Freedom Fight Announces New Sudbury Date


Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) – The Freedom Fight MMA event scheduled for April 21st at the Sudbury Arena has been postponed to Saturday October 27, 2012. Additional time was needed to rectify several fighter related issues that compromised the quality of the event. MMA fans will not be disappointed as the additional time will provide us with the opportunity to put together the best fight card yet!

The Freedom Fight MMA team is excited to continue bringing professional Mixed Martial Arts to our community and Sudbury sports fans will soon be able to experience it live!

All tickets purchased for the April 21st event will be honored at the FREEDOM FIGHT event scheduled for October 27, 2012 at the Sudbury Community Arena.

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Thanks for supporting Freedom Fight and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts

5 Responses to “ Freedom Fight Announces New Sudbury Date ”

  1. Billy Smith says:

    Thats quite the postponement

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  2. Darren Owen says:

    IMO they need to refund any tickets purchased for that date.

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  3. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Darren

    Why would they refund them when they will honor the original tickets? Oh wait, unless you meant they should give them the option to refund as well!

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  4. mash says:

    i wonder if Freedom Fight Superstar and LW champion Tony Hervey will be on this event. after the roll hes on i couldn’t imagine a better poster boy!!!

    Way to go pete!!!

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  5. Bring the Pain says:

    I know the WarDog will definitly…live up to honoring a fight on this card….2 times we have had one and Twice it hasnt happened….i like Pete …no matter what other have experienced with him ….He has never treated us with anything but the utmost respect…….good on ya for pete for getting another date… me when its game time!!!

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