WRECK MMA Road to Glory Results – Turner Wins Title


Don Wilson is in Gatineau for WRECK MMA: Road to Glory. Here are the quick results from the event:

Randy Turner defeats Eric Perez via Unanimous Decision (48-47,48-47,48-47)
***Randy Turner is the new WRECK Bantamweight champion

Brandt Dewsbery defeats Nabil Khatib via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)
Mark Holst submits Stephane Lamarche by Kimura in Round 2, 2:29
Claudia Gadelha defeats Valerie Letourneau by Split Decision (30-27,29-28,28-29)
Kit Cope submits Jeff Harrison by Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:12
Pablo Santos submits Manny Alfaro via Kimura in Round 1, 4:07
Felipe Olivieri defeats David Douglas via TKO in Round 1, 2:54
Andrew Walters submits Robert Seres by RNC in Round 1, 4:15
Andrew Cseh defeats James Haourt via Unanimous Decision
Sam Alvey defeats Danieal Almeida by TKO (injury) in Round 1, 1:41
Brandon Hachey defeats Bojan Kladnjakovic by Split Decision (30-28,30-28,28-29)


27 Responses to “ WRECK MMA Road to Glory Results – Turner Wins Title ”

  1. Papagaio says:

    What happened to Jeff Chan’s fight?!

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  2. Chan’s in the shitter

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  3. Bobby Leigh says:

    Wow, losing to an armbar by kit cope…weak

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Based on what Perez wrote on his wall, it looks like he’s retiring.

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  5. harry balls says:

    Bullshit. Cope trains with the Diaz brothers and it was a fucking sick sub. Sorry Harrison’s warrior pride outrode self-preservation; it would suck if this one fight derailed his hard work.
    I’d like to see Kit Cope back.

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  6. Jeff Harrison says:

    I am a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu. Kit cope competes in advanced divisions in grappling against brown/black belts. He trains with alot of the best names out there. I am 28-8 as an amatuer in Muay Thai and 1-0 pro. He is 23-1 as a pro in Muay Thai. I fought him even though I knew I was outmatched because a-I really wanted to fight, and b- because I thought I could get him late into the fight and use conditioning and heart to finish. I got my arm broken by a UFC vet that’s been in the game twice as long as me tonight… Does that make me weak Bobby???? YOu’re a crumb dude you should watch your mouth.

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  7. Huge props for stepping up Jeff, you were ready for the challenge, and it doesn’t always work out.

    Kit Cope is very underrated on the ground.

    LOL @ Bobby, you have no idea what these go through to do what they do.

    Congrats to Randy Turner and Eric Perez in what sounded like an awesome fight!

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  8. JYD says:

    Jeff Harrison is a beast and Kit Cope is a world champion in muay thai who has competed at the highest level of MMA and grappling as well. There is no reason that Jeff has to come on here and defend himself after breaking his arm for your entertainment, fuck you Bobby.

    If Jeff won, you are the kind of person who would come on here and trash kit cope for whatever reason. I don’t understand people who call themselves fans that spend their time complaining (regardless of the outcome).

    Lets try this. WRECK MMA ran a great event. Some top notch guys put on some great performances and everyone competed to the best of their ability. Harrison stepped up and fought a guy he knew had way more credentials then he did. He went out there and did the damn thing. He lost. It happens.

    Props to Jeff for dedicating his life to a sport(s) he loves. Props to Jeff for going out there and competing in front of his friends, fans, and family. Props to Jeff for putting it all on the line and trying to make it to the top tier. Props to Jeff for breaking his arm going for it and coming on here, only to defend himself.

    If he fought a scrub youd complain. He fights an accomplished fighter (with a deceiving record) you complain.

    Props to Kit for evolving and continuing to grow as a fighter. He was cool as hell in the post fight interview as well.

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  9. Shawn says:

    Hey, what happened to the Robin Black vs CHris Myra match up?? Anyone know why it didnt go?

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Myra was looking for a way out it. He found it when the Ontario commission told him he had to take a med test to a specialist to be cleared (not an uncommon occurrance to get licensed).

    He refused to get the test looked at and said he was “too busy” to find a few hours in the FIVE days leading up to the fight.

    So the promoter scrapped the fight.

    I am still angry and bitter.

    I’d love to smash that guy for wasting my time. But I guess that’s what he was afraid of.

    I hear it was a great show congrats to all.

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  11. harry balls says:

    We missed you, Robin.

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  12. Dean says:

    Who asks about a Robin Black fight when theres real fights to discuss?? Im juss sayin but Robin is well spoken a great commentator n student of the game but he isnt a fighter to give a shit about paying admission for. Sorry Robin, I know it sounds rude but you have said yourself that you’re a B level fighter. I do like your POV and shit but nobody should be upset to have bot seen you on a card. Oh, Im funny.

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  13. Bring the Pain says:

    Jeff….no worries bro….your a class act all the way…no need to defend yourself …twice youve had fights cancelled in last 6 mths…just before fight or at weighins….you stepped up and took this fight…because thats who you are …a true fighter…real fighters fight….they dont duck opponents…to protect records….Jeff Harrison = true warrior….in my books

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  14. Bobby Leigh says:

    Excuses, excuses…cry me a river…You all sound like members of the kit cope fan club. If you consider cope a top level grappler, then you really do need to go back to the gym and find some quality training partners. I’ll even help you and point you in the right direction

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  15. Shadow says:

    I thought Felipe Olivieri’s knockout was spectacular. that guy should be fighting on the big stage! bring him back to fight for the wreck mma 155 belt!

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  16. JesseGarcia says:

    @bobby unless you are a fighter i dont think you should be talking jeff harrison is an amazing fighter and instructor bobby you should come train with us and see how real fighters train hidding behind a computer come we will welcome you with open arms damn troll your a fool for talking talking about excuses well dont make any and come train with us ottawa academy of martial arts

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  17. Bobby Leigh says:

    So you think taking an intermediate mma class makes you any more a pro fighter. Judging by recent performances and fighters produced, I’d rather stay in Toronto with the best Ontario has to offer in mma. You’re right though, I shouldn’t knock a guy when he begins to realize his less than mediocrity in his profession

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  18. Chris_B says:

    I personally think Wreck put on a great card and brought in great fighters from all over the world. I’ve knocked Wreck in the past by saying that they bring in tomato cans to fight OAMA fighters. I’m gladly eating my words because the Jeff Harrison fight is a perfect example. Boots was supposed to fight Gideon Ray which would have been a tough fight. Randy also fought a best.

    Jeff, I just have one question for you sir. Why didn’t you tap? Did you not have the chance? I’ve had a few broken arms in my day and it’s no picnic.

    I also take issue with people disrespecting Robin Black. I was one of the skeptics when he came into the sport but it’s obvious that 1) he’s got some real talent, 2) he respects the sport and its fights, and 3) he trains very seriously.Dean, i think the right thing to do right now is take back your words. You’re entitled to your opinion, but the facts say othersie.

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  19. FaceRippinChimp says:

    Bobby Leigh – when you grow into your big boy cup and stop buying them in the kids department you’ll appreciate the people who are devoted to the sport and dedicate their lives to it inside and outside the ring. Your academy should be ashamed of you.

    It sounds like you went to the Koscheck school of making friends. To Kru Jeff – beware, this guy might sneak up behind you and try to motorboat your ass.

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  20. harry balls says:

    haha nice username. Fuck i wanna put a joke up on here so bad (just a throwaway line from Lisa Lampanelli), but it’s pretty inappropriate…

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  21. Nigel Guerin says:

    Bobby…..get off daddy’s computer, your sandwich is ready!

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  22. Pat G says:

    Everyone gets caught, so what. Kru Jeff’s a fighter, 110%. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. He got his arm broken, that’s the price he paid for entertaining us MMA fans (and he is very entertaining to watch). There’s no need to trash him for it. Pretty low.

    Last I checked, Turner, an OAMA product, won over a very game and prepared Perez (one of the most respected BWs in Canada). Walters, another OAMA product, who was hurt very badly in his fight, came back and won, showing tremendous resolve (most important thing for a fighter). I think they’re doing just fine as an MMA school.

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  23. Jerobe says:

    I think Eric Perez would be a beast at 125 lb. The guy is like 5’3. He just needs to control his eating

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  24. Jay says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  25. Facts says:

    Things that popped up when i googled Bobby Leigh :


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  26. Jay says:

    Just kidding, Myra is a canole.

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