC shows are second only to the UFC”

    Stopped reading here.

    Why Tim, why? You made a deal with the douchebag devil. If the UFC calls you will get f’d over and you will never fight out of Edmonton as long as you are with the MFC.

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  4. BFM says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  5. evmister says:

    So is Tim still fighting on the shows he is scheduled before this?

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Yes… Tim will still be fighting at KOTC and Prestige!

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  7. Urijah Cruz says:

    I think this is the best spot for Hague right now. I bet he has an out for the UFC.

    I would like to see him face Junk as well. Makes a lot of sense.

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  8. Guns Loaded says:

    Lol :)

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  9. Kiss - Love Gun says:

    With this signing, I am looking forward to MFC in August more than the one next week. Pavelich will get Hague a good opponent as well. Not a Lucero.

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  10. mike kent says:

    congrats tim . best move for your career right now

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  11. Nighty night says:

    Hey listen, Dont blame Hagues opponents on Aggression. If Hague wanted top quality opponents in Aggression he could have easily got them.

    I am a big fan of hague, and Pavelich is probably paying him an insane amount of money because Pavelich and MFC is dying. He will have to spend a crazy amount to get in top local guys. But he has no choice, its the only way locals will come watch his shows

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  12. Jamie Locke says:

    Congrats to Tim on the signing, but IMO MFC would have been a lot better off bringing in the lower weight classes where there are tonnnes of taleted fighters across NA. The HW div is so thin not only in Canada, but it’ll be hard to find top quality talent not already signed across NA.

    They will be lucky to have one solid HW match-up per card (obviously featuring and showcasing Tim). What if Tim loses his first fight? Then they will not only have to keep the winner around and find a new opponent, but bring in another guy for Hague to fight to keep him active. It’s a tough commitment for MFC to make.

    Tim Hague vs Toney Lopez!

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  13. Guns Loaded says:

    AFC (Agression) must pay really low if Tim signed with MFC as I know MFC pays very little. :( from personal experience lol.

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  14. Ryan says:

    Atleast MFC will get Hague good opponents. I wish MFC would finall go some shows outside of Edmonton like pav has been promising for years and did it once. Then announced a come back and never did, and infact push the event back 3 months lol.

    MFC in Nova Scotia, C’mon Pav.

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  15. Nighty night says:

    Ryan, again… Take a look into facts. Tim could have gotten very good opponents in Aggression but it was him who decided otherwise.

    Take a look at top heavyweights outside the UFC, there is not many, and the ones who have names are very expensive. This I also know for a fact.

    MFC probably paid a lot for Tim so he could bring in some locals, I could only imagine how much he would have to spend to bring in other guys to fight Tim. Lopez is pretty cheap though, considering his name and record

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  16. MMAPolice says:

    MFC was smart to do this and Tim was even smarter. The attention in 24 hours was huge more then Tim got when he went to the UFC.

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  17. Cody Rempel says:

    Very true… I’ve seen articles on Sportsnet, TSN, Edmonton Sun, Winnipeg Free Press and of course Top MMA News! haha

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  18. Ryan says:

    @Nighty Night.

    What is your point? Agression has been known to match their fighters up with gimmie opponents. MFC never, ever does that. Even with Ryan Ford, Dheigo Lima, Ryan Mcgillivary. They get these guys top teir fighters. Nathan Coy is a monster and he has a very good chance of beating Ryan. Loo a Sheldon Westtcots last opponent (not to dis Sheldon, hes pretty good. But c’mon. Calling out Gideon Ray?)

    Say what you will about PAvlich (although try and give sources, which nobody seems to be able to do) but the MFC does not do gimmie fights. Hague will fight good guys. Not guys that are 4-1 or 2-1.

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  19. Mike Davis says:

    Neil Grove vs Tim Haugue would be fun.

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  20. Bring the Pain says:

    Dont take the fact …that the WarDog is 2-1…lightly…hes very dangerous…and to be fair to Tim…Its not his fault the other 2 opponents for this fight had been cut….1 was in a car accident the other…well who really knows….when KOTC asked if we would step in…we jumped at the chance…we thank Tim for the opportunity…he could have refused based on…i have nothing to gain from fighting Craig his record is 2-1…and everything to lose if Craig beats me…doesnt sound like a guy picking and choosing or trying to protect his record to me….

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  21. Idolmaker says:

    BOOOOO!!!! WAR HAGUE!!!!

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  22. mike kent says:

    other organizations baby alot of there fighters everyone hates on mark but he doesnt care who you are he gives nobody a easy raod and it translates into top notch fights. mismatches and watching your favorite fighters smash guys in 2 minutes is horrible .

    MFC along with the score fighting series are leaps and bounds ahead of competition.

    of course there is some scolded people along the way that are upset but why would top notch guys like harris , haugue and others go there , dont believe everything you here. theres alot more people that are happy with the deals they were given then people that feel screwed

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  23. Nighty night says:

    Yes some of those other organizations gimmie fighters, I dont disagree with that. But again, like I have said now for the third time. If tim wanted a top notch fight in aggression he could have very easily got one. If Ryan Ford wanted a top fighter he could have gotten one. Tim Chemelli vs Valimacki…who is the gimmie fight there? Those two both wanted to step up and neither took an easy fight. Because they wanted it.

    Cant blame the organizations all the time, sometimes yes…but not all the time. Fighters have to say yes as well.

    This was a smart move for Pavelich to get hague, he needs local guys because his shows are half ass empty. Good move for Tim because he capitalized on Pavelich’s desperate need for a top local guy and he cashed in on it.

    Pavelich is still a crook. Always was and always will be. Unfortunately he is more worried about trying to cover up his low income with MFC by buying suits and sporting a fake tan. He should put more emphases on becoming a person with values and ethics. Theres no reason his company shouldnt be the 3rd largest in the world, but it will never be because of him and his business sense (dont get me wrong, he has done well. But we all know it could be much better yet)

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  24. Priest says:

    @ Nighty night: The third?

    Tachi Palace
    Legacy Fighting ( Just Signed A New T.V Deal With HDNET )
    Elite Pro MMA
    Super Fight League
    Titan Fighting
    And Then Everyone Else

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  25. Nighty night says:

    @ Priest – I agree with you 100%. There are probably another ten organizations in the world you could add on that list before MFC.

    What I am saying is, IF**** mark wouldnt be such an unethical business man, and IF he had some business sense; his organization could compete with most of those on that list. Unfortunately Mark will never change, meaning his promotion wont ever get close to the promotions you named above.

    It had plenty of opportunity, but that opportunity is looking dim now. I think its to late for him to rejuvenate his promotion after the damage he has done. He has called out far to many fighters publically and bashes a lot of people publically. If his organization was truely the best in Canada, why isn’t ALL the talent there? Most fighters dont want to fight for his organization strictly because of him, end of story

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  26. Feat says:

    Great signing for Tim.

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  27. TimHague says:

    I thought this was the best move i could make for my career right now. MFC offered far and away the best contract, and the exposure ill get throughout this deal will be priceless. I appreciate that Mark and I set our differences aside and agreed to work together. We both see the tremendous upside to this deal, and cant wait to get it going. Aug 10th ill have a great opponent to fight and i can wait to put on a sjow for the supporters and fans.

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  28. Ryan W. says:

    Mark actually does compete with most on that list. Titan FC is below MFC pro elite ( elite pro MMA as they were called lol) is highly rumored to be re-bankrupt. DREAM hasn’t announced plans for a show yet this year, have no live TV deal and no sponsors. SFL are giving away FREE tickets to their next event, TPF lost their stars and have no TV deal, BAMMA is in the sheeter for the most part, no new event planned, about to lose the only star they had left. XFC put on less cards with less names.

    UFC, SF, Bellator, One FC, KSW and Legacy are above them. The worst thing about the MFC is their roster. They have nobody. I mean, there are a few stand outs. MW has Harris and Kent. But for the most part it’s TUF rejects. And not even good ones. MFC used to have a really great roster, but Davis, Franca, Cobb, McKee, dicker are all no longer with them. There goes the entire LW division. They lost Heath, Lietes, lister, Watson, JT. MW is gone.

    MFC have lost 75% of their roster and haven’t replaced them. It’s sad because a year ago the MFC was on a major come up. I still want them to build their roster and succeed though.

    And also, pretty much what you’re saying nighty night is that is PAV had business sense he could run a good business? Lol. You’re kidding.

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  29. nicker says:

    I am a big fan of Tim’s. I think this is a better signing for him as he has a lot of fans across North America and we can actually watch MFC fights live.

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  30. Guns Loaded says:

    Tim Hague is the new punching bag of MFC

    Ryan Mcgillvery was the garbage can now Tim will get used to showcase Edmonton with some real talent.

    It’s the Pav way use local guys as stepping stones.

    Good luck Tim.

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  31. @Guns Loaded…. I don’t understand your comment:

    McGillivery was a MFC can? He is something like 9-4 in the MFC/HeatXC.

    Did TFC use Victor Valimaki as a stepping stone because he lost 3 in a row there?
    Did Aggression use Tim Chemelli as a stepping stone because he lost 2 in a row there?

    No…guys wanted big fights and those guys found them in their respective organizations and they happened to lose those big fights. Simple as that.
    All are good fighters, including Tim Hague.

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  32. K. RASMUS says:

    The MFC gives local fighters real competition . That is why fighters want to fight in the MFC.The events are very well organized from a fans standpoint . I personally like to see Canadian fighters fighting well known Americans and Brazillians.If they win the world will know who they are . I seen alot of fighters from KOTC and Aggression at the last MFC event in the crowd. Call it what you want ,but they are scouting a gig. Tim is going to fight a top contender on Aug. 10 . Far as I am concerned ALL the fighters in the MFC are top notch and deserve to be their.

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