Roland Delorme Steps Up to Face Nick Denis


Short notice fights featuring two Canadians seems to becoming the standard in the UFC. First, John Alessio stepped up when Matt Wiman was injured to face Mark Bocek at UFC 145 and now Roland Delorme steps into Johnny Bedford’s spot to face Nick Denis at UFC on Fox 3 on May 5th.

Winnipeg’s Roland Delorme is 1-0 in the UFC with a win in late 2011 over Josh Ferguson. Delorme finished Ferguson with a third round submission. Delorme, who was a cast member in The Ultimate Fighter 14, is 7-1 in his career.

Nick Denis (11-2) will also look to stay unbeaten in the UFC. Denis won Knockout of the Night at UFC on FX 1 in Nashville, Tennessess with a highlight reel KO over Joseph Sandoval with standing elbows.

Nick Denis’ manager Robin Black weighed in on the fight,

Some people complain when two Canadians fight but this is the fight game and these two guys are total pros. They’re both the kinda guys who’ll fight who’s ever put in front of them.  Do I think Canadians should fight each other? I think anyone should fight each other. Fighting another man is the biggest sign of respect. Have at it guys!

As for the late change in opponent, Black stated,

Nick does a great job of making his fights about him, about what he does, and not about his opponent. He’s got the perfect kind of mind to deal with a last minute opponent change.

UFC on Fox 3 is headlined by Jim Miller and Nate Diaz and also features Josh Koscheck and Johny Hendricks in a Welterweight battle.

18 Responses to “ Roland Delorme Steps Up to Face Nick Denis ”

  1. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Now this is a match that makes you wonder what the matchmakers are thinking.

    Here you have 2 up and coming Canadians that just have gotten their feet wet in the UFC and here they are facing each other.

    Are the matchmakers feeling out the Canadian level of talent?? Being in New Jersey, it’s not because of the local draw that’s for sure!

    It doesn’t make much sense when you have Bantam Weights listed in the top ten in Canada that will not fight each other for fear of losing and missing their shot at the big league only to find out that they will be forced to meet each other sooner than they thought.

    I can understand that the paycheck has everything to do with their concerns and rightfully so, but are they cutting their chances short by avoiding the inevitable??

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  2. M.F.M says:

    ouch, bad match for rolly I think

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  3. CM says:

    They could very well be feeling out the talent level for a couple guys they already have under contract. The have 3 PPV’s being held in Canada in a 6 month period so they could be using this fight to see who gets a shot at fighting on a bigger card.

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  4. Jerobe says:

    The Ninja of Love via Sexyness

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  5. hawkes says:

    nick is a hard fight for anyone… especially on three weeks notice… but Rolly is hungry and in shape!

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Denis will finish Delorme standing.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Its not as complicated as it seems.

    Sean Shelby and Joe Silva have over 500 fighters now and, with the level of talent out there, more coming and going all the time. They are in the range of 35 to 40 shows a year. That’s between 350 and 400 fights getting booked this year.

    They can’t afford to be precious.

    If a guy gets injured (like Bocek’s opponent or Nick’s opponent), they go to their list. If the top guy waiting on the short notice list is from Cleveland or Mars or Canada, you offer them the fight.

    They offered this one to Rolly and Rolly ain’t one to say no.

    These 2 guys are happy to have an opponent and get the chance to do what they do at the top level. Let’s be happy for them.

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  8. Wuzjustsayin says:

    It’s just too bad it can’t be that simple at the local levels! :)

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  9. Herk says:

    Glad to see Rolly is getting a fight. He is a good guy and works hard along with his team.

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  10. People have no idea what Rolly brings to the table until they fight him! This is an awesome fight, our whole team is pumped!

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  11. Sweet Dreams says:

    Simple notion; real fighters like Rolly stay in shape and take short notice fights. Yep, WAMMA is pumped!

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  12. Wael Saghir says:

    Gotta respect Delorme for stepping up and taking a fight against a tough guy like Denis. I expect Denis to get the TKO though.

    Also, I gotta agree with Robin. I don’t like hearing Brazilians not wanting to fight Brazilians or Canadians shouldn’t fight Canadians. If you want to move up the ladder, you accept what’s offered to you.

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  13. Idolmaker says:

    I like delorme alot, but damn, that’s a tough one for him.

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  14. Agreed Idolmaker, no one would call Denis an easy fight, but there really aren’t any easy fights in the UFC, nor should there be… We’re ready for war!

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  15. steve hill says:

    think it will be a bad match for delorme…I wish him well

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  16. Pavlic says:

    Roland always brings it, and trains hard all year round, never count out Roland Delorme!

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  17. Pat G says:

    Delorme is good, very good grappling, but Nick Denis is VERY, VERY DANGEROUS. He has some of the best finishing instincts I’ve ever seen. He KOed his last two opponents VERY badly. I think all his wins are by KO actually and he’s only a BW.

    I don’t think Delorme should be underestimated. I think he will be prepared, but he has a very stern test in Denis. I like both of these fighters so I’m looking forward to this one.

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  18. Pavlic says:

    What did I say??? Never count out Roland Delorme!

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