WRECK MMA Road to Glory Weigh-In Results


WRECK MMA held their weigh-ins today to make their fights official and a few top fighters missed their marks.

In the main event, Eric Perez missed weight by a pound after weighing in on a second attempt. The fight will remain a five round title fight, but Perez will not get the title if he is victorious – only Randy Turner can win the belt.

In addition to Perez, Nabil Khatib and Kit Cope both missed weight as well. All three fighters forfeit 20% of their fight purse.

Here are the official WRECK MMA Road to Glory Weigh-In Results:

Eric Perez (136)* vs. ‘Relentless’ Randy Turner (133.6)
Brandt Dewsberry (168.2) vs. Nabil ‘The Thrill’ Khatib (172)*
Stephane Lamarche (167.4) vs. Mark ‘Boots’ Holst (169.4 )
Valerie ‘Trouble’ Letourneau (130) vs. Claudia Gadelha (130)
Kit Cope (148.6)* vs. Jeff Harrison (145.4)
Manny Alfaro (145) vs. Pablo Santos (144.8)
David ‘Tarzan’ Douglas (156) vs. Felipe Olivieri (156)
Robert ‘Maximus’ Seres (163.4) vs. Andrew Walters (169.4)
James Haourt (135.8) vs. Andrew ‘Animal’ Cseh (134.2)
‘Smilin’ Sam Alvey (189.6) vs. Daniel ‘Jacare’ Almeida (190.2)
Bojan Kladnjakovic (130.6) vs. Brandon Hachey (131)

* Fighters will forfeit 20% of purse

78 Responses to “ WRECK MMA Road to Glory Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Man, what the hell

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  2. Awesome says:

    1st time missing for Perez. 1lb… wonder what 1st weigh in was?

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  3. harry balls says:

    i thought there was a pound over allowed?

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  4. I heard Perez first weight was 136.8 that’s off Turner’s facebook page

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  5. Brodes says:

    Don’t you have to weigh in dead on for title fights?

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  6. @Vanilla Gorilla is correct. Perez came in at 136.8 on first attempt. No pound allowance for title fights.

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  7. EPerez says:

    Not fighting 5 if its not for the belt. I will not agree to this, either its 3 for nothing or 5 for it all.

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  8. Awesome says:

    I agree… give him the pound allowence for 5 (title fight) or make it 3! Wreck can’t have it both ways!

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  9. Awesome says:

    I agree… give him the pound allowance for 5 (title fight) or make it 3! Wreck can’t have it both ways!

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  10. Robin Black says:

    A promoter has the ability to allow a 1 pound allowance for a title fight if they chose.

    Its irregular but there’s certainly nothing preventing them from doing it.

    There’s no official law or regulation that prevents them from allowing a 1 pound allowance for their title.

    Its their title they can allow a pound if they chose to.

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  11. Give him the pound! says:

    C’mon Wreck…. Give him the allowance.

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  12. EPerez says:

    I just spoke to Nick from Wreck MMA and the story reported here was before the commission made a final decision.

    The fight is on for 5 rounds and it is for the title. Winner. Take. All!

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  13. EPerez says:

    I have to thank the Quebec commission, Wreck MMA and Randy Turner for agreeing to take the fight with me missing weight.

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  14. Awesome says:

    BOOM! That’s more like it.

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  15. MMA_HERO says:

    It’s not fair to take away Turner’s title because Perez is a fatty. Didn’t he say he was working hard in his interview? Guess not.

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  16. harry balls says:

    Oh fuck is it ON tomorrow! I’d like to apologize for my drunken behaviour in advance. Winner of Lamarche-Boots gets winner of Thrill-Dewsbury. And how much to put HARRY BALLS on somebody’s shorts next car…

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  17. Good to hear about both fighters getting a chance at the belt. It was weird that the commission originally told us that Perez could not fight for the belt as Quenneville was allowed to fight for the W1 title against Fraser when he was overweight.

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  18. sheila says:

    Yes Eric!!!!! Glad it all worked out, now go do it like the bad bad boy that you are. Show them all,bring home the belt. Mama Hawkes is cheering!!!!

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  19. Gunner says:

    glad the fight is still going ahead but i am sorry i disagree… so does Turner still get Perez’s money? Does perez have to be within a certtain weight tommorrow? Also if there gonna start adjusting all these rules and what if this and what if that then what the hell is the point of weights and contracts?

    I also disagree with the whole i missed weight so screw everyone i will throw this fight under the bus unless you either let me fight for the title even though i missed weight or now i will only fight a 3 round fight

    Just my thoughts but again what do i know all i wanna know is really how is there any deterant or consequence for not making weight for a title fight now that the age old “must be bang on weight” has been thrown out the window

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  20. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Well said Gunner!

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  21. Sauce Boss says:

    Oh so people can miss weight and fight for belts now, so cool.

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  22. Gunner says:

    Is there going to be an online feed of the fights?
    Mauro just broke me the news that the score is not covering it this time. i was hoping to catch bellator on spike.com on one comp and wreck on thescore.com but seems they are both showing same show.

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  23. harry balls says:

    Again (and forgive my naivete), I have repeatedly seen a one pound allowance for scraps; i thought this was a given. Why is the title fight different? Not trollin’, axin’.
    Sorry you shan’t be back Gunner. I enjoyed both your Wreck fights. And your dress shirt was to die for at the Hawkes fight. Really took the heat off of Robin post-fight…

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  24. ChrisB says:

    Nabil missed weight? That’s odd.

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  25. Wreck-U says:

    I have to say, 1 pound allowance is the norm. It’s strange that in this case it was an issue. On the other hand, if Perez signed a contract that “stipulated” he had to be at 135 (without a 1 pound allowance)then Perez shouldn’t have the oppertunity to fight for a title. Simply put, I find it rediculous that Perez would give an ultimatum (and potentially cancel the fight) when he fucked up. May the best man win, I guess.

    What happened to Robin Black? Wasn’t he fighting on the card?

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  26. harry balls says:

    Chris Myra got a giant hunk of sand up his vagina. Really feel bad for the guy…

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  27. Wreck-U says:

    So fight was cancelled? ^^

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  28. mike kent says:

    i thought a pound allowance was the norm….. Also im surprised that robin black never posted his template on how disgusting it is to the sport when fighters miss weight? must have some ties to these fighters i guess ?

    It should be whatever the contract states or the fighter should pay 20 percent. Eric Perez is a insane talent and top 135er but its halarious that he just bullied his way into a title fight lol , good job. most promotors and comissions dont let fighters dictate what happens on their shows.

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  29. Robin Black says:

    Haven’t gotten to how disgusting it is that these ‘veterans’ missed weight yet, Haven’t had time.

    I will though. It’s fucking inexcusable.

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  30. Robin Black says:

    And yes the promoter canceled my fight because my opponent refused to do a mandatory follow up medical test saying he was ‘too busy’.

    I was offered to step into a spot against a local fighter on the card but declined.

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  31. Robin Black says:

    Unacceptable. Absolutely positively unacceptable.

    I know there’s a million Winnipeg people on here who thumb down the very thought of anyone saying anything about a Winnipeg fighter.

    But if anyone has a good reason why a ten year veteran should be given a pass on missing weight in a title fight I’m all ears?

    Putting the title up for grabs is strictly up to the promoter. They can do what’s right for them.

    But chastising a veteran for missing weight is strictly up to the community. Tarnishing their sheen is up to the angry mob.

    Both Eric and Nabil should know better. Unacceptable. Unprofessional. Shitty.

    Making weight, nomatter the challenges, is the mark of a professional prize fighter.

    These veterans should know better. No excuses.

    Now best of luck to Eric Randy Nabil and Brandt tonight.

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  32. Unfortunately (and officially), the Randy Turner vs. Eric Perez fight will only be for the title for Turner. Due to Perez not making weight, the title cannot be on the line for him, but Perez has graciously accepted to fight five rounds to give Randy the opportunity to fight for the title.

    There was some confusion at the weigh-in that we could still officially make it for the title, but once we spoke to the Commissioner (who was at the weigh-ins of another event) then we were told that was not an option.

    I feel bad for both fighters as it takes away from the bout itself, but if Eric wins the fight and wants to, Wreck would gladly give him the next opportunity at it.

    Thanks to both Randy and Eric who are great guys and everyone involved wishes we could just have a true title fight, but I’m more excited about the potential of this fight than anything.

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  33. Thanks for clearing it up Alex! I still don’t understand how Quenneville vs Fraser was for the title after Thiery missed weight a couple of years ago under the same commission.

    Still an awesome fight though! You going to set up you laptop and stream it over skype for us TMNers? :)

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  34. Sweet Dreams says:

    Respect to the commission, WRECK MMA, and Mr. Turner. Eric had to forfeit a portion of his purse; the promotion made a decision on the title; and Mr. Turner accepted the conditions. From a fan perspective I concur that missing weight isn’t cool, but missing out on this Bantamweight title fight would have been worse. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and mine is that I love Canadian Bantamweight title fights! IMO it’s the most competitive division in the country. Great weekend to be an MMA fan. Friday night fights!

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  35. Robin Black says:

    HUGE props to Eric Perez!

    THAT is how you take responsibility for your error and accept the consequences like a boss.

    Randy is fighting for the title and Eric is taking the penalty going in there to prove something.

    Big respect Eric.

    This fight just got even more interesting. Perez will (oddly) be even more motivated.

    wish I was there fighting :(

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  36. Bobby Karimi says:

    Is this fight viewable somewhere?

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  37. Wuzjustsayin says:

    What was his choice, walk away and pout??

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  38. How much does the 1 pm weigh-in time mess up fighters weight cutting? Seems like most places have weigh-ins after 4pm. I agree that it is the fighter’s responsibility to make weight and Perez, Cope, and Khatib don’t have an excuse. However, I am curious if the earlier weigh-in time screws up a system someone has for making weight.

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  39. Robin Black says:


    We’re talking about a man stepping into violent hand to hand combat with a professional athlete on the road without his coach for 25 minutes.

    It’s not a game.

    Respect to Perez.

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  40. Robin Black says:

    Keith as long as you know the time in advance you can prepare accordingly.

    For most people an early weight cut is incredibly desirable. It makes your Thursday a beautiful day of friends and food and fluids and an afternoon to enjoy your life and take pride in what you will be doing tomorrow.

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  41. Sweet Dreams says:

    That’s better Mr. Black! No need to use expletives as you’ve got the “Word Smith” abilities to get your point across in poetic fashion. I couldn’t agree more with you on your last post. Massive credit to both fighters! Two genuine Alpha warriors battling for the WRECK MMA strap! Let’s enjoy the caged artistry!

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  42. Robin Black says:

    thanks man that’s good advice I’ll try to remember that.

    I’m just flip flopping around with the ol’ feelings today. I’m excited for these guys but so sad that I don’t get to perform. I really never worked harder in my life than I did the last 7 weeks.

    I’m happy for these guys then grumpy. Really wish I was there.

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  43. @Robin Black, so do you land in Ottawa and then are told when weigh-ins are in some itinary or are you told before you get there\in your contract or is it up to the fighter to ask?

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  44. Robin Black says:

    You usually know days in advance.

    There are exceptions, like a commission changing axweigh in time, but most people ask a week out and you usually get an answer.

    If there’s no definitive time yet, you should start targeting your imaginary weigh in time as noon, as experienced guys or experienced coaches have seen noon as a fairly common ‘earliest’ weigh in time.

    If you shoot to be ready for noon, then find out it’s 3 or 4, the ‘plus’ is you’ll have more time and less pressure. The ‘minus’ is it will be longer till weigh ins, which can be uncomfortable and require some adjustments.

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  45. EPerez says:

    I take full responsibility for missing, the time of weighins was my biggest problem, but whats done is done.

    On another note, I am going to burn a hole right through Randy Turner and steal the show. No offence to Randy’s past opponents but I am a completely different animal. My offfensive arsenal on the feet and especially on the grouned is unlike anyone he has faced. I am ready!

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  46. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Oh, excuse me. I thought it was just a Title Fight.

    Where is his coach??

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  47. Robin Black says:

    Coach’s baby is being born any minute.

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  48. Jamie Locke says:

    Yeah, where’s your coach Eric?

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  49. Robin Black says:

    His coach is standing next to his wife in labor as we speak.

    All the best to Curtis and the missus and the future lil Curtis.

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