Chris Clements, Jay Golshani Join Top MMA Radio


Another week, another packed Top MMA Radio.

First, Chris Clements joins the show to talk about his UFC debut win at UFC 145. Clements talks about:

  • those awesome back elbows that may have temporarily knocked out Keith Wisniewski,
  • why it was the most calm he has been prior to a fight in a long time,
  • why he danced out to the 1959 song ‘Rockin’ Robin’ by Bobby Day in his entrance, and
  • life as a father.

In addition to ‘The Menace’, Jay Golshani from Battlefield Fight League joins Top MMA Radio and discusses:

  • the upcoming BFL 15 card in Nanaimo, BC this Friday,
  • the Bastien Huveneers vs Nick Hinchliffe rematch,
  • the amateur and professional sides of Battlefield Fight League, and
  • the state of the commission in British Columbia.

Check it out by pressing play:

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or download the file by right clicking and Save As: Episode 59 – Chris Clements, Jay Golshani.

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One Response to “ Chris Clements, Jay Golshani Join Top MMA Radio ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    “ya know” That was another great show. Love listenning to this at work.

    Clements was a great guest, it’s great to hear from all these fighters and here where their coming from.

    I agree that Hinchliffe vs Huveneers will be a faster paced fight than the last. I don’t think either of these guys enjoys going the distance, they each love to finish and they’ll both be going for the kill. I’m looking forward to seeing this one go down!

    Battlefields high level production, as well as the high skill level of their amateur fighters, really planted deep roots for the organization. Starting with the amateurs, but maintaining a high standard of production has really made it easy for BFL to be successfull on the pro side as well.

    It would be huge if BFL was able to do a pro show in Vancouver! It would be huge both for the local fighters to be able to showcase themselves at home and sell tickets to their friends and family (without them having to ferry to the Island or drive to Vernon) as well as huge for BFL to get the big numbers with the Vancouver fans.

    It would have been cool to see BFL join the partenership with AFC, it would unify the amateur ranks and allow for even more potentially awesome pro match-ups. I guess it’s good to have some kind of local competition to keep ticket prices at a standard and give the fans some brand options (the die hards are going to go to every show anyway).

    Great show again fellas, until next time.

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