Canadian Rumour Mill – April 23


Hey there.  Wondering if Patrick Cote is back in the UFC yet? Check out this site…

  • Jose Aldo’s Featherweight title fight currently tentatively scheduled for UFC 149 in Calgary may be moved to UFC 147 in Brazil.
  • But rumours are swirling that Jon “Bones” Jones and Dan Henderson may fill the main event void in Calgary and square off for Jones’ LHW belt.
  • And also it sounds like Ryan Jimmo may finally make his UFC debut in Calgary, on the UFC 149 card.
  • Well it sounds like John Fraser and Josh Hill is on for SFS. We had it as maybe, but now I hear they’ve verbally agreed.
  • Eric Barrak won his boxing fight last Friday by 2nd round TKO on the Adonis Stevenson undercard.
  • MMA fighter Keenan Feeney (2-2-1) is set to compete in his 2nd boxing contest (1-0 currently) this Wednesday in Calgary against Kye Sabo (0-2)
  • Misha Curkinov is out of his Discipline MMA fight, Peter Nolan has agreed to take his spot against Caleb Grummet
  • Last week I told you about Team Toshido’s Sarah Moras fighting the undefeated Julianna Pena (3-0) on April 19th, well they did scrap and Ms. Pena is no longer undefeated! Congratulations to up and coming Sarah Moras who now holds a 2-0 pro record. Way to go! Maybe it’s time to get ranked?
  • MFC 34 will be held August 10th in Edmonton.
  • Paul Lazenby has two pretty cool stunt double roles coming out. He is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s stunt double in two upcoming movie “The Package” which also stars Dolph Lundgren, as well as “Maximum Conviction” which will also star Steven Seagal. (The Package,

18 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – April 23 ”

  1. Ryan says:

    MFC in Edmonton, AGAIN? I thought Pav said 6 shows this year and most wouldnt be in Edmonton? Fails again. Pavlich is greatly overrated as a business man.

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  2. Jeff harrison says:

    Will Josh hill be able to slow down haggis basher’s frantic pace with his athleticism, control and patience? will they brawl it out on their feet? Wow what a great fight.

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  3. Mike Davis says:

    Fraser vs Hill #1 fight of that month hands down WOW! winner belongs in the UFC

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  4. KeeSmyth says:

    That would be a piss off if they took Aldo off the Calgary card, he is fighter i was most looking forward to seeing

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    I’d be okay with Bones vs. Hendo though!

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  6. FillionMMA says:

    Good to see the BUS DRIVER fighting on this TRAIN WRECK!

    Nolan is the man!

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  7. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m anxious to hear who Jimmo will debut against.

    Fraser vs Hill = most anticipated Canadian match-up…. ever?

    What’s wrong with Misha?

    Big congrats to Sarah Moras! Pena is a tough chick!

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  8. Robert says:

    Fraser vs. Hill will be a barnburner but I’ve got Fraser via sub. Winner definitely to the big show!

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    Hill vs Fraser is an awesome fight if it happens!

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  10. Wuzjustsayin says:

    I Hope I’m wrong but it’s a long way from “Happening”.

    Maybe, Verbal Agreement, Contract in the Works, Tentatively Signed, Waiting on Medicals, Possible Injury, Recovered Nicely, Missed Weight…..

    It is the Rumour Mill after all!

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  11. barrie says:

    When is the next sfore fighting series schedualed for

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  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    “But rumours are swirling that Jon “Bones” Jones and Dan Henderson may fill the main event void in Calgary and square off for Jones’ LHW belt.”

    Dana White just mentioned that this could happen.

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    How come Misha drops off/is removed from so many cards? It’s crazy!

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    A couple updates from Tim Hague’s Facebook…

    -“Well, after a LOT of back and forth and some serious consideration, my managers have worked out my next major fight contract. I have to give a big thank you to Big Fight Management. This is about all I’ll say on the topic as the promotion I am signing with will be making the announcement. This is a big deal, and I’m excited for the announcement of this 3 fight deal.”

    -“Off to sign my life changing 3 fight deal. You’ll understand what I mean by life changing when its announced.”

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  15. EPerez says:

    Go Josh!

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  16. jordan says:

    can fraser vs hill be made a 5 round fight? or does it have to have a title? just a question. Ontario commission hae any rule on this?

    i predict fraser finishes him by the 3rd tho

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  17. Kiss - Love Gun says:

    I like how active Peter Nolan is this year. Taking fights on short notice. Getting that record looking better and better. WAR Bus Driver.

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  18. KeeSmyth says:

    I personally just find Aldo way more exciting then Jones
    Aldo vs Poirier was the fight i wanted to see because unless Hendo lands the H-Bomb Jones it going win easy

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